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“Monocon 2022” × Baluko Laundry Place

OKULAB Co., Ltd.
“Monocon 2022” × Baluko Laundry Place
Selected “Coin Laundry Writer Debut Award” at’s annual contest “Monocon 2022” that gave birth to YOASOBI

Baluko Laundry Place operated by OKULAB Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO Jun Kubota / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “OKULAB”), which proposes a new lifestyle through laundry services, is operated by Sony Music Entertainment Inc. We have selected the “Baluko Laundry Place Coin Laundry Writer Debut Award” at “Monocon 2022” sponsored by “”, a “story entertainment platform that everyone can play with”.
[Image 1d26908-80-16616c8ee9614f72a7a1-0.jpg&s3=26908-80-df9763c1d9f4d6667646efb946f07d63-1040x780.jpg
Among the many entries with the theme of “One Night at the
Laundromat”, the grand prize was “Mugravity Rendezvous” (authored by Karomage), the excellence prize was “Sheep and Lemonade” (authored by Mugi Itono), and “Night at Night”. Water Tank (Author: Sai Izumi)” and “Coin Laundry Rep (Author: Koromochi)” were selected.
In addition, from 12/2, we will distribute pamphlets that allow you to read the grand prize works at each store in Baluko Laundry Place. ■ Distribution location
Baluko Laundry Place Stores nationwide
*Some stores do not carry this item.
■ Distribution format
free of charge
Balco Laundry Place will continue to provide a richer lifestyle as well as clean laundry.
[Image 2d26908-80-d5dc1811136e520a9f85-2.png&s3=26908-80-8884b98718988992565430fc0919ba80-1764x301.png
A story entertainment platform operated by Sony Music Entertainment Inc. that everyone can play. You can freely post a “story” to the “theme” that is given every day, and you can play with various reactions such as adding illustrations and comments to it. From the past contests, the unit “YOASOBI”, which “turns novels into music”, appeared in Kouhaku last year. Many of his works have been developed not only as music, but also as various entertainment works such as novel collections, comicalization, images, and audio dramas. Your work may take unexpected forms, such as books, music, and videos…! ? About: Baluko Laundry Place
[Image 3d26908-80-42ab3684de3128f0d200-3.png&s3=26908-80-cd6719a2bd92db17c2e26f3f24399aec-300x179.png
Balco Laundry Place is a laundry that proposes a “new laundry style” with self-laundry, cleaning, laundry service, and cafe. We are developing original detergents and courses so that you can wash and care for each laundry in the optimal way.
Barco’s goal of “laundry” is not only to wash clothes cleanly, but also to create a positive mental movement. Not only will you be satisfied with the wash, but you will also feel comfortable while waiting.
-From laundry you have to do to things you want to do-

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