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Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. The second campaign has been urgently decided in response to the expectations of “Palm Yogibo”, which feels like “Palm”!

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
The 2nd campaign is urgently decided in response to the expectations of “Palm Yogibo” with a “like Palm” feel!
Twitter Trend No. 1 * 1 Acquisition! Palm x Yogibo’s super unique collaboration that has become a hot topic!

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. will start the second “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign on December 12 (Monday) at 7:00.
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Morinaga Milk Industry’s high-quality ice cream “PARM” for adults that melts at the same time with a good-melting coating and smooth ice cream has developed a magical sofa “Yogibo” that is too comfortable to move. In collaboration with Yogibo Co., Ltd. (Osaka head office, representative: Seiji Kimura / hereinafter referred to as Yogibo), we developed “Palm Yogibo” with a “just like Palm” touch. On October 24th (Monday), a gift campaign was held on Twitter and a lottery was held to win “#Palm Yogibo” for 10 people. It has become a campaign to receive. And this time, in response to everyone’s voices saying “I can’t give up…” and “I really want it…”, I decided to implement the second campaign in a hurry. The second Twitter campaign will start at 7:00 on Monday, December 12th, where 70 people, more than the previous time, will win “#Palm Yogibo” by lottery.
*1 On October 24, 2022, the word “Palm Yogibo” temporarily won first place in Twitter Japan’s trend word ranking.
■ Response to the first “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign
1. Acquired 1st place in Twitter trend * 1 in just 2 hours from the start of the campaign
In the first “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign, it won the 1st place in the Twitter trend * 1 in just 2 hours from the start of the campaign. The number of posts on Twitter for “#Palm Yogibo” has reached more than 100,000 in total, and various opinions such as “I definitely want it”, “I want to sit on Palm Yogibo and eat Palm”, and “Amazing impact” have been posted on Twitter. overflowed.
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2. More than 70,000 people applied for the campaign, and the threat multiplier is more than 7,000 times
Among the 10 winners, the total number of applications for the first “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign exceeded 70,000. It became a big hit campaign with a magnification of over 7,000 times. If you hit “Palm Yogibo”, you may be a very lucky owner.
3. Voices of “I can’t give up…” even after the campaign is over This is the first “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign that started on October 24th (Monday), but even after the winners were announced, “I want too much Palm Yogibo and it hurts every day.” “I lost, but I can’t give up on ‘Palm Yogi Bo’. ”, Many voices craving for “Palm Yogibo” were received.
In response to such customer feedback, Morinaga Milk Industry and Yogibo decided to implement the second campaign in a hurry. And with the cooperation of Yogibo, we were able to prepare “#Palm Yogibo” for 70 people, which is more than last time.
■ “Palm Yogibo” where you can experience the blissful softness of “Just like Palm”
“Palm Yogibo” retains the melt-in-your-mouth softness of “Yogibo,” while adopting the familiar “PARM” red package for its design. Not only the front design, but also the ingredients list and bar code on the back side, and the knob used when opening the package, the appearance of “PARM” has been completely reproduced. If you ride this “Palm Yogibo” and eat “PARM”, you will definitely feel the blissful softness.
About 1,650 pieces of PARM
[Image 4

Experience the softness of bliss with your whole body
[Image 5

Complete reproduction up to the ingredient display on the back side [Image 6

When you open the zipper, there is chocolate…! ?
[Image 7

Excellent touch feeling
[Image 8

Huge size that of course does not fit in the freezer
[Image 9

*Box not included
[Image 10

■ Commitment to softness of “PARM” and “Yogibo”
We approached the commitment to the soft texture and feel of the collaboration “PARM” and “Yogibo”. The softness of “PARM” is designed so that the chocolate, which is controlled to melt at body
temperature, and the dense “ice cream” grade ice cream, which contains more than 8% milk fat, melt slowly. realized by We are also conducting research to pursue a moist and soft texture.
The softness of “Yogibo” is achieved by designing it to fit perfectly no matter which direction you sit using a new technology patented in the United States.
■ Overview of the second “#Palm Yogibo” gift campaign
For more information on the campaign, please visit the campaign site and the official “PARM” Twitter account.
You can check it on the official Yogibo Japan Twitter account. ■ Campaign name: “#Palm Yogibo” Twitter gift campaign 2nd
Campaign period: December 12, 2022 (Monday) 7:00 to December 18, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59
■Application conditions: You can apply for the campaign by following the “PARM” official Twitter account (@parm_icecream) and the Yogibo Japan (@yogibo Japan) official Twitter account (@yogibojapan) and RTing the tweets targeted for the campaign. In addition, if you tweet with the hashtag “#Palm Yogibo” (regardless of tweet, quote tweet, reply), the winning probability will be doubled. In addition, regardless of the number of tweets during the period, we will draw a lottery under the uniform winning probability UP condition.
■ Prize: 1 Palm Yogibo
■ Number of winners: 70 people
* “Palm Yogibo” is a campaign item and is not scheduled for sale. ■ About “PARM”
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