Morozoff Co., Ltd. ★2023 Morozoff’s Valentine ★Collaboration brand with Volkswagen “Beetle” is here!

Morozoff Co., Ltd.
★ 2023 Morozoff’s Valentine ★ Introducing a collaboration brand with Volkswagen “Beetle”!
2023 Morozov’s Valentine

In 1932, Morozoff Co., Ltd. (Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) introduced the style of giving chocolates to Valentine for the first time in Japan.
We will continue to sell the collaboration brand with the popular Volkswagen “Beetle” every year in 2023. We will renew the design and develop a lineup with new products.
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Available stores: Morozoff stores nationwide / Valentine event space / Morozoff online shop
*May not be available at some stores.
Deployment period: From early January 2023 *The deployment period varies depending on the store.
An adult’s dream begins to run.
Model representing Volkswagen, commonly known as “Beetle”.
With its sophisticated loveliness, it is still popular with both men and women even after about 70 years.
The chocolate brand “Beetle” is a collaboration between Beetle and Morozoff. In 2023, a new product “Two Types Assortment” will appear. No foreign liquor is used, so anyone can enjoy it.
Two Types Assortment
2,484 yen with 7 pieces (main unit price: 2,300 yen)
A Beetle (Type 1) and a bus (Type 2) based on it are lined up next to each other, and the way the tires overlap perfectly is expressed with cookies and chocolate.
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Two Types Assortment
★Morozoff online shop only★
Meeting Bus NE -Meeting Bus NE-
13 pieces 2,160 yen (body price: 2,000 yen)
A meeting bus with an online shop limited minicar. The cute monotone minicar is the first pick-up type.
[Image 3

Meeting Bus NE -Meeting Bus NE-
★Morozoff online shop only★
Diorama Beetle
162g (1 piece) 1,620 yen (body price: 1,500 yen)
When you open the lid, a unique box that spreads out over the streets where the Beetle and buses come and go. It is a tablet plain chocolate with the image of an elaborate diorama.
[Image 4

Diorama Beetle
Sweet Beetle – Sweet Beetle –
A box inspired by a leather trunk, with a luxurious assortment of original chocolates, including miniature beetle-shaped chocolates. 4,536 yen with 18 pieces (main unit price: 4,200 yen)
[Image 5

Sweet Beetle – Sweet Beetle – 18 pieces 4,536 yen (body price: 4,200 yen) 2,916 yen with 13 pieces (main unit price: 2,700 yen)
[Image 6

Sweet Beetle – 13 pieces for 2,916 yen (main unit price: 2,700 yen) Toolkit (R) – Toolkit –
12 pieces 1,620 yen (body price: 1,500 yen)
An assortment of original cans with the motif of the “tool box” installed in the front trunk of the Beetle. The color of the can is navy, which is the first appearance.
[Image 7

Toolkit (R) – Toolkit –
Travel Beetle – Travel Beetle –
2,484 yen with 11 pieces (main unit price: 2,300 yen)
A box inspired by a beetle or a bus on a journey. The rear carrier and minicar with a trunk are cute from behind.
[Image 8

Travel Beetle – Travel Beetle –
Beachside Beetle – Beachside Beetle –
2,484 yen with 12 pieces (main unit price: 2,300 yen)
An assortment inspired by the beetles and buses that gather along the coast of California. The surfboard-shaped chocolate has an original design.
[Image 9

Beachside Beetle – Beachside Beetle –
Pickup Beetle- Pickup Beetle-
72g (14 pieces) 2,160 yen (body price: 2,000 yen)
A plate-shaped chocolate with a beetle silhouette that you can pick up one by one from 5 flavors and enjoy.
[Image 10

Meeting Bus -Meeting Bus-
Touring Bus – Touring Bus –
Assorted Volkswagen Type 2 (bus) type chocolate with 3 different flavors, Beetle type chocolate and bus plate chocolate.
Yellow 6 pieces 918 yen (main unit price: 850 yen)
[Image 12

Touring Bus – Yellow 6 pieces for 918 yen (main unit price: 850 yen) Green 5 pieces 918 yen (main unit price: 850 yen)
[Image 13

Petit Beetle – Red 50g (7 pieces) 918 yen (main unit price: 850 yen) Blue 58g (6 pieces) 918 yen (main unit price: 850 yen)
[Image 15


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