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Locus Blue Co., Ltd. Locus Blue Co., Ltd., which promotes the use of 3D data, has raised approximately 400 million yen in the pre-series A round.

Locus Blue Co., Ltd.
Locus Blue Co., Ltd., which promotes the use of 3D data, raises approximately 400 million yen in pre-series A round
~Strengthen recruitment of executives for product enhancement and growth. Plans for new services announced at the same time~

Locus Blue Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Miyatani Satoshi) is a third-party allotment capital increase underwritten by funds operated or involved in JAFCO Group, DNX Ventures, Angel Bridge, angel investor Nobuhiro Ariyasu, tb innovations, SBI Investment, and Miyagin Venture Capital. We are pleased to announce that we have raised a total of approximately 400 million yen through financing from the Japan Finance Corporation. With this funding, we will strengthen the sales system to increase the number of customers using ScanX and strengthen the development organization, including hiring CTO and VPoE. In addition, we will also inform you that we have announced plans for a new service, an AI engine dedicated to 3D data, “Deep3”.
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Funding background
The number of businesses in the construction industry is about 470,000 (as of the end of March 2020, according to a survey by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and the market size is about 60 trillion yen. On the other hand, there is an urgent issue of a significant shortage of working population due to the aging population, and it is necessary to improve the productivity of the construction industry as a whole.
-Movement of i-Construction-
In 2016, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism started a project “i-Construction” to improve productivity in the construction industry, and the movement to incorporate ICT
(information and communication technology) began in earnest. Currently, the movement to utilize 3D data in a series of construction production processes such as surveying, design, construction, and inspection is accelerating. In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced a policy to apply BIM/CIM principles (excluding small scale) to public works from FY2023.
– Expectations for expanding the use of 3D point cloud data, such as the realization of digital twins –
3D point cloud data is also used in efforts to realize smart cities. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has titled the DX project for urban development as “Project PLATEAU”, and is developing 3D city models nationwide and making them open data, and the expansion of the use of 3D point cloud data is expected. We have raised pre-series A round funding to expand our business in order to improve business efficiency, promote DX, and promote the utilization of 3D point cloud data in the construction industry and other industries. .
The funds raised this time will be mainly used for the following purposes. ・Strengthen the sales system to increase the number of customers using ScanX ・Develop product functions to provide greater value to customers, and strengthen the development organization, including the adoption of CTO and VPoE
Recruitment and enhancement of organizational structure
Our company is characterized by the fact that our founder, Miyatani, has gained experience in overseas startups and is composed of a diverse global team from Day 1.
The engineering team basically conducts development in English, and works with excellent engineers recruited from around the world to speedily develop products. We are looking for a middle manager who is interested in managing such a diverse team.
Our business team is conscious of close communication with our customers so that we can essentially solve the problems facing the construction industry. In order to strengthen the sales system, we are looking for a wide range of people who can lead the team.
Recruitment information: (main open positions: CTO/VPoE)
Team member introduction:
Company note:
What is “ScanX”?
ScanX was released in September 2020 and is currently used by more than 10,000 people in the construction, civil engineering, and surveying industries in 42 prefectures. “ScanX” automates tasks such as classification and measurement that used to require manual labor, saves time, and allows anyone to produce uniform results.
■ Features of “ScanX”
・Automatic classification by our unique deep learning
・Data from multiple sites can be processed simultaneously by multiple users using only the Internet, a browser, and a general-purpose PC. ・ No initial cost, from 29,800 yen [tax included] per month
・Registered in the new technology registration system “NETIS” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. If used in public works, points will be added at the time of bidding
・Won the 2021 “i-Construction Grand Prize” Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Service site:
* Free trial in progress
[Image 2d65008-20-5ce28598a8cfa62480e6-2.jpg&s3=65008-20-2b3252166728f359860c51694f424c9f-2835x2126.jpg

About the new service “Deep3”
■ About Deep3
In April next year, we will release the beta version of the AI ​​engine “Deep3” dedicated to 3D data processing. We are starting to test the service on a trial basis, so please contact us if you are interested.
■ Development history of “Deep3”
Getting large-scale, high-precision 3D point cloud data, such as city-level 3D data, has become easier, but the final output you want is different. For example, in the case of large-scale city-level 3D data, we want to create a building model from the point cloud data. In the case of 3D data of power lines, I want to know the separation distance from trees. In the case of HD maps for autonomous driving, we want to extract features such as signs from 3D data as vectors. Achieving this final output currently requires a great deal of manual effort.
On the other hand, with existing completed software, it is difficult and out of reach to reproduce such manual processes filled with our company’s know-how as automatic processing.
Deep3 is a service that tailors 3D data processing algorithms for each user and can be used as a Web API. In the case of large-capacity data exceeding TB, it is also possible to receive the data on the HDD and deliver it on the HDD.
Service site:
[Image 3d65008-20-01cb450e1033e88ad132-0.jpg&s3=65008-20-79f58d6e16daf9633adff46af6a544c0-2835x2126.jpg

Comments from each investor
■ Jafco Group Chief Capitalist Tomoko Numata Senior Associate Ryosuke Kato Locus Blue provides a service that anyone can use easily and efficiently, while the utilization of 3D point cloud data is required for i-Construction and efforts to realize digital twins. We are confident that the promotion of the utilization of 3D point cloud data will greatly contribute to the DX of the entire industry, and we have invested in it.
JAFCO will work together to support the further growth of Locus Blue with all our might!
■ DNX Ventures Managing Partner / Head of Japan Yo Kurabayashi We made an additional investment in Locus Blue this time as well. As a Vertical SaaS startup in the fields of civil engineering,
construction, and surveying, we have been steadily growing our business and organization since our last investment, and we are very pleased to continue to support DNX. As a pioneer of the 3D point cloud processing cloud, we expect to continue to transform the industry. ■ Angel Bridge Representative Partner Yutaro Kawanishi
I am very happy to be working with the Locus Blue team. At Locus Blue, a global team gathered under the leadership of CEO Miyatani provides 3D point cloud data processing products that society truly needs. I believe that it will become a mega-venture by realizing a huge impact of improving the productivity of construction sites. Angel Bridge will continue to fully support the Locus Blue team.
■ Angel Investor Nobuhiro Ariyasu
We invested approximately 10 million yen immediately after its establishment, and approximately 50 million yen in this round of funding. In the first round, there was no product, and there was only a hypothesis of PMF, but I was fascinated by the goodness of the market area and Mr. Miyatani’s passion and decided to invest immediately. Unusually for a Japanese startup, the organization is completely multinational and remote work. Mr. Miyatani, who has experience working for startups in Jerusalem and San Francisco, is unique in that he can scale the organization globally from the start-up stage. There are still vacancies for CTO candidates and VPoE positions to manage multinational engineers, so if you are a senior engineer, please take a look at our recruitment page!
■ SBI Investment Deputy General Manager, Investment Department Hiroyuki Ono In the construction industry, which is suffering from a serious labor shortage due to the declining number of human resources, we believe that there is increasing momentum to utilize 3D data that allows remote confirmation and sharing of the situation. Locus Blue is working to solve the problem by providing a low-cost subscription model for the analysis of 3D point cloud data despite its high functionality. We are confident that Locus Blue will lead the DX of the construction industry as a whole, including small and medium-sized companies, and we are very happy to be able to support it.
tb innovations Representative Director and President Kenji Ko Locus Blue is promoting the democratization of 3D technology in the construction and civil engineering industry with its advanced engineering skills that face on-site issues with a customer-first attitude and overcome them. As a 3D solution provider, Tokyo Boeki Group has provided 3D measurement solutions. As a strategic partner for 3D measurement and surveying, Locus Blue and our group aim to achieve further growth by combining the technologies and knowledge of both companies.
Miyagin Venture Capital Fund Manager Yuki Kiyoto
Locus Blue possesses advanced elemental technologies and has realized the provision of an excellent SaaS platform in the pain-stricken construction and civil engineering industry. Against the backdrop of social issues such as the shift to ICT in the industry and the declining working population, the use of 3D point cloud data is being further promoted. We are very happy to be able to support you. Company Profile
■ About Locus Blue
Locus Blue Co., Ltd. is a startup established in 2019. In promoting smart cities, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is also aiming to promote DX, ICT, and the realization of digital twins, and there are increasing expectations for the use of 3D point cloud data. We also perform analysis according to your request, such as advanced point cloud analysis for each industry.
“ScanX” will reflect the voices of users and evolve to meet social issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population, labor shortages, and needs such as remote management of construction sites. We are working with users to expand the range of utilization of 3D point cloud data, not on the side that provides software and the side that uses it.
■ Company Profile
Company name: Locus Blue Co., Ltd. (former Scan-X Co., Ltd., changed in April 2022)
Business establishment: October 2019
Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Satoshi Miyatani
TEL: 050-1742-3040
■ Inquiries regarding this release
Locus Blue Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
Details about this release:

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