Maison Rococo Co., Ltd. An elegant beer glass “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS” is born through a collaboration between ROCOCO and Kimura Glass! In addition to being deployed at Michelin-starred restaurants, sales will start in limited qua ntities from December

Maison Rococo Co., Ltd.
An elegant beer glass “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS” was born through a collaboration between ROCOCO and Kimura Glass! In addition to being deployed at Michelin-starred restaurants, sales will start in limited quantities from December 1st.
The ultra-thin form, which can only be achieved by hand, is a luxury beer glass that not only looks beautiful, but also makes ROCOCO even more delicious and elegant.

Maison Rococo Co., Ltd. (CEO: Yohei Wakabayashi, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which develops and sells Japan’s first * 1 luxury beer, has released the luxury beer glass “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS” completed in collaboration with Kimura Glass. We are pleased to inform you that we will start selling a limited quantity * 2 at the “ROCOCO Online Shop” from December 1st.
“ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS” was completed in collaboration with Kimura Glass to realize an elegant beer glass. A delicate hand-made glass with a beautiful slender stem and an extremely thin rim, which is made by master craftsmen in Europe (Slovakia). The beautiful bowl shape with the ROCOCO symbol, the circle element, accentuates the fresh and fruity aroma of “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE”.
[Image 1d47520-18-0ababf69cc27cb197f00-0.jpg&s3=47520-18-c549bbf2d3a8978198287c070abd382e-1600x900.jpg
*1 In-house research. As a beer brand in Japan. (March 2018 at the time of launch)
*2 Glasses will be switched to pre-order as soon as the stock runs out, and will be delivered when the next stock becomes available. ■Make ROCOCO more delicious and elegant.
About luxury beer glass “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS”
[Image 2d47520-18-0a69443f21feef4d4885-3.jpg&s3=47520-18-7ce92b4ad6cc38faf5d60cbb55e1e789-2400x1422.jpg
[Image 3d47520-18-dfa038b33f99401afbe7-7.jpg&s3=47520-18-fdedc920f2985c6c9eae35f9ebe762c1-2627x1751.jpg
This original glass, completed in collaboration with Kimura Glass, will be sold at some of the restaurants that handle our luxury beer “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE”, including Michelin-starred restaurants, prior to general sales. I’m here.
Handmade in Europe, the long, thin stem with ROCOCO’s signature is very popular among chefs and sommeliers for its elegance and the scent of “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE”. In order to deliver this excitement to everyone, we have decided to start general sales in limited
This delicate handmade glass is recommended for relaxing at home with “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE” or as a luxury gift for wine lovers and collectors. Treat yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with one of Japan’s most elegant beer glasses.
Please enjoy the fresh and mellow taste of “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE” that the glass invites.
■December free shipping special project
[Image 4d47520-18-593e5d964843b6d554a6-9.jpg&s3=47520-18-5a803c449b49028813b7e5a90b0c32b2-3368x2382.jpg
From 12/1 to 12/31, as a special project for a limited time, free shipping nationwide + original gift wrapping service limited to the holiday season will be implemented.
Together with “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS”, which is sold in limited quantities, please use it as a reward for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones.
Target products: ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE (beer) / ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS (glass) ■ “ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS” product overview
Product name: ROCOCO Tokyo GLASS
Price: 22,000 yen (including tax and shipping)
Country of origin: Slovakia
Size: Height 262mm Diameter 54mm Maximum diameter 83mm
Capacity: 440cc
Material: Kali Crystal
Sales destination URL:
*As soon as we run out of stock, we will switch to pre-order, and we will deliver when the next stock arrives.
[Image 5d47520-18-cee52239186d0160bb4c-5.jpg&s3=47520-18-821ac68dbfe524a9e1a73d997101ae12-2000x1333.jpg
[Image 6d47520-18-a747fb9eeb30960cacae-8.jpg&s3=47520-18-94d1c21050fd4536f568dbcae3ba1880-2025x2700.jpg
About Kimura Glass
Since our founding in 1910, we have continued to make handmade glassware with the help of glass factories and Kiriko craftsmen in downtown Tokyo. In recent years, we have also commissioned glass factories in Europe to manufacture very delicate wine glasses and cocktail glasses.
Instagram: @kimuraglass
■ Five main commitments of luxury beer “ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE”
[Image 7d47520-18-4c168e4a7fcc77f7f046-4.jpg&s3=47520-18-5131ee23934ecf7a0c3d4676f438224c-1302x1800.jpg

Luxurious taste recognized by Michelin-starred restaurants, famous chefs, and sommeliers. In just one year since its release, it has been patronized by over 100 Michelin-starred restaurants.
Uses pure underflow water from Mt. Fuji. Since ROCOCO is unheated and unfiltered, it is exported overseas by constant temperature
refrigerated delivery. You can enjoy the fresh taste even overseas. Pour into a glass of white wine to enjoy the fruity and gorgeous aroma and delicate taste like silk.
White beer goes well with delicate kaiseki cuisine, which is difficult to match with conventional beer, and French cuisine, which has a complex taste structure.
A bitter and modest taste that is repeated by women who are champagne lovers and women who have never drank beer.
Product name: ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE
Contents: 1 bottle 330ml
Body price: 2-piece set 3,850 yen (tax included) *gift box specification Set of 6 6,600 yen (tax included)
12-piece set 13,200 yen (tax included)
24-piece set 26,400 yen (tax included)
* In addition to the main unit price, a separate shipping fee of 1,100 yen (tax included)
* Gift wrapping 400 yen (tax included)
*Only the set of 2 will be sent in a gift box.
* 6, 12, and 24 sets are standard delivery.
Alcohol content: 5.5%
[Image 8d47520-18-8d7682b9ceb913000387-2.jpg&s3=47520-18-c2d599781c0e646bb1d0a681fa6bf3b2-1500x1000.jpg
* Image 2 set gift box
About Maison Rococo Co., Ltd.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Maison Rococo Co., Ltd. (Maison Rococo)
Year of establishment: 2017
Representative Director: Yohay Wakabayashi
Location: 3-13-1-5106 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Instagram: @rococotokyo *Notation request
English notation: ROCOCO△Tokyo△GLASS, ROCOCO△Tokyo△WHITE *△ is half-width ink Katakana notation: Rococo Tokyo Glass, Rococo Tokyo White

Details about this release:

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