Maruyama/Kyosai Group Tobu Department Store Funabashi Store (Chiba Prefecture) will hold a “Winter Tansuya B argain”! “Haruno” produced by “Ai Haruna” will be exhibited for the first time in Tobu!

Maruyama/Kyosai Group
Tobu Department Store Funabashi Store (Chiba Prefecture) will hold a “Winter Drawer Bargain”! “Haruno” produced by “Ai Haruna” will be exhibited for the first time in Tobu!
Kimono washing: 2,530 yen, unraveling and tensioning: 11,000 yen, reusable lining and cloth [limited to 150 items] from 550 yen!
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“Tansuya”, which purchases and sells reused kimonos, will hold a kimono and obi obi at the event plaza on the 6th floor of Tobu Department Store Funabashi for a week from December 23rd (Friday) to 30th (Friday), 2022. We will hold an exhibition and sales event “Winter Wardrobe Bargain”. Admission is free and anyone can
participate. In addition, we also accept consultations about kimono. Please come and visit us.
-Those who want to recommend-
・ Those who have not finished preparing for the beginning of the year ・Those who have not finished preparing for the coming-of-age ceremony ・ Those who want to have kimonos at reasonable prices
・Those who want to request a full wash of their own kimono
・ Those who want to consult about repairing kimono
“Haruno” produced by “Haruna Ai” first exhibited at Tobu
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A free repair consultation meeting will be held for 4 days from 23rd (Friday) to 26th (Monday). Our professional staff will take care of everything from washing to repairing.
・Kimono washing: 2,530 yen (Furisode/Hakama/Tomesode +550 yen) ・Unraveling and stretching: 11,000 yen
Full of plans such as discount limited items, connoisseur market, furisode special feature
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At the venue, we will exhibit a large number of special features and planned products such as discount limited items, connoisseur markets, and furisode specials. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ・Reuse lining/cloth [Limited to 150 items] From 550 yen
・Carefully selected reuse connoisseur market by former store manager of Tansuya Funabashi store
・Furisode special feature Reuse・New item
・Men’s kimono
・Cold protection coat
* Many products of various types will be exhibited
event information
Event name: Winter drawer bargain
Special site:
Date: December 23 (Friday) to 30 (Friday), 2022
Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm *Until 6:00 pm on the last day
Venue: Tobu Department Store Funabashi 6F Event Plaza
7-1-1 Honmachi, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture 273-8567
Tobu Department Store Funabashi Website: About measures against infectious diseases
In order to prevent the spread of infection, we will operate a safe and secure venue with the following contents. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
● Please take your temperature at the reception and disinfect your hands at the entrance.
● On the day of the service, the staff will thoroughly check the temperature, disinfect, and wear a mask before serving customers. ● If the venue is crowded, we may ask you to enter the venue after booking online. In addition, admission may be restricted.
About Tansuya
Since 1999, as a pioneer in the purchase and sale of reused kimonos, we have opened physical stores nationwide and are a major brand of reused kimonos that is supported by many fans.
Tansuya Co., Ltd.
〒213-0002 3-31-3 Futako, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture MK Group Futako Building 4F
Twitter (@ Tansuya official) Instagram (@tansuya.official) -Tansuya website-
This is a site that distributes announcements and store information about “Tansuya”. You can purchase reusable kimonos at reasonable prices at our online store.
This press release is issued by “Kourin Co., Ltd.”, the headquarters of the “Maruyama Kyosai Group” to which “Tansuya” belongs.
-Kourin Co., Ltd.-
Address: MK Group Futako Building 4F, 3-31-3 Futako, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 213-0002
Phone: 044-281-4529 (Monday to Friday/10:00 to 17:00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
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