Low-sugar bread and sweets specialty store “Fusbon” will release low-sugar Stollen and chocolate tarts for a limited time for Christmas!

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Low-sugar bread and sweets specialty store “Fusbon” will release low-sugar Stollen and chocolate tarts for a limited time for Christmas!
Stollen sugar 63.4g. Reduced carbohydrates to 2/3 compared to general Stollen. The sugar content of the chocolate tart is 20.2g. Reduced carbohydrates to 1/5 compared to general chocolate tarts.

We are pleased to announce that Fusbon, a specialty store for low-sugar bread and sugar-restricted sweets, has launched low-sugar Stollen and Christmas cakes for Christmas.
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Christmas Stollen sugar 63.4g
Fusubon (https://www.fusubon.com) is a low-sugar bread and sweets specialty store that opened in September 2014.
Handmade low-sugar breads and sweets that use carefully selected ingredients such as organic materials without using artificial sweeteners, trans fatty acids, or preservatives. , It has become a popular product with over 1.2 million units sold.
This time, we will release two types of low-sugar Stollen and chocolate tart for a limited time in conjunction with Christmas. Husbon Christmas Stollen Sugar 63.4g/1hole
I want to enjoy stollen for Christmas. .
But I feel uncomfortable eating sweets with a lot of sugar on them. . . The perfect Stollen was born for such people.
Stollen dough is kneaded based on Fusbon bread dough, and a lot of dried fruits soaked in rum are enclosed.
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Cross section of low sugar stollen
Because it contains a lot of dried fruits, one whole meal contains 63.4g of sugar, which is higher than other Fusubon products. The official way to eat Stollen is to slice it little by little from before Christmas to the day before Christmas, so it’s perfect for eating in 10 slices.
Please note that the lemon peel, organic raisins and dried figs are unsweetened, but the dried cranberries and dried blueberries contain sugar.
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Comes in a special Christmas package
3,415 yen including shipping fee (tax included)
-Nutritional ingredients-
Calories 1063.8kcal, protein 34.6g, fat 54.1g, carbohydrates 168.0g, carbohydrates 63.4g, salt equivalent 1.7g (estimate)
*Erythritol sugar is not included in sugar content.
-Raw material name-
Butter, organic raisins, rum, erythritol, wheat protein, milk, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried figs, organic soy flour, organic wheat bran, unsweetened lemon peel, almond slices, walnuts, organic oat bran, fresh yeast, egg yolk. , salt, bamboo fiber/sweetener (stevia), polysaccharide thickener, (partially contains eggs, milk ingredients, and wheat)
-1 hole size-
Weight 235.5g, Width 16.0cm, Length 7.0cm, Height 4.0cm
-Product URL-
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Package and Product Appearance
Fusbon Christmas chocolate tart sugar 20.2g/1hole
I want to spend Christmas guilt-free.
We have prepared a Christmas cake this year to respond to such thoughts. This year’s Christmas cake is a chocolate tart.
[Image 5

Fusbon Christmas chocolate tart sugar 20.2g
A damand consisting of almond poodle and chocolate is placed on a fusubon cookie tart dough, which is then layered with rich raw chocolate, creamy milk mousse, chocolate cream, and finally cocoa powder.
[Image 6

We have created a dish where you can enjoy various textures and rich chocolate. Make this year’s Christmas and New Year holidays memorable.
[Image 7

Chocolate tart cross section
4,015 yen including shipping fee (tax included)
-Raw material name-
Fresh cream, milk, erythritol, almond poodle, butter, cocoa mass, eggs, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, almond poodle, organic soy flour, wheat protein, skim milk, organic wheat bran, organic oat bran, gelatin, bamboo fiber, vanilla oil, Salt/polysaccharide thickener, sweetener (stevia), trehalose, (partially contains wheat, egg, and milk ingredients)
-Nutritional ingredients-
Calories 1754.9kcal, protein 31.3g, fat 148.8g, carbohydrates 88.8g, carbohydrates 20.2g, salt equivalent 0.6g (estimate)
-Size per hole-
Weight 360.0g, Width 12.5cm, Length 7.0cm, Height 6.0cm
-Product URL-
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Product and Package Appearance
How to buy
You can purchase it on the official EC site (https://www.fusubon.com/). At the Daikanyama store, we accept reservations by phone or LINE. Overview of Stores, Workshops, and Headquarters -Stores-
[Image 9

Daikanyama store exterior
■Store name: Fusubon
■ Address: 23-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■ Nearest station: Tokyu Toyoko Line, Daikanyama Station, 3 minutes on foot ■ TEL: 0120-240-815
■Business hours: 11:00-19:00 Closed on Tuesdays
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■ Capital
10 million yen
Details about this release:


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