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MAGRI Co., Ltd. Miyazaki Blue Project launched!

MAGRI Co., Ltd.
[Miyazaki Blue] Project launched!
Speaking of Miyazaki Prefecture, it is a resort area where “sea” and “sky” spread! The various blue colors in Miyazaki Prefecture are called “Miyazaki Blue”, and the hospitality and regional information unique to Miyazaki will be sent to the world!

MAGRI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Kyoko Hatta) will launch the Miyazaki Blue Project.
* As of December 25, 2022, the trademark right for “Miyazaki Blue” is being acquired.
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What is Miyazaki Blue Project?
It is a project aimed at `enhancement of hospitality` and
`environmental conservation` in Miyazaki Prefecture. We call the name “Miyazaki Blue Project (abbreviated: MBP)” and work with supporting companies (or individuals) to revitalize the region.
Project philosophy
Through the Miyazaki Blue Project, we will promote the revitalization of Miyazaki Prefecture and make it a better place to live. In addition to business, we aim to raise the awareness of environmental
conservation by “protecting the earth from Miyazaki”, and we will make it a branding activity for Miyazaki Prefecture where the citizens of the prefecture can work together.
Project vision/purpose
1. Campaign to protect Miyazaki Blue
・Set up activities based on the “Fourth Miyazaki Prefecture
Environmental Basic Plan” promoted by Miyazaki Prefecture, and carry out activities to protect the city where you live (Reference: Miyazaki Prefecture HP)
2. Product development/sales of “Miyazaki Blue”
・Collaborate with producers and retailers to develop and sell products made in Miyazaki Prefecture to increase employment and promote commerce
3. Tourism planning/implementation of “Miyazaki Blue”
・Aiming to increase the number of tourists with a project unique to a private organization, with the aim of raising the level of the “Future Miyazaki Creation Plan” of the “Miyazaki Prefecture Tourism Promotion Plan” promoted by Miyazaki Prefecture. (Reference: Miyazaki Prefecture HP)
・Disseminate the initiative to the world through 1. to 3. Carry out publicity activities for Miyazaki Prefecture
business plan
From January: Recruitment of participating companies started (Contact: MAGRI Co., Ltd. TEL: 050-2018-7025)
・ Scheduled to unveil the first product (food)
February ~ ・ Scheduled to unveil the second product (food)
   ・The third product (beverage) will be unveiled
・Scheduled to start selling the above three products (within FY2022 new business creation support project for ready-to-eat meals and home-cooked meals)
* Updated as needed, as of December 25, 2022
Definition of “Miyazaki Blue”
1) The product must be produced in Miyazaki Prefecture or actually exist in Miyazaki Prefecture.
2) Use the specified logo and color number.
3) Those recognized by MBP (those that meet the above purpose) Set up “Miyazaki Blue Day”! ~ Let’s protect the richness of Miyazaki’s sea with Miyazaki Blue x SDGs ~
[Image 1d104031-15-88cd2660c9b34a0eb0f9-1.jpg&s3=104031-15-84d3f1d5a43c5d9701611c4f5b8d53b0-1299x394.jpg
On “Miyazaki Blue Day”, we will work with participating companies (or individuals) to solve environmental problems related to the “sea” and create a place for interaction with local residents through marine sports and food.
Activity information distribution
We will deliver information on the website of MAGRI Co., Ltd. ( and Instagram.
[Image 2d104031-15-bd80fb1ce81897e81521-2.jpg&s3=104031-15-fba4380673e14a44b930f21f49adc298-1168x1402.jpg
■ Inquiries
MAGRI Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 050-2018-7025 (representative)
Person in charge: Watanabe
Email address:
Details about this release:

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