Marcus Evans Event Japan Limited Revive the manufacturing powerhouse! Decision to hold “Manufacturing Japan Summit 2023” where manufacturing leaders gather together

Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
Revive the manufacturing powerhouse! Decision to hold “Manufacturing Japan Summit 2023” where manufacturing leaders gather together February 6th (Mon) to 7th (Tue), 2023 @ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Marcus Evans Event Japan Limited (Headquarters: UK / Japan
representative: Daisuke Yukishita, hereinafter “Marcus Evans”) will be manufacturing for two days from February 6th (Monday) to 7th (Tuesday), 2023. We will hold “Manufacturing Japan Summit 2023”, a business summit where leaders gather together.
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Manufacturing Japan Summit 2023
Japan has been called a “manufacturing superpower”. The manufacturing industry, which dramatically developed the Japanese economy during the high-growth period, is now in decline due to changes in social conditions such as soaring material costs, labor shortages, natural disasters, and shortages of semiconductors. With the world undergoing drastic changes, will Japan’s manufacturing industry continue to decline? Or can we once again be proud of Japan, the country of manufacturing, to the world?
At the 10th “Manufacturing Japan Summit”, manufacturing industry leaders from upstream to downstream industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and consumer goods gathered to discuss the key to revitalizing Japan’s manufacturing industry. Please discuss.
Highlights of this time
・A group that gives hope and courage to the Japanese manufacturing industry with the keyword “connection”
・Keynote speech by Mr. Taro Monozukuri, a YouTuber who is involved in manufacturing
・Toshiba’s Mr. Fukumoto, Yuki HD’s Mr. Otsubo and other gorgeous speakers will participate
・There are many female speakers who support the manufacturing industry, including Mr. Watanabe, who is manufacturing Nadeshiko. ・ 2 mayors will be on stage! Panel session of Daito City, Osaka Prefecture, Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and town factories [Image 2

Lecture hall
List of speakers
・Mr. Hiroko Watanabe, President of Fuji Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. and Representative Director of Monozukuri Nadeshiko General
Incorporated Association
・ Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Senior Executive Officer Digital Transformation Unit Manager Satoko Shisada
・Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer, Institute of Sport Science, ASICS Corporation
・ Naotaka Kida, Executive Officer, General Manager of Manufacturing Division, TableMark Co., Ltd.
・Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd. Director, Development Headquarters Yuko Iijima ・Mr. Iwao Yoshino, President and CEO, Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. ・ Ishii Foods Co., Ltd. Director Yachiyo Factory Manager Keisuke Kubo many others
Program details≫ Participation type
General manager of manufacturing-related departments
The target is the person in charge of the research and development, production and manufacturing department of a company representing Japan. Through lectures, dinner parties, discussions among
participants, meetings with solution provider companies, etc., you can acquire the latest knowledge and use it to expand new personal connections.
Solution provider company
Companies with manufacturing-related solutions are eligible. There is an opportunity to have one-on-one business negotiations with decision-makers in the manufacturing, production, technology, and development departments of top companies.
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Business meeting venue
Overview of the event
[Name] Manufacturing Japan Summit 2023
[Date] February 6 (Mon)-7 (Tue), 2023
[Location] Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
[Organizer] Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
■ Please see below for details
■ Inquiries and applications
Public Relations (Sugasawa)
■ What is Marcus Evans?
Since 1983, Marcus Evans has provided cutting-edge business
information for strategic decision-making at events. Utilizing our proud global network, we plan, manage and hold more than 150 business summits annually. The Japan branch office holds events related to marketing, IT, human resources, intellectual property, medical care, manufacturing, etc.
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