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Machimori Co., Ltd. Experience-based content that touches the local charm of Atami! “Atami Onpaku 2023 – Atami Onpaku Expo -” will be held!

machimori Co., Ltd.
Experience-based content that touches the local charm of Atami! “Atami Onpaku 2023 – Atami Onpaku Expo -” will be held!
Reservations start from December 1, 2022. Deep dive into Atami “now”. Revived for the first time in 10 years with the aim of regional revitalization!

machimori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Hiroichiro Ichiki) will hold the “Atami Onpaku 2023-Atami Onpaku Expo 2023” from January 7, 2023 to February 5, 2023. ~” (hereinafter “Atami Onpaku 2023”) will be held, and reservations for each program will start from December 1, 2022. We will promote it as one of the measures to revitalize Atami in the future.
(Official website:
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■ Background of the event
From 2009 to 2011, Atami City held the local experience-based content “Ontama (Hot Spring Tamatebako)” as an initiative to create and disseminate the charm of the region. At that time, local people participated as guides and guides because of the problem that people living in Atami were not aware of the charm of Atami. By planning more than 200 hands-on programs, it provided an opportunity for the locals to rediscover the charm of Atami, and also served as an opportunity to revitalize Atami throughout the city. About 10 years have passed since then, and the number of tourists in Atami has increased, and the number of people who have settled down or live in multiple locations has increased. Once again, we have decided to revive “Ontama” so that the locals can dig deeper into the charm of Atami “now” and strengthen relationships not only with locals but also with people outside the area. The slogan is “Onkochishin”, which considers the goodness of Atami “now” based on the achievements and charms that have been discovered at “Ontama” in the past. The event title has been changed to “Onpaku” by abbreviating “Atami Onsen Expo”.
■ Concept of Atami Onpaku 2023
Atami Onpaku 2023 is “Travel and Atami, life and me. ] concept, the program is structured so that you can experience the local attractions of Atami that are not limited to “sightseeing”. We have set this concept based on the desire to experience how to interact with the diversifying region, the charm of living in Atami, and the chance encounters with people and local resources. In addition, we wanted people to know Atami not just for sightseeing but for everyday life, so we created a logo with a handwritten touch that gives a warm impression as if you were looking at a diary. We intentionally did not use blue, and wanted people to know that there are many wonderful things in Atami other than the sea.
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Based on the big concept, we devised an execution program with local cooperative partners under the four themes of 1. Enjoying the city, 2. Spending time in nature, 3. Experiencing food culture, and 4. Feeling through art.
■ Points of each program
1. Enjoy the city
By discovering local resources such as hot springs, the history of the city, and culture, you can experience a side of Atami that is not just for sightseeing. This is an experience program that allows you to discover “life in Atami” by focusing on local things. For example, the town walk provided by the staff of Guest House MARUYA offers unique experiences such as exploring alley spots not listed in tourist guides and interacting with specialty store owners. You can also experience the ancient culture of Atami by having lunch while interacting with geisha.
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2. Spend time in nature
There is a place a little away from the center where you can incorporate “nature” into your daily life. It is an experience program that will give you an opportunity to experience the power of nature and incorporate it into your life. From programs that allow you to experience the grandeur of nature, such as road biking and rogaining*, to tours that visit the homes of people who have moved to Izu Taga, you can come into contact with real life.
*Rogaining is an outdoor activity where you use a map and compass to visit as many checkpoints as possible within the time limit and compete for points.
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3. Get in touch with food culture
It is a program that allows you to feel familiar with the origins of food while experiencing how Atami’s “food culture” is born. You can experience new discoveries about dishes that make use of ingredients harvested in Atami. It is a content that aims to realize the importance of food and pass on food culture by handling dried fish and sashimi, which is one of the attractions of Atami, with local people and participating in auctions.
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4. Feeling through art
You can experience rethinking yourself and your town with a different idea of ​​​​”Atami x Art”. This is a program where you can feel how to see the city from a new angle through art. You can experience contents that can only be obtained at Atami Onpaku by holding workshops that make use of the sensibilities gained from going out to the city, and by experiencing one-flower vase by clearing your mind.
[Atami Onpaku 2023 – Atami Onpaku Expo – Overview]
●Name: Atami Onpaku 2023 – Atami Onpaku Expo –
● Official website:
Implementation period: January 7, 2023 (Sat)-February 5, 2023 (Sun) ● Reservation start: December 1, 2023 (* The start date may differ depending on the program.)
● Organizer: machimori Co., Ltd.
●Sponsors: Atami Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Atami Tourist Association, Atami Onsen Hotel and Ryokan Cooperative Association [About machimori]
■Company name: machimori Co., Ltd.
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■Address: 6-6 Ginzacho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture Sato Tsubaki Building 2F ■ Established October 7, 2011
■ Business content
・A project to revitalize the center of Atami
・Area facility management business (common building management business) ・Restaurant/accommodation management
・Business development and subleasing through renovation of idle real estate, store and housing design
・Human resource development business for companies and governments ■ Mission
Through nurturing human resources to create a city where people can live comfortably 100 years from now,
Regenerate economic, social, natural and cultural capital and create a sustainable local community

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[Representative] Koichiro Ichiki
Born in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1979 and raised in Atami. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of Science (Physics).
After working for IBM Business Consulting Services (now IBM Japan), In 2007, he made a U-turn to Atami and started working on community development from scratch.
We are working on Atami’s renovation town development in various ways. General Incorporated Association Onpaku Director / General
Incorporated Association Japan Machiyado Association Director Director of Atami Tourism Association
Author of “The Miracle of Atami – How did it recover its vitality?” (Toyo Keizai Inc.)

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