MAGRI Co., Ltd. SDGs Ultra-thin 1 mm! Next-generation smart sheet laundry detergent “ECOLAN”

MAGRI Co., Ltd.
[SDGs] Ultra-thin 1mm! Next-generation smart sheet laundry detergent “ECOLAN” Sustainable laundry detergent that protects the earth and people
MAGRI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Kyoko Hatta) will sell sheet laundry detergent.
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MAGRI Co., Ltd. is a farming company in Miyazaki Prefecture. We sell our own brand “Chateau Mango” (fruit) and develop processed foods that make use of discarded agricultural products.
ECOLAN, a sheet-type laundry detergent, was born from our research into “environmentally friendly agriculture” in order to minimize CO2 emissions in the production of agricultural products.
The plastic we sometimes find on farms does not return to the soil (earth) and remains semi-permanently as garbage. By using a
sheet-shaped detergent, there is no need to use plastic in the container, and you can work on “plastic-free” (plastic-free). In addition, by making the detergent sheet-shaped and lightweight, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption during transportation and reduce CO2 emissions.
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Experiments conducted by the research organization have shown that CO2 emissions can be reduced by 94% compared to general liquid/powder detergents.
We are requesting OEM from the United States, which is highly conscious of environmental issues. It is currently sold only in Japan, but we plan to expand it to countries around the world in the future.

kind to people

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■ Peace of mind
“The ingredients are naturally derived, so it’s safe for children to put in their mouths.”
*If you have any abnormalities, please consult a medical institution. ■ Safety
 There is no dripping or scattering of powder when weighing, so you can prevent unnecessary cleaning and accidental ingestion.
■ Gentle on the skin
Although it has a high detergent ability, it does not use
preservatives, additives, or colorings that cause skin problems. It can be safely used by people with allergies and newborn babies. (It is said that laundry detergents on the market use an average of 20 to 25 types of chemicals that may be harmful to the skin.)
Because it contains a softening ingredient derived from nature, it is plump after washing.
Ultra lightweight and compact.
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ECOLAN is easy to carry because it weighs, making it ideal for business trips, travel, camping, and disaster prevention goods when evacuating.
In addition, it can be stored more compactly than conventional liquid detergents and powdered detergents.
easy and convenient
Washing is completed with this ECOLAN one piece.
No need to light weight, just tear it off and put it in.
It dissolves well in both water and hot water and can be washed thoroughly. It is convenient because it can be adapted to a wide range of washing methods such as hand washing, vertical type, and drum type.
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Product Summary

[Image 6d104031-13-a40a533232747105bd13-5.jpg&s3=104031-13-602b2ef70f2a75971eb93a4c595233a6-1919x1280.jpg
ECOLAN S (2 pieces)
Contents 4g (2 pieces/1 piece 2g)
Washing capacity: 6kg – 7kg (1 sheet: 3kg – 3.5kg)
Suggested retail price 150 yen (excluding tax)
ECOLAN M (15 pieces)
Contents: 60g (15 pieces/4g each)
Washing capacity: 90kg – 105kg (1 sheet: 6kg – 7kg)
Suggested retail price 1,980 yen (excluding tax)
■ Inquiries
MAGRI Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 050-2018-7025 (representative)
Person in charge: Hyodo
Email address:
Official online shop:

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