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Local Works Co., Ltd. A survey on “selecting a remodeling company” by asking 1,000 people who have experie nced remodeling nationwide

Local Works Co., Ltd.
Survey on “choosing a remodeling company” by asking 1,000 people who have experienced remodeling nationwide
What are the problems faced by those with experience in remodeling when choosing a contractor? The next thing people who fail to choose a contractor should be careful about is “get a lot of competitive quotes”

Local Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; President: Yusuke Shimizu; hereinafter referred to as “Local Works”), which operates the website “Refoma” that introduces construction contractors based on the concept of “choosing a contractor that does not fail”, is a renovation contractor. We have conducted a questionnaire survey on selection (1,000 valid responses / conducted from October 20th to October 21st, 2022), so we would like to report the results. [Survey background]
In recent years, there have been many troubles such as construction defects in renovation work, unscrupulous contractors who offer fire insurance fraud, and bills that greatly exceed the market price. It seems that many of the customers who ask our company for renovation work also ask, “How can I find a renovation contractor so that I don’t encounter an unscrupulous renovation contractor?”
In this survey, we asked how many people who actually carried out the renovation work felt that they had failed in choosing a contractor, what they had trouble with when looking for a renovation contractor, and who felt that they had failed in the next survey. I did a survey about what to take care of when choosing a contractor.
[Survey overview]
Survey period: October 20 (Thursday) to 21 (Friday), 2022
Survey method: Internet survey (Web questionnaire survey)
Research Subject: Local Works Co., Ltd.
Field survey entrusted to: Rakuten Insight
Number of valid responses: 1,000
Number of questions: Screening survey: 2 Questions Main survey: 7 questions [Survey target]
Age: 18-79 years old (10-20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 200 people of each age group) Gender: Male/female (5:5)
Distribution area: Nationwide
Other conditions: Renovation experience (within 5 years)

・About 80% of the respondents had trouble choosing a remodeling company. ・Among them, 47% of the users answered “I don’t know the market price”, which is the largest number.
・About 10% of all users felt that they failed to select a vendor. The most common reason for this was that the construction was sloppy. ・What you want to be careful about when looking for a contractor next time is to “get a lot of competitive quotes”.
How to find a renovation contractor
[Image 1

Among those who are considering renovation work, one in three answered that they would consider a contractor introduced by an acquaintance. Next, it seems that there are many people who look for a contractor by “Internet search” and “contractor comparison site”. On the other hand, 7% of users who searched for remodeling contractors through
advertising media such as “newspapers and commercials” were a low result.
It seems that the current mainstream of looking for a renovation company is polarized to “introduction by acquaintances” or “Internet search”.
Difficulties in choosing a remodeling company
[Image 2

Nearly 80% of those who performed renovation work answered that they had some trouble when looking for a contractor. In particular, when looking at only those who decided on a remodeling company through an internet search (n=268), it seems that nearly 90% of the total have had troubles.
[Image 3

In fact, 47% of respondents said that they did not know the market price when choosing a contractor. If you search the market price of renovation work on the Internet, you can get a sense of the cost to some extent, but the range of prices is wide, and the market price differs from site to site, so it may be difficult to understand which is true. It seems that there are many people who can.
In order to grasp the exact market price for the renovation work you want to do, you have to find a reliable renovation contractor and have them create an accurate estimate, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.
The remodeling contractor you chose this time is correct or unsuccessful [Image 4

As a result of the survey, it was found that 1 out of 10 people who asked a contractor for renovation work thought that they had failed in choosing a contractor.
[Image 5

Many of those who felt that they got it right said that the reason for this was that the contractor’s explanations and responses were polite and that they were able to complete the renovation work as they wanted. It is difficult to know whether the explanation and response are polite until after actually making a request, but it seems that the importance is high.
On the other hand, as reasons for those who felt that they had failed, opinions were heard pointing out that “the renovation work itself was rough and insufficient” and “the contractor’s response was poor.” Things to consider when choosing your next remodeling contractor [Image 6

When we asked those who answered that they “failed” in choosing a remodeling company (n=98) what they should be careful about when choosing a remodeling company next time, 35% said, “Get a lot of competitive estimates,” followed by “Response.” 28.2% of respondents said that they would ask a polite contractor.
Submitting a quote request to a remodeling contractor is a
time-consuming and labor-intensive task. However, it is very dangerous to decide on only one remodeling company that you happened to find without getting competitive quotes from other remodeling companies. You may not be able to renovate to your satisfaction, or you may end up with a contractor who does not respond well after signing a contract, or in the worst case, you may fall into poor construction or money trouble.
When considering remodeling work in the future, although it is a troublesome task, try to get competitive quotes from 2 to 3 remodeling companies and see if you can trust them.
[About Local Works]
Local Works is a start-up company aiming to update the construction industry with ideas and technology based on the concept of “choosing contractors that do not fail”. Specifically, we are doing the following.
・Own “contractor selection criteria” to determine contractors that can be requested with peace of mind
・”Providing a platform supported by IT + construction professionals” from requests to contractors to construction quality control ・”DX conversion support” in the construction industry using the platform 【Company Profile】
Company name: Local Works Co., Ltd.
Location: MG Meguro Ekimae Building 5F, 2-15-19 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yusuke Shimizu
Established: February 24, 2014
Business description: Operation of specialized construction company referral service “Refoma” and transaction intermediation service for construction companies “Search”

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