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Michisagashi What is your recommended job for HSP? |Questionnaire survey

What are the best jobs for HSPs? |Questionnaire survey

Michisagashi (, an HSP career and career change media, surveyed 100 men and women who found a job that suits them in HSP, “Work suitable for HSP” and “Why do you feel that you are suitable?” We conducted a questionnaire survey on “impressions of those who actually work”.
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■Survey overview
Number of people surveyed: 100 people (20s: 26 people, 30s: 40 people, 40s: 22 people, 50s: 12 people)
Survey target: HSP who found a “suitable job”
Survey period: November 27, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey
*Please use “Michisagashi (” when using this survey.
research report
42 out of 100 people answered “work from home”, and 98 out of 100 answered “yes” to the question “Have you ever wanted to work from home?”
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Based on this result, HSPs tend to choose “work from home” work that can be done alone “.
1st|Home work
Home work was the most common answer as “work suitable for HSP”. Here are some of the reasons why respondents felt it was a good fit: ・Because I can work without interacting with people
・ Because it is a job that can be done quietly
– You can work at your own pace
The impressions of HSPs who are actually working from home are as follows. ・I realized that being able to work from home is the most stress-free. ・Since interaction with other people is minimal, I can work at my own pace. ・I don’t go to work, so I think it’s an advantage that there are no people who yell at me, shout loudly, or shut the door too loudly. ・Because I am sensitive to sounds, people’s expressions, and reactions, I am easily tired and easily hurt, so I felt that a work style that cuts out such an environment as much as possible is suitable.
・Since I can work quietly in my room, it is perfect for me who tends to be worried about my surroundings.
2nd place|Factory work
The second most common was “factory work”. HSP’s motivation for choosing factory work is as follows.
・ I want to get a job
・ I want to work calmly
・I want to master one technique
The impressions of HSP who works in the factory are as follows. ・Because there is little interaction with other people and you can work at your own pace.
・Since I originally liked working silently, I am currently helping with sorting. ・If you learn the manual and concentrate only on the work, you will not feel the unnecessary stress of dealing with people.
3rd place|Administration
The third was “office work”. However, it is a clerical job that “mainly prepares materials and inputs data” with little interaction with customers and people. HSP’s motivation for choosing a clerical job is as follows.
・ I want to make use of prudence and accuracy
・I want to reduce communication
・ I want to work calmly
The impressions of HSP who works in the office are as follows. ・I felt that I was suitable for this job because it didn’t require a lot of communication because it was a job where people worked hard. ・You can do the work of entering carefully and accurately while looking at the input data firmly.
・Because I have a cautious personality, I think that I am suitable because there are few mistakes and failures.
4th place|Work that is close to people
The fourth was “work that is close to people.” The impressions of HSP who works as a counselor are as follows.
・I was able to get a sense of what the other person wanted to say and what kind of response they were looking for, and the consultant gave me a good evaluation.
・There are times when I feel drawn to the negative side of the other person, but I can usually understand the words of those who are worried about me, so I can often say that I am glad that I met you. ・Because there are various environments and personalities of counselors, I think I can be polite and supportive.
5th place|Creator industry
The fifth was “creator business”. The impressions of HSP who works as a programmer are as follows.
・Because I don’t have to deal with people that much, I don’t feel strangely pressured, and I can calm down and work.
・Having friends who know my personality makes it easier to get used to the workplace, and the calm environment has reduced my stress about work.
・Because there is not much interaction with people, and the
environment where you can work in a limited human relationship is perfect for HSP.
What are the best jobs for HSPs? |Questionnaire Survey Summary The most recommended job for HSP was “work from home”.
For HSPs, who are easily influenced by human relationships and the work environment, many of them feel stress when working at a company. A common point of those who answered that home work is “a job suitable for HSP” is that they are looking for a job that can be done alone and does not involve people.
From this, although there is instability in terms of income and social credit, for HSPs, home work is considered to be a “comfortable and compatible job”.
Michisagashi has a problem that HSP is not suitable for office workers (, and a problem that HSP does not keep working ( ) is introduced here.
We will provide high-quality information by getting close to each and every one of you so that you can eliminate the ambiguity of your work and increase your “happiness in life”.

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