MORISAKI WIN will hold their first Christmas live at COTTON CLUB! Captivate the audience with a special set list!

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MORISAKI WIN will hold their first Christmas live at COTTON CLUB! Captivate the audience with a special set list!


MORISAKI WIN held MORISAKI WIN ACOUSTIC LIVE “CHRIS’s CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE 2022” at COTTON CLUB in Tokyo on December 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun).
Morisaki Win is not only an artist, but has also starred in many stage performances such as the musical “SPY x FAMILY”. This performance is a trio formation of band master Genji Miyano (Pf, Gt), Yuma Takemiya (Ba), and Kaoru Yufu (Ds), looking back on the past year, focusing on cover songs performed on TV and on stage. As an acoustic live performance, three performances were held on December 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun). This report will deliver the pattern of the on the 18th (Sun).
When it was time for the show to start, a pin spot hit the back of the audience, and WIN in a suit appeared with a wine glass in one hand. WIN walks up close to the audience, who cries in surprise and applauds with joy as they head to the stage. The live started sweetly and romantically with a special “Christmas Medley” that added
“Christmastime”. As the claps erupted from the beginning, WIN said, “Are you ready to have fun? Please follow me slowly until the end,” to the accompaniment of “Jingle Bells” arranged in jazz. When she sang her debut song “PARADE” released in July in a funky way while sitting on a chair and swinging, the audience waved her hands slightly left and right in tune with the nightclub, and saw the stars flying across the night sky on her chest. drew
After exchanging a toast with the audience at the first MC, he said, “This year I have been involved in music more than last year, such as musicals, events, and appearances on music programs.” “I want to make it a live performance that looks back on 2022,” he continued. First of all, I sang the theme song of the movie “Caribbean Hot Night” on NHK BS Premium “Movie music is wonderful!” SINGIN’IN THE RAIN” is a song in the play of the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen”, which was also made into a movie, with a sad singing voice and light humming. In the pop want song “Waving Through A Window” that he sang, he delivered a powerful singing voice that resembled the cry of his heart. From the main character Evan’s muttering to himself, the emotion builds up little by little, and the dynamic narration that overflows with the thoughts hidden in the depths of the heart is hard to see in a one-man live that focuses on original songs. It was a performance that made you feel the story and character of a musical actor.
Furthermore, Miki Matsubara, who sparked the world-famous Japanese city pop boom, said, “I was able to touch the old songs that have never faded, and once again felt the fun of the history of music.” ~ stay with me” and the theme song of the movie “Titanic”, she covered the female singer’s famous songs such as Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with a loud and smooth singing voice. The former is the program “SONGS OF TOKYO” broadcasted on NHK General and NHK WORLD TV that conveys the appeal of Japanese music overseas. A song sung with the group in the background. The following “Fly Me to the Moon” is also the screen music sung at the above-mentioned concert, and is a jazz standard number. It was impressive that he pointed his finger at the audience and said -I Love You- and sang with a really happy smile. Then, the jazz-arranged “Wonderland” shook the floor comfortably with the ensemble of the piano trio. He called out to the audience, “Will you stay next to me?” Starting with Christmas songs, singing movie music, musical numbers and standard numbers that have been loved over time, and finally continuing with two original songs, the stage that became the culmination of music activities in 2022 has reached a big circle.
Then, in response to the endless applause, an encore was realized. Revealing that she received a call from her grandmother, who lives in her home country of Myanmar, on the morning of this day, she sang “Grandma’s Words”, a self-composed song she composed in 2017 to sing in the drama starring Myanmar, in a gentle way. . In the spring tour, it was played with an acoustic guitar, but in this performance, it was played with a piano, and it was a culmination of 2022 that
demonstrated various charms with different concepts and formations for each performance, such as dance, big band, and jazz trio. I closed the stage.
◆ COTTON CLUB Performance Overview
open 5:30pm / start 7:00pm
Sunday, December 18th
[] open 2:15pm / start 3:45pm
[] open 5:30pm / start 7:00pm”
■ Set list
1, Christmas Medley
(Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ~ Wonderful Christmastime ~ Frosty the Snowman)
2, Parade – PARADE
3, Take A Look At Me Now
5, Waving Through A Window
6, Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me
7, My Heart Will Go On
8, Fly Me to the Moon
9, Wonderland
10, My Place, Your Place
EC1, Grandma’s Words

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Morisaki Win
Date of Birth: August 20, 1990
Born and raised in Myanmar, he came to Japan when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school.
Joined the dance vocal unit in 2008 and is in charge of the main vocals. While playing various roles as an actor, he was selected as a major cast in Steven Spielberg’s new work “Ready Player One” released in 2018 and made his Hollywood debut. Since then, he has appeared in many movies and dramas, and in 2020, he won the 43rd Japan Academy Award New Actor Award for the movie “Honeybee and Far Thunder”. Received the Best Newcomer-Actor Award at the ASIA CONTENTS AWARDS of the Busan International Film Festival 2021 for the serial drama “Majime no Shirushi”, in which he starred. The movie version was selected for the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival “Official Selection 2020”.
Also in the world of musicals, he was in charge of dubbing the role of Mistfelize in the movie version of “Cats” (released in Japan in 2020). In addition to starring Tony in the 2020 musical “West Side Story” Season 2, and playing the lead Jamie in the 2021 musical “Jamie” (21), in the masterpiece of the Broadway musical scheduled to be held at the Tokyu Theater Orb in 2022. In 2023, he played the role of Lloyd in the musical “SPY x FAMILY”.
In 2020, he will make his major debut on July 1st at “PARADE” as an entertainer “MORISAKI WIN” who will send out to the world from Asia. “Parade – PARADE” was used as the CM song for Suzuki Solio Bandit, and became a hot topic as it topped the music distribution charts. On May 26th, they released their 1st album “Flight” and won 1st place on 5 music distribution services. In 2022, while releasing singles featuring overseas writers who are conscious of the world, he will also be in charge of the theme song of “Bakutaro Sentai Don Brothers”, and he will also attract a wide range of activities as an artist. In addition, since 2018, he has served as a tourism ambassador in his home country of Myanmar, and has appeared in many dramas and commercials locally, boasting an overwhelming name recognition.

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