MAMORIO Co., Ltd. Survey on crime prevention awareness and actual conditions More than half of the respondents answered that they are taking crime prevention measures on a daily basis.

[Survey on crime prevention awareness and actual conditions] More than half answered that they are taking crime prevention measures on a daily basis
71.5% of respondents said that police efforts are a deterrent, while 87% said that crime prevention measures were inadequate.

MAMORIO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daiki Masuki, hereinafter referred to as MAMORIO) conducted a questionnaire survey on the Internet targeting 500 men and women in their teens to 70s in order to investigate the actual situation regarding crime prevention. I will let you know.
Survey summary
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About the research background
“Crime Prevention Day” is set on the 18th of every month. Established by Secom Co., Ltd., a top security company. It is said that it is a wish that companies, households, and individuals review their crime prevention measures on this day every month and live in “safety and peace of mind.” MAMORIO Co., Ltd. aims to “eliminate loss” in society through the development and sale of loss prevention tags using Bluetooth and its own smartphone application. , We are always calling on users to take security measures against theft. This time, we conducted a fact-finding survey on crime prevention after December 18th (Sun), “Security Day”.
About the survey results
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As a result of this survey, more than half of the respondents, 57.9%, answered that they “take safety measures on a regular basis,” which was a higher percentage than expected before the survey. Specific examples of countermeasures vary depending on the gender and age of the respondents, but there were many answers such as “home security contract” and “installation of security cameras”. Some respondents said that even if they were not personally involved in theft, snatching, burglary, etc., if there were such incidents or incidents in their neighborhood, it could be a factor in considering
What particularly stood out was “Try to say hello to neighbors” and “Become acquainted with the people in the apartment next door or on the same floor”. By communicating with neighbors on a regular basis, even at the bare minimum necessary, if there is a suspicious event or something unusual, we can exchange information with each other, which will lead to consideration of preventive measures. is. Based on the information of local residents who actually saw a suspicious person in their neighborhood, some said that they gave their children a GPS and a security buzzer to watch over them. We learned that it is important not only to introduce security cameras and other goods, but also to raise awareness of “priceless” in addition to costly crime prevention measures such as home security contracts.
In addition, 91% of the majority answered “I think so” to the question “Is there a specific area where crime is likely to occur?” Especially for young women who live alone, it is not uncommon for them to avoid areas with few street lights or low-rise floors when looking for properties. From these people, there was also an opinion that it is necessary to be especially careful in areas where there are many immigrants from overseas. It seems that trivial considerations such as walking at night and not wearing earphones at high volume are very important.
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In addition, 71.5% of the respondents answered “Yes” to the question “Are the efforts of the police and others having a positive impact on the crime phenomenon?” 87.6% answered “No”. It can be seen that the majority of people think that although they have sufficiently contributed to the deterrence and reduction of crime, there is room for improvement as a countermeasure. In response to the questionnaire, there were voices saying, “Even if I encountered a stalker, I could not prove the actual damage and did not act sufficiently.”
On the other hand, “I feel completely different in areas where police stations and police boxes are close to each other,” and “I feel that regular patrols are a deterrent. It was also found that there are many people who feel that these activities are beneficial.
There are various methods of countermeasures depending on your living environment and local circumstances, but it may be a good idea to consider daily crime prevention measures on “Crime Prevention Day” on the 18th of every month.
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MAMORIO uses Bluetooth communication to detect the occurrence of lost items based on the distance between your smartphone and MAMORIO, and you can check the location of misplaced items with your smartphone. . In addition to various functions to prevent loss, such as a lost item notification that detects misplaced items and sends a notification to prevent misplacement, and a camera search function that uses AR technology to locate nearby items. In the event of a lost item, we will find the lost item on the largest cloud network in Japan, which is affiliated with MAMORIO users nationwide and public transportation on more than 700 routes nationwide.
MAMORIO Biz is a loss prevention IoT for corporations that realizes management and loss prevention of items owned by companies and organizations by using a loss prevention tag MAMORIO using Bluetooth, a smartphone, and a web console that centrally manages them. Solution. In addition to preventing the loss of users, it is possible to check the list of the latest location information of items managed by the company, the detected terminal, the carrying out status, etc. through the management console using MAMORIO. It also supports the processing of taking out shared equipment and the output of ledgers, reducing various clerical work related to corporate goods management. MAMORIO will continue striving to realize a society that “eliminates, eliminates” through further improvements to MAMORIO products. Company Profile
Company name: MAMORIO Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daiki Masuki, Representative Director
Established: July 2012
Head office location: Yoshii Building 5F, 3-3-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Business description: Development and sales of “MAMORIO” and “MAMORIO Biz”, operation of the portal site “”
[Lost item dot com, Japan’s largest portal site for information on lost items]
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