“Make working people positive with the power of PR.” PR TIMES New Year’s impressions 2023

PR TIMES Co., Ltd.
“Make working people positive with the power of PR.” PR TIMES New Year’s impressions 2023
PR TIMES aims to increase the number of people who can feel job satisfaction through the connection between important people. Aiming to democratize PR regardless of region or scale, we renew our resolve to earnestly and fearlessly tackle business growth in 2023.

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War, price hikes, a sharp drop in the yen, tragic accidents, and the never-ending corona virus… 2022 was a year of uncertainty and unpredictability, and chaos occurred frequently as if it were normal. On the other hand, it was also a year that attracted public attention with many brilliant achievements. On the other hand, there may be people who are excited by the glory of superhumans in sports and arts, and on the other hand, there are people who are shaken and courageous by the activities of familiar heroes announced by companies. PR TIMES Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takumi , TSE Prime: 3922), which operates the press release distribution service “PR TIMES”, etc. Make working people positive with the power of PR.” PR TIMES message from all employees “Make working people positive with the power of PR.”
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In 2022, at the Press Release Award, which honors companies and people in charge who have contributed to expanding the possibilities of press releases, press releases that tell stories and move people were selected. Ten companies, from startups to long-established companies, were selected as winners.
The PR TIMES keyword ranking, which looks back on the year since the company was announced, is the result of 1st place “SDGs” and 2nd place “DX”. When “events” returned to the top as the government eased restrictions, “corona,” which had been at the top until last year, dropped significantly in rank along with related words such as “home time.” “Web3” and “vending machine” have been selected as the keywords to watch in 2023, which have seen a rapid increase in the number of registrations.
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In addition, with the ethics of being responsible for the social information infrastructure, we are continuously working to create a place where correct information can be gathered. In the press release examination, 1.9% were pointed out, and the most frequently pointed out content was “lack of novelty”, followed by “superlative
expression” and “re-announcement”. The most common reason for not registering a new company was “Risk of conflict with the
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law / Landscape Law” at 40%. [Image 4

In 2022, although we were able to take a step towards the concept of “making people who act worthwhile through the power of PR” in our New Year’s remarks, we look back on the past year with a regret that we were not able to complete it. I’m here. By deploying regional commercials nationwide by area and starting a new regional community and event, “There, PR Seminar!” The power of PR is far from a real sense of job satisfaction.
62.8% of the companies using “PR TIMES” in the last year (March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022) are located in Tokyo, and there is a tendency to concentrate in Tokyo. We aim to change this structure of overconcentration in Tokyo, to utilize “PR TIMES” in local areas, and to activate the distribution of information originating in the area through PR activities by local businesses, and to increase the vitality of the area.
Therefore, under the same theme as last year, we are determined to take three or five steps forward, and the concept for 2023 is to “make working people positive with the power of PR.” With a view to the United States, which is planning to
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Even in the midst of vague anxiety and turmoil, definite action is the driving force to move forward, and the transmission of primary information by those concerned strengthens the connection between important people. We will communicate to as many people as possible that it will be very rewarding to announce the results of our proactive actions and receive feedback, and by expanding the number of people who put these ideas into practice, we will create a positive cycle and move society forward. I would like to respond to the mission that I am doing. We believe that our business can contribute to the 8th development goal of the SDGs, “decent work and economic growth.” [Image 6

In addition to business, we have sown various seeds in 2022. In terms of organization, we have moved to a new office that “cultivates empathy” and strengthened hiring. We will continue to make
organizational changes to flexibly select, replace, and change roles. Acquisition negotiations with a US company ended in a breakdown, but a US subsidiary was established to advance the expansion plan. With April 1st as a day to talk about dreams, April Dream delivers the dreams of 302 people, and on the year-end and New Year message boards that encourage working people, 198 people send cheers, and even if the times and means change, they will “tell” and “act”. We pursued the important theme of “connecting people”. We continue to publish corporate advertisements on the theme of “If we can reform the way we communicate, we can reform the way we work.”
We will continue to work so that these seeds will sprout in 2023 and grow into a large trunk.
Everyone who used PR TIMES group services (PR TIMES, Web clipping, Jooto, Tayori, MARPH, isuta, BRIDGE, U-NOTE, Techable, etc.) in 2022, and accompanied our company and the project. Thank you again to all of you.
We will continue to take on new challenges in 2023 with a renewed determination to earnestly and confidently work on business growth. PR TIMES Representative Takumi 2023 New Year’s Address [Image 7

Happy new year to all of you.
Although the new coronavirus has not yet subsided, the regulations related to it have been significantly relaxed worldwide, and 2022 is the year we started to coexist with the virus. At our company, we were able to welcome two new graduates who were scheduled to join us in 2021 from overseas. Despite joining the company more than a year later than originally planned, he has been active, such as winning the Rookie of the Year in the first half of 2022. I can feel the trajectory that they have continued to improve themselves without wasting the time they had to wait due to immigration restrictions. The environment surrounding us changes to present us with one challenge after another, and it is almost emotionally disturbing. Even so, they are not tossed about, they do not just put up with it, they do not force themselves to resist, but they change and adapt themselves. Opportunities to catch a glimpse of such signs are increasing. In my New Year’s remarks for 2022, I declared that I would use the power of PR to make my work worthwhile, and renewed my determination. A company is a stage for each and every employee to play an active role, and it is a company where everyone can play a leading role. If we can change the way we communicate, we can also change the way we work. I want everyone to be able to experience that it is the power of each individual that moves the world.
What I feel when I actually look at the press releases of startups is the circulation of positive energy. Through press releases, the heightened excitement that can be conveyed to the world, the trial and error and the determination that did not want to give up can be widely resounded. The company may well up, and the excitement may overflow on SNS. Even though friends and rivals send warm cheers, there are times when frustration is nourished and filled with strength. Sometimes the next doers give us the courage to stand up. A reporter who has paid attention to various voices may interview a wide range of people who want to convey the impetus for development.
In this way, I feel that information spreads every day by being able to see the thoughts of the people involved with the actors. However, it is still only a phenomenon of a very limited number of startups among the more than 3 million companies in Japan. Regardless of the region or the size of the company, each and every worker can officially announce information about their work and deliver it to important people. In 2023, we aim to make great strides forward in order to realize the “democratization of PR” in which everyone can have equal access to such opportunities.
In 2022, we will expand the organization and relocate the head office, “PR TIMES” regional commercials, the launch of “MARPH”, investment in “Jooto” and “Tayori”, acquisition negotiations for US companies, media business development, etc. took action. Each time we announced it, we received a lot of feedback from both inside and outside the company, and I felt that expectations were rising. However, the results have not been satisfactory so far. A challenge must not end with a challenge, and I do not want to betray that expectation. Even if the results in front of us are not everything, and even if it is a process of accumulating actions, we will realize expectations and further update our goals. In order to create a cycle of expectations and realization, this year is positioned as a year of realization. Even if we do experience setbacks, we are determined to cultivate an indomitable spirit and build a strong company.
“PR TIMES” will exceed 50% of domestic listed companies in 2022. In particular, 75% of the TSE growth market IPOs in 2022 were “PR TIMES” customers. As a result of making it free for startups within 2 years of company establishment and grouping in the startup media “BRIDGE”, startups are using it in a wide range of growth stages from seed to post-IPO, and we can feel the spread even in numbers. However, if we are satisfied with this situation, we will not be able to provide better utility value to large enterprises and start-up customers. Going back to the starting point, we will continue to place importance on both the unity of our organization as a team aimed at realizing our mission and the enhancement of each individual’s ability as a professional in each specialized field. I will not only share the same aspirations, but I will take the lead in acting in earnest to realize them, and humbly continue to learn even if I fail.
“PR TIMES” has not been able to update the basic functions and UI related to press releases for about 8 years. While continuing to improve the functions, we built the development base and refactored, and proceeded with a full replacement for each function.
(Reference: PR TIMES Development Division 2022 Review
https://developers.prtimes.jp/2022/12/28/cto_activities_2022/) We are planning to update the basic functionality and UI of the press release editor which has been a long overdue issue. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the customers of “PR TIMES” for their ingenuity and ingenuity during this long period of inconvenience. Please look forward to the function release of “PR TIMES” this year. The changes are so great that the future is unpredictable. Information that creates a sense of crisis is overflowing, and it seems that you will be wrapped in anxiety. That’s why I want to change the
information that circulates in the world in a positive way. I want to make the protagonists of the news into actors. I want to create a society where many people talk about their dreams. As an individual, I will continue to pursue new activities day by day.
January 1, 2023 PR TIMES Co., Ltd. President Takumi (Reference information)
Press Release Award 2022
PR TIMES Keyword Ranking 2022
PR TIMES Press Release Screening Report 2022
PR TIMES regional commercials nationwide and PR seminar held https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001237.000000112.html
PR TIMES New Year’s Impressions 2022
Start of business in a new office that “cultivates empathy”
Organizational changes and personnel changes
Established US subsidiary
April Dream 2022 https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001172.000000112.html “Message board” year-end and New Year poster
If we can change the way we communicate, we can also change the way we work. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001190.000000112.html About PR TIMES Co., Ltd.
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In 2007, PR TIMES launched PR TIMES, an Internet service that connects companies, the media, and consumers with news, with the mission of “moving people’s hearts with information from actors.” It has been in operation since April. In addition to distributing announcement materials (press releases) for media organizations to media reporters, they are also posted on “PR TIMES” and partner media, and are viewed and shared by consumers. The number of companies using it will exceed 72,000 in August 2022, and over 51% of domestic listed companies are using it. More than 24,000 media reporters have registered as members to collect information, the number of site accesses has exceeded 62 million PV per month, and the cumulative number of press releases has exceeded 1 million. Content is posted on more than 220 partner media, including national newspaper websites.
PR partner business that supports public relations and PR as a partner of clients and media, operation of story distribution service “PR TIMES STORY”, provision of video PR services “PR TIMES TV” and “PR TIMES LIVE”, task / project management tool “Jooto” ” and cloud information organization tool “Tayori”.
[Company profile of PR TIMES Co., Ltd.]
Mission: Towards an era in which information from actors moves people’s hearts Company name: PR TIMES Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 3922) Location: Akasaka Intercity 8F, 1-11-44 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Higashi-Tochigi Established: December 2005
Representative Director: Takumi
Business description: – Operation of press release distribution service “PR TIMES” (https://prtimes.jp/)
– Operation of story distribution service “PR TIMES STORY”
– Operation of “Web Clipping” (https://webclipping.jp/), a public relations/PR effect measurement service
– Implementation of PR support as a partner of clients and media – Operation of video PR services “PR TIMES TV” and “PR TIMES LIVE” (https://prtimes.jp/tv)
– Operation of art-specialized online PR platform “MAPH” (https://marph.com/) – Operation of cloud information organization tool “Tayori”
– Operation of task/project management tool “Jooto” (https://www.jooto.com/) – Operation of “PR TIMES MAGAZINE” (https://prtimes.jp/magazine/), a media that delivers PR knowledge
– Management of web news media, etc.
URL: https://prtimes.co.jp/
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