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Mimosa Co., Ltd., which provides welfare services during childcare leave, appeared in NewsPicks Studios “Make Money Survive #3”

Mimosa Co., Ltd.
Mimosa Co., Ltd., which provides welfare services during childcare leave, appeared in NewsPicks Studios “Make Money Survive #3”
Mimosa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Tomomi Nishida, hereinafter referred to as our company) is a social economic media NewsPicks, in the pitch program “Make Money Survive # 3” of “NewsPicks Studios” that produces next-generation video content. Nishida, the representative, has appeared, so I will let you know.
 In “Make Money Survive”, six entrepreneurs who develop businesses in various fields will have a pitch battle based on their business models, services, and thoughts about their businesses. A popular regular distribution program in which the two winners of the pitch battle are given the right to make a presentation with investment from four investors: Takafumi Horie, Hidetoshi Takano, Shuji Tanaka, and Mariko Yazawa. is.
Our representative, Nishida, appeared as an entrepreneur who provides “a new service that connects companies and people on childcare leave.” Overview of “Make Money Survive #3”
Delivery date: Saturday, December 24, 2022
Overview of our service “Pair Care”
Through our service “Pair Care”, we provide various services to employees who are on childcare leave as part of the company’s welfare program. This service was born from feedback from employees who took childcare leave, such as “I wanted this kind of service” and “I was happy to have this”. , with the aim of supporting a smooth return to work and making satisfying career choices.
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Profile of Tomomi Nishida
[Image 2d98755-6-23f9b14c3ca248cae699-2.jpg&s3=98755-6-6ea5d33278af535852542b4ecaa7bf27-611x810.jpg
Joined a financial institution as a new graduate, engaged in recruiting new graduates in the human resources department, and was involved in interviews with a total of over 3,000 people. Feeling the need to utilize female human resources, she led the establishment of the Office for Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement. After joining a major human resources company in 2015, he was engaged in a sales position involved in recruiting and training human resources for a leading Japanese company. Received the commendation from the management department within three months of joining the company, and also received the commendation from the management department for the full year.
 From 2018, I took maternity leave and gave birth to my first child in April 2019. After returning to work, despite being assigned to a department where hard work is the norm and there are no working mothers, she recorded high achievements for the whole year. Received many departmental awards.
Founded Mimosa Co., Ltd. after experiencing various conflicts and loneliness as a career-oriented working mom during childcare leave and knowing that there were many women with similar concerns. Currently, while raising children, she works full-time at a major recruitment company and serves as the CEO of Mimosa Co., Ltd.
Company name: Mimosa Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Tomomi Nishida
Inquiries from companies regarding our services, etc.
Mimosa Co., Ltd. Contact: Fukuda

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