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LRN Corporation LRN Completes Acquisition of Compliance Learning from Thomson Reuters Creates the Largest Global Provider of Ethics and Compliance Learning Solutions

LRN Corporation
LRN Completes Acquisition of Compliance Learning from Thomson Reuters Creates the Largest Global Provider of Ethics and Compliance Learning Solutions
Acquisition strategically expands footprint in Europe and Asia, adding offerings and expertise in financial services

Ethics and compliance solutions provider LRN Corporation (CEO Kevin Mikkelsen, New York, U.S.A., hereinafter LRN) will acquire the compliance learning business unit from Thomson Reuters to provide solutions globally and further strengthen its customer base. . LRN provides companies with an ethics and compliance management platform, digital training solutions, program analysis, and advisory services covering both the development of an ethical corporate culture and the latest regulatory requirements. The acquisition of the Compliance Learning business unit further establishes LRN as the world’s largest provider of ethics and compliance program management and learning solutions, serving tens of millions of learners across more than 2,500 companies. I will continue. LRN operates globally with a larger strategic presence in Asia Pacific markets such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. This acquisition will enable LRN to significantly strengthen its offerings and expertise in the financial services market and accelerate its product strategy in vertical markets.
With this powerful network, we are able to provide behavioral data to all our clients and uncover the potential of organizational culture. We provide guidance for training programs and business ethics programs in a wide range of areas such as data protection, privacy, anti-money laundering, and business ethics, enabling us to instill knowledge and understanding of ethical foundations and compliance throughout the organization. I was.
LRN CEO Kevin Mikkelsen said: “The global regulatory landscape continues to grow in scope and complexity, requiring organizations of all sizes to become more agile to respond to new rules, requirements and desires. Founded by Dov Seidman 28 years ago, we have been at the forefront of providing solutions that improve and promote ethical behavior in business. We are delighted to be joining forces with the Compliance Learning business unit, which shares our philosophy.By adding both the global reach and expertise of the Compliance Learning business unit to our company, we are able to create a more
comprehensive and influential It fits perfectly with our strategy of providing solutions that are globally compatible.”
The acquisition marks another important step for LRN after a major strategic investment by Leeds Equity Partners. With the acquisition of Interactive Services, LRN follows on from establishing a presence in Europe and expanding its bespoke content capabilities in ethics, compliance and many other corporate functions.
Jack Galante, Partner at Leeds Equity, said: “As more directors, investors and business leaders understand the impact of corporate culture on their organizations and their performance, governance, risk and compliance solutions are becoming more relevant to their business. Now playing an even bigger role in determining success, LRN, with its innovative technology platform and market-leading advisory services, is uniquely positioned to continue to be the partner of choice for ethics and compliance solutions around the world. It is in.” About LRN
LRN’s corporate philosophy is to promote normative behavior and help people around the world do the right thing. Since 1994, LRN has worked to move organizations forward with partnerships, knowledge and tools to foster an ethical corporate culture. More than 2,500 companies and tens of millions of learners worldwide use LRN’s services and take LRN’s e-learning courses to navigate the complex regulatory
environment and learn to be ethical, responsible and inclusive. It helps to develop a culture of By partnering with LRN, companies translate their values ​​into concrete business and leadership behaviors to create sustainable competitive advantages. By acting on shared values, the company and its employees can find ways to win and outperform others by acting on shared values. is.
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About Leeds Equity Partners
Leeds Equity Partners, Inc. is a New York-based private equity firm that specializes in partnering with executives in the education, training and information services industry (information industry). Founded in 1993, the company currently manages over $4 billion in funds across a wide range of companies in the information industry. Leeds Equity aims to leverage its sector-specific expertise and market insight to create long-term value for its partners and investors. Company website (English):
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