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Medi-Kuru Co., Ltd. Medi-Kuru Co., Ltd., which aims to revitalize small and medium-sized enterprises, forms a business alliance with Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd., which has received favorable reviews and evaluations on Internet news.

Medikuru Co., Ltd.
Medikurusha, which aims to revitalize small and medium-sized enterprises, formed a business partnership with Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd., which has received favorable reviews and evaluations on Internet news, etc.
Medikuru Co., Ltd., which supports corporate branding, web promotion and marketing, has formed a business alliance with ‘Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd.’, which is well-received by word of mouth and evaluation on net news.

■ About this business alliance (collaboration)
SMEs, which account for about 70% of employment in Japan, are said to be in a slump due to the impact of the new corona. We believe that the Japanese economy will be more active without it, and that it will have a positive impact on the SDGs activities recommended by the United Nations.
Therefore, in order to further promote those activities this time, we have decided to form a business alliance (collaboration) with [Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd.], which is also focusing on the
revitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises and SDGs activities.
■ Information about this business partner (excerpt from internet news) Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd. “Urban development in Japan attracting attention from the world;
Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd. is actively working on the urban development of Japan, which is attracting attention from the world at the Osaka Kansai Expo “TEAM EXPO 2025”. The World Expo will be held in Osaka for the first time in 55 years, with the aim of “Ah! Experiences that make the world a little better” by accumulating exciting experiences to solve many problems. The theme is “Future Society for Our Lives”.
Tanaka Structural Design, aiming for a “structural design” that meets the client’s expectations as much as possible, has responded to many requests with a track record of 3,369 structures. Tanaka Structural Design has been recognized since 2019 for its “wall-type reinforced concrete (WRC) construction technology that can accommodate designs of up to 8 stories”, and has a cutting-edge feature that attracts attention in the industry. It is “people” that support technological capabilities. It is said that this is the result of motivated young and talented engineers who have continued to engage in “safe”, “economical” and “flexible” work to solve the client’s design problems from the ground up.
An employee who has worked for Tanaka Structural Design for many years said, “From our founding to the present day, we have been involved in the structural design of many projects of various sizes and purposes. Traditionally, the structural design industry is different from design offices and design offices in that there are few young engineers. We have created an environment that makes it easy to incorporate values ​​into the corporate culture.
The “creative power” of thinking and imagining freely was not given much importance in conventional structural design, but in today’s construction industry, along with the rapid progress of the world, a wide variety of designs and functionality are becoming popular. There are various demands for structural design work these days, such as the adoption of new construction methods that are required for buildings and technological development is progressing day by day, and new engineering knowledge. The ability to flexibly respond to such requests cannot be established without the power of human resources with “creative power”. Since our company was founded in anticipation of the future of such an industry, we have focused on training young structural design engineers from an early stage. Ideas are flying around at meetings every week.
One of them is the 8-story structural form of the wall-type reinforced concrete structure. I feel that the reason why we were able to put together such a design method for operation is because of the people who have the “creative power” that our company has nurtured. In order to create an optimal office, we are also focusing on creating an environment where employees can refresh themselves, such as by setting up a snack corner. ’ says.
If the provision of the most suitable space for the employees who are closest to them leads to detailed service for customers, employee satisfaction is excellent. After solidifying its foundation in Fukuoka, it expands its business to Okinawa and Hokkaido. Tanaka Structural Design, which will continue to take root in the region and expand nationwide, is beginning to be recognized as a “pioneer in the construction industry.”
■ List of online news articles that have been covered so far [au News Pass]
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[Nico Nico] ■ Partner company information
Tanaka Structural Design Co., Ltd.
Office registration: First-class architect office, Governor of Fukuoka registration No. 1-12184
Membership: Japan Society of Structural Engineers (JSCA) regular member Main business: Structural design/Seismic diagnosis/Structural engineering supervision support
Number of staff: 22 (including first-class structural design architects and first-class architects)
■Our company information
Company name: Medikuru Co., Ltd.
Address: 5F, 3-14-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Company HP:
Business description: Promotion business Web marketing business Media business

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