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Marui Textile Co., Ltd. Collaboration goods of Minami Otsuka and MRO radio program “Harumi Ichinose’s Pakatto Himarin” are now on sale! !

Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
MRO radio program “Ichinose Himari no Pakatto Himarin” and Otsuka Minami’s collaboration goods are now on sale! !

Break through after appearing in a romance reality show,
With Minami Otsuka, who is very popular mainly for game play and subculture Collaboration goods of MRO radio program “Ichinose Himari’s Pakatto Himarin” will be on sale.
You can get high-quality limited-edition design goods!
The original T-shirt creation service “Up-T” operated by Marui Textile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture, President: Yoshio Miyamoto) is an MRO radio program “Ichinose Yomari’s Pakatto Himarin” and Co., Ltd. Original goods will be on sale from December 18, 2022 to commemorate the collaboration of Minami Otsuka, who belongs to Platinum Production.
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In the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) official game project, Minami Otsuka, who is active as a talent centering on subculture such as game commentary, and Himari Ichinose, is a radio program host. Ichinose Himari’s Paka and Himarin”. To commemorate this appearance, we will start selling goods with original designs on the Up-T special site. Guest introduction
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Minami Otsuka
Break after appearing in a romance reality show. Currently, he is active as a talent in the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) official game project, focusing on subculture such as game commentary.
sale item
Original design T-shirt (left) 3,500 yen (excluding tax and shipping) [Image 3

Original design pouch (right) 2,100 yen (excluding tax and shipping) [Image 4

Comment from the artist: My drawing skills are devastating, but for some reason I feel like drawing regularly, and for some reason I feel calm when I write! smile
This design is a loose drawing that I often draw, but I’ve never shown it to everyone, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to do it for the first time!

radio personality
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Born December 15, 2004 in Kanagawa Prefecture
In 2018, he won the [Nachosu Award] at the “Popteen” model audition, after which he served as a regular model for the magazine and graduated in April 2021.
Currently, as E-tele “Suyensa” Suyensa Girls, they are showing a variety of sides.
On June 15, 2021, she was selected as a project [Reiwa no Agnes Chan] in TV Asahi’s “Marbled Variety” and performed a feat Seiya that she wants to be full of love.

About the radio program “Pakatto Himarin”
Broadcaster: MRO Radio
Broadcast time: Every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:00
broadcast content:
Himari Ichinose introduces the latest trends among young people and what they are into these days. At the same time as the broadcast on MRO radio, YouTube “Himarin Channel” will also deliver the recording pattern in the studio! It is a radio program made with teens all over the country.
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■ Partial introduction of the corner
・Himarin’s trend checker
Himarin introduces trends in the style of a news program.
I will dig deep into the topics that I am particularly interested in from Himarin’s point of view.
・ Up-T event announcement corner
Himarin and personality Kenken will announce monthly events in Up-T. What is Up-T?
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Based on the concept of “everyone is different, the world is fun”, an on-demand service for creating original goods with more than 1,500 items such as T-shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases, nails, and banners. It is an epoch-making service that realizes high quality and short delivery (delivery in as little as 3 days) by a long-established manufacturer that has been in business for over 80 years, and can be sold in the market without having inventory.
[Product information]
Items handled: T-shirts, smartphone cases, stationery, banners, etc. (2 items added every month!)
Price: From 1,100 yen (tax included) per T-shirt *Printing fee included, discount applied for 100 or more
■Company profile
Company name: Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
Location: 15 Kunokiibe, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: Yoshio Miyamoto, President and Representative Director Established: 1956
Business: Manufacture and sale of various textiles, sales and planning and production using web services
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