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Made-to-order brand mi-mi New series of maid clothes Complete order sales decision!

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Made-to-order brand [mi-mi] New series of maid clothes Complete order sales decision!
We have started accepting orders for the new series “maid in my life” from the genderless custom-made costume brand [mi-mi], which has the brand concept of “clothes that someone can admire”.

Made-to-order genderless brand [mi-mi] (Managed by Dyeing Co., Ltd., CEO Yuki Watabe, Representative Designer Hinako Taura) is a new series.
“maid in my life”
From December, the mi-mi official shop has started accepting orders for complete build-to-order production.
Designing maid clothes based on the concept of “maid clothes worn on special occasions”, and appointing image models that convey “cuteness” in various fields regardless of gender or age.
Designed in a unisex size that can be worn by everyone, announced in a lineup of 5 types.
[Image 1

Invincible Teru / Noa Hiiragi / Solar Ray / Sweet Yun / Emma Inori / Rei Tsukikana
Since its birth in May 2022, mi-mi is a genderless made-to-order clothing brand that has produced a large number of costumes. Not only female idols, but also men’s idols, concept cafes, influencers, band artists, etc.
I have made costumes for various activists.
And this time, we will develop a new series from December in order to deliver “clothes that can be admired by someone” even more freely. mi-mi considers maid clothes to be “clothes that you can dream of”, and has produced 5 types of unisex design line wraps to create a reason why anyone can wear the clothes of their dreams regardless of gender or age. .
The pre-order event held at “Tokyo Big Sight Design Festa vol.56” was a great success with over 100 customers visiting the booth.
■ Lineup
[Image 2

short maid light blue
model : Sweet Yun

[Image 3

short maid light blue
model : Invincible (bipolar spectrum)

[Image 4

short maid black
model : Emma Inori (SHIKASHI)

[Image 5

short maid purple
Model: Noa Hiiragi (Bullbear)

[Image 6

long maid Black
model : Solar Ray

[Image 7

long maid Black
model : Rei Tsukikana (Bullbear)

Size custom orders can also be handled at the time of order. Production: mi-mi (
Representative designer: Hinako Taura ( Producer: Reizu (
■ NEW brand items
mi-mi long sleeve T-shirt
[Image 8

[Image 9

[White] mi-mi Long Sleeve T-shirt

[Image 10

[Pink] mi-mi long sleeve T-shirt

mi-mi will continue to create more works as a genderless custom-made clothing brand with the brand concept of “clothes that can be admired by someone”.
official shop:
■ Overview of management company
Company name: Dyeing Co., Ltd.
(English name: someru inc.)
Representative Director and CEO: Yuki Watanabe
mi-mi representative designer: Hinako Taura
Date of establishment: August 20, 2021
Location: Futaba Building 3F, 1-16-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL:

Details about this release:

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