“Miwa Nyumen” is now available in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of somen!

Sakurai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“Miwa Nyumen” is now available in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of somen!
Miwa Nyumen, a New Winter Specialty in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture
A new product, “Miwa Nyumen,” was born in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of somen noodles. Nyumen is a local dish that originated in Nara Prefecture, where somen is eaten with hot soup stock. Among Sakurai City’s specialty products, “Hinemono”, which has been manufactured for more than a year, is used to make the noodles stronger, and you can enjoy the texture and smoothness.
The Sakurai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Location: Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, Chairman: Tatsuro Fukui) has developed “Miwa Nyumen” as a new product for Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of somen, together with businesses in Sakurai City. At the same time, we provided package design support to business operators for the purpose of adding value to products and developing sales channels. Products using “Miwa Nyumen” will be released sequentially by each business operator.
Miwa Nyumen Promotional Video
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We created the “Miwa Nyumen Map” so that visitors to Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture can enjoy Miwa Nyumen noodles, so please use it when you visit.
[Image 1

Miwa Nyumen Map
Map URL: https://cdn.goope.jp/195458/221209100934-63928ace780bf.pdf “Miwa Nyumen” new product
■ Miwa Somen Matsuda Co., Ltd. Late-night nyumen for students taking exams [Image 2

A product that narrows down the winter sales target of Miwa Somen to “exam students”. I designed a lucky daruma doll with the wish that you can warm up your body and survive the exam by making it a nyumen. Please make it a heartwarming nyumen as a late-night snack for students preparing for exams. Do your best to study for exams with “Sakura Somen” with cherry blossoms kneaded into it!
Product name: Night snack Nyumen exclusively for exam students Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
Capacity: 400g (50g x 8 bundles)
Sales location: Rakuten Ichiba https://item.rakuten.co.jp/yamamatsu/jkn1/ Company HP: https://www.soumen-matsuda.co.jp/
Product inquiries: Miwa Somen Matsuda Co., Ltd. 0744-43-6757 ■ Miwa Somen Minami Nyumen Set Hokuyo
[Image 3

The package expresses the manufacturer’s desire to “eat good things” by sticking to domestic wheat, which is difficult to handle. We proposed a new way to eat Miwa somen by selling it as “Nyumen” that is easy to pick up even in winter.
Hokuho was born by blending two types of carefully selected Hokkaido wheat. We use antiques (hinemono) that have been aged for more than a year, which is ideal for Nyumen. Somen noodles are characterized by their chewy texture.
Product name: Nyumen set Hokuho
Price: 1,782 yen (tax included)
Sold at: Miwa Somen Minami (1313 Shiba, Sakurai City)
Company HP: https://www.miwasoumen.com/
Product inquiries: Miwa Somen Minami 0744-42-5008
We also worked on new product development for products other than Miwa Nyumen through the design brush-up support project.
■ Persimmon Leaf Sushi Torase Grilled Mackerel Sushi
[Image 4

Persimmon Leaf Sushi Torase manufactures and sells persimmon leaf sushi in Kurotaki Village, a land of clear streams, and on the approach to Hasedera Temple. We use rice from Nara Prefecture and domestic mackerel for our sushi. The grilled mackerel sushi uses large mackerel, and is full of fat and filling. The sushi rice contains perilla leaves, sesame seeds, and ginger, making it a perfect match. Satisfaction guaranteed! We changed the package to a bright color so that younger generation customers can pick it up. Designed with colorful flowers, it expresses the four seasons of Hatsuse.
Product name: Grilled mackerel sushi
Price: 1,450 yen (tax included)
Capacity: 430g
Sales location (address): Persimmon Leaf Sushi Torase (751-2 Hatsuse, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture)
Access: 15-minute walk from Kintetsu Hasedera Station
Company HP: http://www.kakinoha.jp/
Inquiries about products: Kakinoha Sushi Takerase Email:
shop@kakinoha.jp Phone: 0744-47-8288
■ Nara Foods Co., Ltd. Harusame for Ebisu domestic hot pot
[Image 5

Harusame is thicker than regular vermicelli and has a crunchy texture. Resized so that it can be used up in a small amount compared to previous products. Harusame uses a rare craft package to add cuteness that is easy for women to pick up.
Product name: Harusame for Ebisu hot pot
Price: 378 yen (tax included)
Capacity: 70g
Sales location (address): Nara Foods Co., Ltd. (448 Wakimoto, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture)
Access: 10 minutes walk from Kintetsu Yamato Asakura Station Company HP: http://nara-shokuhin.com/
Product inquiries: Nara Foods Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0744-42-4396 About the design brush-up support project
The design brush-up support project is a project to improve the product power with the aim of developing sales channels with the sales channel coordinator, designers, and management instructors of the Chamber of Commerce. By reconsidering the target and sales
destination, and changing the “design” such as product resizing, package design, and expiration date, we will add value to the product and improve the success rate of market development and the management power of the business establishment. .
● Sakurai City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Contact: Sawazaki TEL 0744-43-0131 (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)

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