Majisemi Co., Ltd. Held a webinar on the theme of “WSUS issues and recommended patch management methods”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “WSUS Issues and Recommended Patch Management Methods”

Magisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of WSUS issues and recommended patch management methods.
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■ Patch management work that changes with “easy management method” Would you like to solve your patch management problems with “MCore”? In this webinar, “MCore” will be used to simplify pre-verification, automate application management, reduce network load during patch distribution, etc.
We will also tell you the points that can smoothly proceed with your company’s business.
Introduction of comparison with WSUS and actual introduction cases In addition, I think there are many people who are operating WSUS or are considering using it in the future, but I will explain the detailed comparison with WSUS in the webinar.
We will also introduce examples of issues faced by companies that have actually introduced the system, as well as examples of how the system can significantly reduce operating costs.
This webinar is recommended for decision-makers and people in charge of companies with thousands of patch management targets.
■ This webinar is for those who have such concerns.
・Every patch distribution takes man-hours and is exhausted
・I am annoyed by the network load at the time of distribution ・We are busy verifying whether other apps are affected.
・Management such as whether it has been applied or whether it should be applied is not performed efficiently.
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■ Organizer
Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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