Meiri Liquor Co., Ltd. “Daiginjo Yuki Yozuki” jointly developed by Sekka Lammy and Meiri Liquor will be re leased on December 16th (Friday) at 17:00 on December 16th (Friday) at 17:00. Released from!

Meiri Liquor Co., Ltd.
The special model “Yukiyotsuki Season3 Celebration Model”
commemorating the “IWC2022” Bronze Medal of “Daiginjo Yukiyozuki” jointly developed by Sekka Lammy and Meiri Sake will be released from 17:00 on December 16 (Friday)!

The world’s largest and most authoritative wine and sake competition for Daiginjo Yukiyozuki, jointly developed by Sekka Lammy and Meiri Shurui.
To commemorate the “IWC2022” bronze medal award, a special model “Yukiyotsuki Season3 Celebration Model” only for this time
On sale from 17:00 on Friday, December 16th!
In February 2021, with the full cooperation of Meiri Shurui, VTuber “Rami Yukihana”, who belongs to “Holo Live” operated by Cover Co., Ltd., will realize her dream of “making sake from scratch with her own hands.” Launched “Rami’s Sake Making Project”.
The Japanese sake “Yukiyozuki” released in the same project won a bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge 2022, the world’s largest and most prestigious wine and sake competition held in London in 2022.
This time, to commemorate the award, it is a model that is as close as possible to the world-renowned taste that respects the award-winning lot of last season’s IWC2022.
[Image 1

[About Yukiyozuki Season3 Celebration Model]
A special model only for this time, which started with the idea of ​​”I want to celebrate the bronze medal award of IWC 2022 with everyone.”
Respecting the IWC award-winning lot, Yamada Nishiki and Miyama Nishiki for sake rice, 48% rice polishing ratio, and M310 yeast are followed, and the ideal taste that Yukiyatsuki aims for is “light and dry, yet fruity and gorgeous ginjo aroma”. expressed.
The label is a new design by Riboku Heki, who is loved by Ramy Yukihana. It is an illustration wearing a deep red dress to attend the award ceremony. The outer box also contains a bronze medal certificate that only IWC winners are allowed to wear.
Please enjoy the special snow night moon only this time.
[What is IWC (International Wine Challenge)]
The IWC (International Wine Challenge) is the world’s largest and most authoritative wine and sake competition held annually in London. Since the “SAKE Division” was established in 2007, it has become a gateway to the overseas expansion of sake, and has become the most influential event in the world as a sake examination committee. At IWC 2022, 462 companies and a total of 1,732 brands were entered in 9 categories in the SAKE category, and blind tasting was conducted by a total of 53 judges from 14 countries. ” and won a bronze medal. [Image 2

[About “Rami’s Sake Brewing Project”]
With the full cooperation of Meiri Sake Brewery, a sake brewery that has been around since the Edo period, Rami Yukihana, a 5th generation hololive student, thought out everything from raw rice, rice polishing ratio, yeast, and alcohol content, and made his own in a brewery in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. A completely new and challenging project to make sake by hand.
[Image 3

[About Daiginjo Yukiyozuki]
Based on “Vice Shogun Daiginjo”, which has won the Gold Award 13 times in total at the National New Sake Appraisal, by incorporating Yamada Nishiki into the malted rice and Miyama Nishiki into the rice, it has a light and dry yet fruity and gorgeous ginjo aroma. It is the highest peak Daiginjo that expresses.
Sekka Lammy and Meiri Shurui’s desire is to have even beginners of sake enjoy it and learn about the goodness of sake.
[Image 4

[About Yukiyozuki Season3 Celebration Model -Product details-] ◆Product Name: Yukiyozuki Season3 Celebration Model
◆ Retail price: 1.8L: 12,500 yen / 720ml: 6,000 yen (tax included) ◆ Item: Sake
◆ Alcohol content 17%
◆ Sales start date: December 16, 2022 (Friday) 17:00
*Started selling on the Meiri Sake brand website
[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[About Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd.]
Our corporate vision is to contribute to enriching the lives of people around the world through Japanese sake and food.
A sake brewery that has been around since the Edo period, we manufacture all kinds of alcoholic beverages such as sake, plum wine, shochu, gin, vodka, liqueur, and whiskey, and sell them in Japan and around the world.
[About Hololive Production]
“Holo Live Production” is a VTuber office to which the female VTuber group “Holo Live” and the male VTuber group “Holo Stars” belong, which mainly uses the system of Cover Co., Ltd. to post videos and live distribution on “YouTube”. is.
It is an office that belongs to next-generation virtual talent who can support live distribution and interact on Twitter, and is good at live commentary and distribution using elaborate 2D / 3D character models.

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