Monozukuri Ventures investee BRELYON to exhibit at CES 2023

Monozukuri Ventures Inc.
Monozukuri Ventures investee BRELYON to exhibit at CES 2023
BRELYON, a provider of immersive panoramic display products, will exhibit at CES 2023.

Monozukuri Ventures Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City and New York City, USA; CEO: Narimasa Makino), which operates a VC fund
specializing in hardware startups, invested in BRELYON Inc.
(Headquarters: California, USA; CEO: We are pleased to announce that Barmak Heshmat, hereinafter “BRELYON”) will be exhibiting at “CES 2023”.
BRELYON is developing a next-generation display that can realize VR environments such as e-sports and metaverse with an immersive panoramic display. In a VR environment, the goodness of a product cannot be conveyed until you actually experience it. If you are attending CES 2023, please stop by the BRELYON booth at the Eureka Park exhibition hall (in Tech West Venetian Expo) where startup products are gathered.
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Introduction of BRELYON
BRELYON is a startup established in 2019 that develops next-generation immersive panoramic displays that do not require headsets (goggles). Founder from MIT Media Lab founded the company based on his own research results.
BRELYON’s display is currently attracting attention in the United States, including being selected as one of “The 100 greatest innovations of 2022″*1 by Popular Science magazine in November 2022. The primary way users receive visual information from their computer is through a PC monitor or VR headset. However, images on PC monitors are flat, and to secure a sufficient working area, multiple monitors and a large space are required. And while VR headsets provide ample working space and immersion, they are heavy, strain your eyes, and completely isolate you from your surroundings.
BRELYON realizes panoramic images with depth through its unique SLET technology (superconic light-field expansion technology) and depth modulation technology. This gives you the immersive experience of a VR headset, but with the speed and resolution of a desktop. The immersive display offers a wide viewing angle of 101 degrees and a screen size of 122 inches in one compact monitor. The product targets users who need multiple monitors and immersion, such as esports athletes, financial traders, and creators. In addition, BRELYON’s core technology, depth modulation technology, can be licensed to industries that require 3D and multifocal visualization, such as aviation, automotive, entertainment, and medical.
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Image of products provided by BRELYON
Overview of BRELYON exhibition at CES2023
CES (Consumer Electronics Show)*2 is a trade fair for digital equipment held in the United States every January. Companies from all over the world will exhibit, and many products such as new products and prototypes will be exhibited. In 2023, it will be held in Las Vegas and online from January 5th to 8th.
BRELYON exhibition locations are as follows.
[Location] Tech West / Venetian Expo Hall G Eureka Park 61514 [Image 3d76450-32-b873e997f3899a1f956c-2.jpg&s3=76450-32-b806edba129bbb28aa30a3e95a1afa0b-2524x1703.jpg
If you are interested in Japanese companies and media, please drop by! We look forward to seeing you there.
*1 *2
About Brelyon Inc.
Founded: 2019
Location: California, USA
CEO: Barmak Heshmat
Business: Development and sales of immersive displays
About Monozukuri Ventures
Monozukuri Ventures Co., Ltd. is a Kyoto and New York-based company that operates VC funds for hardware startups and provides technical consulting on hardware prototyping and manufacturing.
In January 2020, Darma Tech Labs Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City), which operates Makers Boot Camp, and FabFoundry, Inc. (New York City) were launched by combining the management resources of the two companies to support hardware and startups. did. So far, we have invested in 55 hardware startups in Japan and the US (24 in Japan, 31 in the US). We also support more than 150 prototype projects, mainly for start-up companies.
(All figures are as of early December 2022)
*Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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