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Morpho Co., Ltd. This is the perfect leather accessory for Christmas gifts chosen by millennials!

Morpho, Inc.
-Cypris-This is the perfect leather accessory for Christmas gifts for millennials!
The millennial generation is the forerunner of the digital native generation, who emphasize work-life balance. Introducing popular leather accessories in a ranking format in an age group that values ​​individuality and accepts diversity, even if it is different from those around them.

The leather accessory brand “Cypris” will announce the “Popular Leather Accessory Ranking for Millennials” based on the sales results until November 2022 and the questionnaire conducted for Cypris members in the past!
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Morpho Co., Ltd. (Location: Ryogoku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroyuki Ozawa), which handles planning, manufacturing, sales, and wholesale of wallets, bags, and other small leather goods. Since then, based on the concept of “manufacturing with intrinsic value that can be loved for a lifetime”, we have been making leather items that use carefully selected materials and are particular about functional beauty, and the more you use it, the more you use it. We have also won the “Department Store Buyers Award”, which is awarded to brands that are highly recommended by department store buyers, for the 17th consecutive year. Born between 1981 and 1996, the millennial generation is a generation of digital pioneers who experienced the IT revolution from childhood to adolescence.
We are becoming adults with the growth and development of personal computers, mobile phones, and the Internet, and we are living with digital technology. In addition, there is also an aspect of
emphasizing sharing experiences with friends on SNS and gaining empathy, and there is also a tendency to trust word of mouth of close people and influencers’ transmissions rather than corporate
We will introduce Cypris leather accessories that match the values ​​of such a generation in popularity ranking format.
Popular leather accessories ranking among millennials No. 1: “Body bag Toujours” that matches any outfit
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Body bag Toujours
The “Toujour” series body bag has an elegant and simple design suitable for adults. Leather body bags are great for their
versatility, which makes them easy to match with both casual and neat outfits!
2nd place in the ranking of leather goods popular among millennials: “A smart man” item that men admire “Cordovan & Ruga Shoulder with shoehorn key holder”
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Keychain with shoehorn Cordovan & Ruga Shoulder
A portable shoehorn is popular as a special item for smart men. The high-grade cordovan leather, which is also called “leather jewel” due to its beautiful luster, is used with shoulder leather with an attractive tiger (wrinkle pattern). It comes with a 4-chain key holder, so you can carry it with your keys, and it is a product that combines fashion and functionality.
3rd place in the ranking of leather accessories popular among millennials: “Mask case Cirasagi Leather” for beautifully storing masks
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Mask case Cirasagi Leather
“Mask” has become an indispensable item in the new lifestyle. Not only is it convenient to store a mask that you remove when eating, but it is also convenient to carry a spare mask. The interior is made of antibacterial, antibacterial, and deodorizing materials. The luxurious feeling that you can’t think of as a mask case is attractive.
[Click here for details on the Millennial generation popularity ranking]
【Company Profile】
Company name: Morpho, Inc.
Location: 4-8-11 Ryogoku, Tokyo 130-0026
Representative: Hiroyuki Ozawa, Representative Director
Business: Planning, manufacturing, sales and wholesale of bags and small leather goods
[Brand introduction]
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A luxury leather goods brand launched by Morpho Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1995. Received department store buyers award for 17 consecutive years. Based on the basic philosophy of “manufacturing with essential value that can be loved for a lifetime”, we use carefully selected materials, stick to functional beauty, and use outstanding techniques cultivated by Japanese craftsmanship to create various leather products. We are particular about “MADE IN JAPAN” and pursue basic designs that can be used for a long time, as well as high quality and functionality.
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“Cypris” are the most beautiful butterflies in the world that live in the rainforests of Central and South America. Among the morpho butterflies with shining blue wings, the most beautiful “Cypris morpho” butterfly is a butterfly that stands alone in the natural world and is the pinnacle of beauty. The brand name was derived from the desire to constantly raise the aesthetic sense of creators and provide products that will continue to shine like Cypris Morpho butterflies in various life scenes.
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[Inquiries from customers]
Morpho, Inc.
TEL: 03-5638-6701
Fax: 03-5638-2290
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