Media Incubate Co., Ltd. (Update media and create a place for mutual learning) Active in artistic swimming and Cirque du Soleil! Misa Sugiyama, who embodies sports and expression, has been appointed as an “artistic sports officer” at the preparatio

Media Incubate Co., Ltd. (Updating media and creating a place for mutual learning)
Active in artistic swimming, Cirque du Soleil! Misa Sugiyama, who embodies sports and expression, has been appointed as an “artistic sports officer” at the preparation office for the establishment of the future of sports Co., Ltd.
World Cup 2010 Team 4th, Universiade 2013 Team 2nd, World Championship 2013 Team 4th, Cirque du Soleil “O” appearance (2015-2021)

December 30, 2022 (Friday) Media Incubate Co., Ltd. will be active as mermaid JAPAN of artistic swimming (synchronized) in the preparation room for the establishment of the future of sports Co., Ltd., and the world’s highest entertainment group “Cirque du Soleil”. We are pleased to announce that Misa Sugiyama, who also acted in “”, has been appointed as “Artistic Sports Officer”.
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*Photographed by Mr. Tsuyoshi Yanagawa
Profile of Misa Sugiyama
Date of birth: September 25, 1990
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Education: Kokushikan University
License: Yoga Alliance RYT200
Maternity Yoga RPYT85
International Aerial Yoga
Middle and high school health and physical education teacher license -Contest/Tournament-
・World Cup 2010 Team 4th
・Universiade 2013 Team 2nd place
・World Championship 2013 Team 4th, etc.
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*Photographed by Mai Sato
-Appearance history-
・Appearance in Cirque du Soleil “O” (2015-2021)
・US Olympic Swim Trial 2016
・One Night One Drop 2019
・Naked Soul 2022
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Misa Sugiyama is a former member of mermaid JAPAN, an artistic swimming (synchronized) that competes for technical and artistic points by performing underwater to music, and is also a member of the world-renowned entertainment group Cirque du Soleil. I’ve been playing until 2021.
Both competitions have in common the high level of artistry that combines performance, music, costumes, and choreography, all of which pursue the limits of human ability. The concept and story contained in the work captivate the hearts of the audience, making it the pinnacle of underwater and land festivals.
He says that this experience was an opportunity to reconfirm what “sports x expression” should be.
Also, scoring competitions such as artistic swimming (synchro) and figure skating are subjective, so I think it is difficult to give a completely fair score.
It’s just that it’s also a good cousin of the expression. When I was a student, I thought that everything was based on people’s evaluations = points and the results of the selection process. Now, I feel that it is just one of many evaluation criteria.
Body Art = Artistic Swimming (Synchronized Swimming) Cirque du Soleil is also a sport of expression.
Media Incubate Co., Ltd., in the preparation room for the
establishment of the Future of Sports Co., Ltd., will explore the expressive power of sports that cannot be evaluated by points, together with Misa Sugiyama’s aspirations, and create fair sports and the possibilities of sports x entertainment. I would like to continue [Image 4

*Photographed by Mr. Hazuki
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In the future project, as a whole, we value learning together. We will create businesses while valuing the thoughts of each applicant and the project leader. Please feel free to contact us.
For those who are interested in our efforts
Those who are interested in future projects, those who have
recommendations, “supporters who are cheering squads”, “helpers who help practical work”, and “ambassadors who provide support for spreading” (
/p/000000256.000018590.html), so please feel free to contact me. [Image 6

[Area for overwhelming problem solving: Solving major social issues together with experts and professionals]
Advisory Board: Extract social issues, expose them, discuss solutions, and take action to solve them
[Practical area: Money and resources are also brought together to create. It really envelops those around you. ]
Future Partners: Individuals who will create businesses or advance projects together.
Co-creation partners: People who create businesses or advance projects together in an organization.
* “Conference partner”, “pitch partner”, “community partner”, etc.
[Mutually learning area: There is a strong sense of belonging, and there is no obligation or responsibility for the task]
Supporters who are cheering squads: I am grateful just to have your support. A helper who helps with practical work: I would appreciate it if you could implement it from where you can do it a little.
Ambassadors who support us to spread the word: I am very grateful that you sympathize and invite us.
[Area that deepens friendship: deepens group relationships and facilitates the birth of innovation itself]
○○ likes project: I would appreciate it if you could collaborate and deepen friendships based on your likes.
Interdisciplinary club activities: Mirai Project, I like ○○ Project, I would be happy if there was a collaboration between both.
Please feel free to contact us by any of the following methods, which is convenient for you.
■ Email:
■ Inquiries:
I would like to find out what is good about each other while having interviews and exchanges from time to time.
It’s just a start, and I’d be happy if we could do something together. I would like to support the activities that everyone has in mind, gather friends, collect money, and expand activities.
Shining a light on things that actually have good things but aren’t getting the light. Start Media Incubate Fund. We are striving to realize our motto from the time of our founding, “business development with media, business development with media.” Support for founding, revitalization, and restart.
・ About Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
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Media Incubate aims to update the media, and is engaged in media business development and media business development. We provide investment, human resources, and organizational support for startups, business conversions, and reorganizations.
I am involved in the creation and operation of the media industry magazine “Media Innovation (”, and I am creating information and communities to contribute to the media industry on a daily basis.
We continue to create opportunities to create businesses based on media and create the future of media. In addition, the publication of “Venture Deals”, a must-see for entrepreneurs and investors, will be published on the book label Media Incubate Books.
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In addition, since Hamasaki, the representative, is from Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture (, “Chiba / CHIBA Convalley Concept” (
main/html/rd/p/000000063.000018590.html), aiming to develop industry in Chiba Prefecture and become a hub for the creator economy. Since we value community activities, we are also preparing to establish a company to support integration
( to promote collaboration between future projects. It’s inside. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the following to see what areas we are preparing for launch.
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At the same time, Media Incubate is working on the spread of chief media officers (, and this time, in order to embody it, We will support business promotion while building a community.
There are more than 650 people in the counseling office for
entrepreneurs and managers
(, and active discussions are taking place.
I would like to aim for and implement media updates
( and make efforts that can contribute to the future of media.
[Image 11 Support for programming classes
( Publication plan ( And so on. If you are interested, please register for “Children’s Future Accelerator:” and send us a message.
At Media Incubate, we value community. If you are interested in any part, please feel free to enter.
[Discord Community]
“Business co-creation place for entrepreneurs and managers”:
“Chiba / CHIBA Convalley Concept Council”: “Children’s Future: Continue Supporting Social Entrepreneurs”:
“Next Generation Entrepreneur Spirit: Business Succession Community”:
“Media Future Project: Chief Media Officer”: 【Company Profile】
Company name: Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-4-1 Sadohara-cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 30, 2016 (established 10,000 days after
representative Hamasaki was born)
Representative Director: Masashi Hamasaki ( Email:
Business description 1.: Investment / business development / accelerator: Business content 2.: Business revitalization / business succession / M&A brokerage:
Business content 3.: Regional revitalization / Chiba Convalley:
Business content 4.: Creator support: Business content 5.: Media management:,
Business description 6.: Advertising operation support:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Company name: Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Masami Hamasaki, President and Representative Director Email:

Details about this release:


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