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Marvelous Full-fledged online RPG for smartphones “Logres of Swords and Magic: Ancient Goddess”

A full-fledged online RPG for smartphones “Logres of Swords and Magic: The Ancient Goddess”-With a limited-time weapon bonus for 2022! “Arsnova & Loki’s Magical Gear Probability Up Gacha”-

Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President: Suminobu Sato / Location:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch “Ars Nova & We are pleased to inform you that we have made an update that includes the sale of Loki’s Majinki Probability Up Gacha and the addition of the quest for the event “Chronos Time Travelers”.
[Image 1

■ “9th Anniversary” is being held! Luxury campaign!
[Image 2

Thanks to you, the 9th anniversary! We are holding “9th Anniversary” with gratitude so far and thoughts on the future!
★ Get 100 magic crystals just by logging in!
★ Try your luck every day! “Free once a day! 9th anniversary gacha” ★Collect travel P and get limited weapon avatars such as the “Artist Narikiri Set”!
★ “9th Anniversary Equipment Set” is now available in Logres Shop! ★Probability of skill level increase is up to 20 times! Great chance to level up!
There are plenty of other gorgeous contents! Head to the Kingdom of Logres now! ★☆★☆Click here for the 9th anniversary special site★☆★☆
[Period] Until 2022/12/28 (Wed) maintenance
■ Attention is a super luxurious bonus! “Ars Nova & Loki’s Magical Gear Probability Up Gacha” now on sale!
[Image 3

During the period, we will sell “Arsnova & Loki’s Magical Gear Probability Up Gacha”.
The probability of “Ars Nova” and “Loki’s Majinki” increases with each series! As a bonus gift, you can get a ticket with a limited-time weapon that appeared in 2022, such as “Triton” and “Gakuen Idol Mashinki”. Take this opportunity to get a strong and unique limited time weapon♪ [Period] Until 2022/12/14 (Wed) 10:59
■ Stop the alteration of history! “Chronos Time Travelers” is underway! [Image 4

“Part 3 Parallel Edition” has been added to the ongoing “Chronos Time Travelers”.
When you return to the museum from the past, the surroundings change completely! ?
Stop the alteration of history and get the limited avatar “Shiroe’s Guide Wear” series and “Travel P”!
[Period] Until 2022/12/27 (Tue) 23:59
■It’s time to start! Clan Wars “9th Anniversary Cup” held!
[Image 5

During the period, the Clan War “9th Anniversary Cup” will be held. For excellent clans, furniture that can be placed in the clan room “9th Anniversary Cup Trophy” and limited avatars such as “Power Black/White T-shirt -9th Cup-” and “Dora T-shirt -9th Cup-” will be awarded according to the ranking. present!
As BP rewards, you can also earn “Travel P” and magic crystals. Join forces with your clan mates and grab the top!
[Period] Until 2022/12/13 (Tue) 22:29
■ Start a new adventure & restart now! “Welcome & Comeback Campaign” is being held!
[Image 6

“Welcome & Comeback Campaign” is being held.
If you start logging now or come back, you will receive 50 magic crystals, 100 “9th anniversary gacha tickets”, “Another Cosmo (MB2)-Todoroki, Yoto-Ticket” and more!
Shup and Don with everyone! Why do not you?
[Period] Until 2022/12/28 (Wed) maintenance
■Many other events!
★You might get a total of 999 or more gacha-tickets! ? “Challenge from Phantom Thief Wicky”
★Challenge the formidable foes of those days! “EX Memorial”
★ Wick King appears twice as often! There is also a small room for materials! “Trial & Gem Fever! Plus”
★ You can get the highest quality attribute accessories every week! “Senjin Challenge”
★Kamiyari & Kamiken appear! Get commemorative weapons and artifacts! “Gift from the Goddess”
★Vote for your favorite weapon! “The 8th Logres Weapon General Election” ★The avatar you came up with might make its debut YO! “9th
Anniversary! Avatar Design Contest”

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