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Luxurious frozen local gourmet that colors the New Year’s dining table! Reservations are being accepted for the “New Year’s Double Layer” delivered by a long-established Japanese restaurant in Aomori Prefecture!

Kongo Co., Ltd.
Luxurious frozen local gourmet that colors the New Year’s dining table! Reservations are being accepted for the “New Year’s Double Layer” delivered by a long-established Japanese restaurant in Aomori Prefecture!
The local gourmet set of the original brand Reito series, which achieved the target amount on the first day of Makuake’s release. As a limited edition for the year-end and New Year holidays, we will be pre-ordering and selling “Yokochun Double Layer”. Reception is until December 20th (Tues).

Kongo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, Representative: Keiichiro Okubo), which operates a Japanese restaurant “Kongo” with a history of 90 years in Hachinohe City, a port town in Aomori Prefecture, is a luxurious ingredient that is unique to Aomori Prefecture. We are accepting reservations for the frozen local gourmet set for the year-end and New Year holidays, “Kappo Kongo Reito Series New Year Two-tiered Box”, on our EC site.
An assortment of celebratory dishes that are perfect for the year-end and New Year holidays, using luxurious ingredients from Aomori Prefecture.
Family get-togethers and hospitality to customers. You can use it according to various situations, such as sending it as a gift. [Image 1

Each dish is individually wrapped and delivered frozen, so you can defrost only the amount you need and enjoy it at your preferred timing.
■ Contents of dishes
Kappo Kongo Reito Series “New Year’s Double Layer”
12 dishes in total (about two servings)
[Ichi weight]
Hairy Crab Stock / Boiled in Kichiji / Soft Boiled Abalone / Pickled Squid / Boiled in Black Beans / Boiled Squid
[Second weight]
Aoimori Beni Salmon Momiji-zuke / Hachinohe Marihime Beef
Japanese-style Beef Stew / Scallops and Bamboo Shoots Boiled with Japanese Pepper / Hachinohe Shime-saba and Noheji Senmai-kabu / Kitayori-gai and Kombu Kombu Wasabi-zuke / Aomori Shamorock and Matsutake Mushrooms
■ Details
Price) 20,000 yen (tax included)
Delivery method) Frozen cool delivery *Free shipping
Container size) Length 22.0 x Width 22.0 x Height 12.5cm (2 stages) * Subdivided packaging for each dish
Accessories) Non-woven furoshiki wrapping / celebration chopsticks x 2 sets / menu
Storage method) Frozen (-18°C or less)
Expiration date) 1 month from the date of delivery in frozen storage Thawing method) Approximately 24 hours in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place
Specified raw materials) crab, wheat, abalone, squid, salmon roe, beef, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, matsutake mushrooms ■ Reservation method
Reservations are accepted on the Kappo Kongo EC site (see URL below).
Order deadline) Until December 20 (Tuesday) reception.
* If the reservation quantity is sold out, the reception may be closed before the deadline.
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations after the deadline, or changes to the number of items, delivery date, or delivery address. *The product page is divided by delivery date, so please select the product that includes your desired delivery date in the title. *We cannot accept orders for the following areas as they are designated as outside the Cool Delivery delivery area. note that. Tokyo/Toshima, Shikinejima, Mikurashima, Aogashima, Ogasawara Islands Okinawa Prefecture / Kitadaito Island/Minamidaito Island
Kappo Kongo Reito Series Local Gourmet Set
The Kappo Kongo Reito series is made possible by high-quality frozen processing, based on the desire for many customers to casually enjoy the delicate dishes created by the chefs of a long-established Japanese restaurant with ingredients from Aomori Prefecture, which is rich in the blessings of the mountains and seas. This is Kappo Kongo’s original brand, developed using the liquid freezer “Tomin”. When the first set product in the series was pre-sold on the support purchase site Makuake, the target amount was achieved on the first day of release.
About Kappo Kongo
“Kappo Kongo” has welcomed many customers as a restaurant in the port town of Hachinohe for 90 years since its establishment in 1931. With a purely Japanese-style atmosphere, the chef’s delicate skills and thoughtfulness that bring out the best of the seasonal
ingredients, and hospitality that is close to each and every one of you, we are here to help you have a heartwarming moment.
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Details about this release:

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