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More than 1,000 registrants of Fukuoka City’s stay support web app “Waf Pass” ━━ From the beginning of the y ear, limited benefits such as “group discount” and “creators WEEK” will be expanded

Fukuoka City
More than 1,000 registrants of Fukuoka City’s stay support web app “Waf Pass” ━━ From the beginning of the year, limited benefits such as “group discount” and “creators WEEK” will be expanded
The use of long-term stays has also increased with the tailwind of nationwide travel support. User averages 2.6 nights

The Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau and Fukuoka City are pleased to announce that the number of registrants for the city’s stay support web application, “Waf Pass,” has exceeded 1,000. In light of the growing demand for “new ways of working and resting” while staying in Fukuoka City, from the beginning of the year, we will hold a “group subsidy” to support visits by multiple people, and an event “Creator” to support the workation of creators. We will continue to support the stays of people visiting Fukuoka in 2023 by expanding our efforts such as “Fukuoka’s WEEK”.
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The stay support web app Waffpass ( can be used by anyone with no registration or installation required, just by registering as a member. This service is provided for people who want to enjoy their stay in Fukuoka more deeply, such as long-term stays through workation*1, business trips, repeat visits, city tours, etc. You can receive discounts and other benefits by presenting your pass at Plan and Tabinaka, and 115 special benefits and services are listed*2.
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Waf Pass (free, no installation required)
■ Top 5 popular benefits and accommodation plans *3
1. Share cycle “Charichari” 90 yen ride ticket x 6
2. “Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu / Tokyu REI Hotel” fixed-price
subscription plan, etc.
3. “Star Flyer” limited coupon
4. Airport ⇔ Hotel Same-day baggage delivery “Kagopass” discount 5. “INN THE PARK FUKUOKA” 1 free drink
In Fukuoka City, where there are many short-term stays (1.3 nights on average) due to business trips, the average number of nights spent by WafPass users has reached 2.6 days, contributing to longer stays through the use of the pass.
42% of users live in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba), and this service is supported mainly by users who are working on “new work styles” such as constant telework. .
In light of the high percentage of female users visiting the site, we are also working to expand benefits in collaboration with spas and hair salons, and will continue to improve services and functions based on actual usage.
■ Start in 2023 Privilege 1.: “Group discount” built-in product that supports up to 30,000 yen for city transportation expenses for groups of 4 or more people
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IWA Tours (, a travel agency in Fukuoka City, offers a maximum transportation fee for groups of four or more adults who are planning to stay in Fukuoka. We will sell travel products that incorporate group subsidies
( that support 30,000 yen *4.
The target group is a group of 4 or more adults, and those who plan to work in Fukuoka City (including telework) and stay for one night or more. Arrangements can be made according to your needs, such as booking together with your accommodation, as well as booking with transportation to Fukuoka (airplane, Shinkansen, etc.). If you are considering using this service, please contact us using the
information below.
Group subsidized travel product reception: I W A Tour Co., Ltd. (IWA Tours) (TEL: 092-260-8805|MAIL: Contact: Mr. Senoo) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Please take advantage of our group subsidy-inclusive travel products that minimize the application process and procedures.
By promoting Fukuoka city tours, we support business trips for multiple people, group work (team building, business development, training, development camps, meetings, etc.), so it can be used by companies and organizations. Of course, it is also applicable to group circles across companies and individual group use among freelancers. “Wafpass” also accepts individual applications for “group discount” other than built-in travel products. Please feel free to use it. ■ 2023 start privilege 2.: 18-day “Creator’s WEEK in Fukuoka” to support creators who want to work in a different environment with a variety of benefits
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From February 19th (Sun) to March 8th (Wed), 2023, Fukuoka City, which advocates an “engineer-friendly city,” will support creators (engineers, designers, etc.) living outside Fukuoka Prefecture. WEEK in Fukuoka” will be held in various parts of the city based at the engineer cafe (1-15-30 Tenjin, Chuo-ku) in the center of the city. Engineers who participated in this initiative, which was trialed this fall, commented, “New encounters were born in Fukuoka,” “The large 4K monitor and high-speed Wi-Fi at the engineer cafe are amazing,” and “I can go to the food stalls and saunas during my free time.” It has received many favorable comments such as “Kara fresh”, and this time it will be held again with a new look.
Use and participation in any of these benefits is voluntary, but in order to participate in this program, pre-registration through Peatix ( Program check-in is required at the “Engineer Cafe” in the center. Please check Peatix for details. Among those who participated in Creators WEEK in Fukuoka and responded to the questionnaire, one person will be selected by lottery to receive a high-performance compact keyboard, Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB | jp/ | Provided by: PFU Co., Ltd.) will be given as a gift. Please take advantage of the following benefits and enjoy your stay in Fukuoka.
[Creators WEEK in Fukuoka, main benefits]
A popular hotel in the city offers a limited-time “Creator
Accommodation Discount”
Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu, which is located in the center of Fukuoka City and is popular with workhorses, offers a special discount accommodation plan for participants only during the period of “Creator’s WEEK in Fukuoka”. Participants can stay for 7,000 yen (including tax and accommodation tax of 200 yen, plus 10,000 yen for Saturday nights), which is a discount of 60% or more from the basic rate. *Check-ins from February 23 to 25 are excluded days, and this plan will not be sold.
Those who are eligible for nationwide travel support (those who can be vaccinated for the third time or who can present a negative
certificate such as a PCR test) will receive a further discount (20% OFF) from this special price. It will be possible to stay for a workcation in Fukuoka.
This plan can only be purchased from Fukuoka City’s stay support web app, Waff Pass ( Please make use of it for your visit during this period.
[Image 5d104588-3-fe467b66ccef14a3e61f-4.jpg&s3=104588-3-68f7734fae2427e179c4f3bc22b50106-750x269.jpg
Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu
During the period, the popular coworking space is also “creator co-work discount”
During “Creators WEEK in Fukuoka”, creators can use the following two coworking facilities with preferential treatment. In addition to free priority use of the engineer cafe (top photo) in the city center (Tenjin), the popular salt overlooking the sea (bottom photo) is half price (available on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00. Usually 2,200 yen (tax included). / day → 1,100 yen / day for participants of this program). There is no limit to the number of days you can use both facilities.
[Image 6d104588-3-aa016e42af120bf3f785-6.jpg&s3=104588-3-29b297bb86d623c24ec180bd3d0d5cf4-750x500.jpg
Akarenga Cultural Center
The Engineer Cafe is located in the Akarenga Bunkakan, a national important cultural property located in the center of the city. The museum is equipped with facilities ideal for creation, such as large displays, 3D printers, and meeting spaces that can be used free of charge. With the slogan, “Engineers first. A place where diverse people and skills meet,” this facility was created to enable radical challenges and expand the range of skills. It will be a check-in point for everyone participating during the “Creators WEEK in Fukuoka” period. *Cannot be used on February 27 (Monday) as the museum is closed.

[Image 7d104588-3-e3af3a27a7944d8a36f2-16.jpg&s3=104588-3-c96ac9143fa472578ed5c56a93aa03a2-3900x2925.jpg
SALT is a coastal co-working space located in Imajuku, Nishi Ward, about 20 minutes by train from the city center. You can use the space according to the number of people and the purpose of use, such as free address seats, fixed seats, small offices, event spaces, etc. It is also possible to use it for a long time while staying at a partner accommodation nearby. During the period of “Creators WEEK in Fukuoka”, program participants who have applied in advance can use it at half price (available on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00. Normally 2,200 yen (tax included) / day → 1,100 yen / day). Is possible. If you wish to use it, you will need to reserve a seat in advance.
A company in Fukuoka that wants to connect with creators opens its office! “Creators Meet Up Office”
Creator support companies in Fukuoka City will also strongly support “Creator’s WEEK in Fukuoka”. Companies that are willing to interact with people who have ideas that they want to “hit the wall” or people who want to connect with companies in Fukui even casually will open their offices as workspaces for creators. .
One of them is Catchup Co., Ltd. (, which develops web systems that help solve business problems and is an official support company for the open source domestic CMS “baserCMS”. The offices of both companies (pictured), located in Daimyo, the center of Fukuoka City, are lined with stylish cafes, restaurants, second-hand clothes, and galleries. Recommended for anyone.
[Image 8d104588-3-7dcf06b471a64d2fb283-18.png&s3=104588-3-7946d7a54b45150c4e017ff5935a3fe1-3900x1463.png
Catch-up office (left) and LOVOT (right)
Additional companies may participate in this program. Additional information will be announced on Peatix
(, which is also the registration page for this program.
Receive a 2,200 yen “food stall ticket” that can be used at 15 food stalls in the city
During the period, creators who visit the “Engineer Cafe” and complete the program check-in will receive a “Hakata Stall Ticket” where you can enjoy a meal worth a total of 2,200 yen at 15 stalls in the city. ” will be presented.
[Image 9d104588-3-cffc0e95b4a94083957d-8.jpg&s3=104588-3-0837188ccf77475003e7274b3c4672d5-750x417.jpg
This common ticket (1,100 yen per ticket) can be used at 15 affiliated food stalls. With this ticket, you can enjoy Hakata Yatai without worrying about the price or where to go. For details such as target stores, please see the official page of “Hakata Yatai Ticket” (
In addition, creators WEEK in Fukuoka has plenty of benefits! Many other benefits are available for participants of Creators WEEK in Fukuoka. The latest information will be announced on Peatix
(, which is also the registration page for the program (participation in any program is voluntary). ● One free welcome drink upon check-in at the Engineer Cafe
●“Creator social gathering” where staying creators can interact casually while drinking
●Immigration/multi-site life consultation desk
Fuku (Heart) Koi Matching Event
In the coming year 2023, Fukuoka City will continue to actively support our customers’ stays through the stay support web application “Waf Pass” and the various programs mentioned above. Please consider using it.
*1 A coined word combining “work” and “vacation.” Refers to enjoying leisure while working by utilizing telework, etc.
*2 As of the date of announcement. The number of publications and contents will be added in the future. Benefits and usage conditions are subject to change without notice due to the convenience of each business operator.
*3 As of the date of announcement. We counted WafPass benefits (number of uses) and accommodation plans (number of nights used) in descending order. In addition, 3. “Star Flyer” limited coupons have been discontinued.
*4 Other travel agencies may also sell travel products that
incorporate group subsidies.

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