LoiLo Co., Ltd. Released a page on how to use LoiLoNote for grade processing and case studies

LoiLo Co., Ltd.
LoiLoNote usage method and example page released for grade processing Full of useful information at the end of the semester! A summary of how to use LoiLoNote for grade processing and grade entry by an incumbent LoiLo certified teacher.

We, LoiLo, have released a free page that summarizes how to use LoiLo Note and examples that are useful for grade processing. We introduce in detail how to use LoiLoNote, which is convenient for processing grades, and how to use it by school type and function. We have also released an archived video of the hottest online training course “Grades Processing with LoiLoNote”, which was applied for by more than 600 teachers. Please use it for grade evaluation at the end of the semester and the end of the academic year.
How to use LoiLoNote in grade processing/examples page
■ Useful LoiLoNote tricks for processing grades
It introduces how to view the list of submissions for each student, how to check the history of submission boxes, and functions during exams that make it easier to find accumulated data.
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■ Examples of use in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools Introducing how to use LoiLoNote for grade processing and evaluation by incumbent LoiLo-certified teachers by function and by school. [Image 2d24975-125-b1dcd35ca31a6365bcec-10.png&s3=24975-125-84f33b5cc6127a0a133accee7d3977a5-2000x600.png
■ Online training “Grade processing with LoiLoNote” archived video (YouTube) You can watch the presentation video that was held on the day. [Image 3d24975-125-b01c2942bc7faec6954b-9.png&s3=24975-125-04acfb197fdec82716e891c9bcd37339-2066x1156.png

Related page
“Grades Processing with LoiLoNote” Archive Page
This is the archive page of the hottest online training course “Grades Processing with LoiLoNote”, which was applied for by more than 600 teachers. You can see the presentation video of the day and examples of utilization by LoiLo certified teachers.
About LoiLoNote School
LoiLoNote School is a class support cloud that nurtures student independence and creates interactive classes in an age of one-on-one education. It can be used in all classes from elementary school to university. Since it is possible to exchange materials, visualize thoughts, and share opinions intuitively, it leads to collaborative learning in which children think and express themselves, and reduces the burden on teachers. It is also effective for individually optimized learning and remote learning. It is multi-platform compatible and can be used on any device. It is used by more than 2.2 million people a day, and has been introduced to about 10,000 schools in Japan and overseas. Please see the website for details such as case studies. https://n.loilo.tv/en

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