Morris Strategy & Design Consultants LLC Beef CREATOR first issue! A completely new business media has been created that specializes in the beef industry and provides the latest knowledge, ideas, and tips for those who are successful in creating

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[Beef CREATOR] First issue! A completely new business media has been created that specializes in the beef industry and provides the latest knowledge, ideas, and tips for those who are successful in creating the next business in the beef market.

We will contribute to the revitalization and expansion of the market by disseminating the method of improving the brand value of “beef” and the knowledge of business utilizing “beef” throughout the industry. [Image 1

What is Beef Creator (
In an environment with many challenges, such as changes in consumer behavior brought about by COVID-19, a declining birthrate, an aging society, and soaring prices, we will create the next business in the beef market, which is particularly huge in the food industry, and become an information powerhouse that succeeds. Beef CREATOR was launched as a digital media specializing in the beef industry to provide the latest knowledge, ideas, and tips for the industry. [Image 2

About the background of the first issue
From the point of view of agriculture and religion, Japan was not originally a meat-eating culture. Since the Meiji Era (1868-1912), when beef hot pot was popular with the use of scrap beef, the meat culture and industry have developed remarkably over the past 140 years. Beef has become an indispensable part of the Japanese diet, regardless of whether it is eaten indoors or outdoors, such as yakiniku, steak, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, hamburgers, and curry. On the other hand, there have been major trends in this industry with each era. Import liberalization in 1991, suspension of imports from the United States due to BSE in 2003, resumption of imports after 2005, and sluggish consumption due to the corona disaster after 2020. Can you handle and ride this wave? The fate of “victory” has also been divided. And now, through the long tunnel of the corona disaster, companies in all industries are aiming to become champions in the post-corona world. In the beef business, which has now become a red ocean, there are various viewpoints of ingenuity in each industry. Improving value through branding and merchandising, pricing
strategies, convenience, purchasing strategies, marketing, logistics, alternatives… With respect, we have decided to refer to all industries and professionals who are revitalizing and creating the beef market as “beef creators.” We will continue to provide the latest industry-specific knowledge, ideas, and hints, hoping for further development of Japan’s meat culture and industry.
About publication and operation of media
The publication of this media will be published by the “Beef Creator Management Committee”, which is composed of multiple companies for the purpose of contributing to the development of the beef market as a whole. Owned Media Division of Morris Strategy & Design Consults LLC (, which has been entrusted with the work by the Committee, is acting as an agent for operation. Through this media, we would like to contribute to the revitalization and expansion of the market by disseminating the method of improving the brand value of “beef” and the knowledge of business utilizing “beef” throughout the industry.
Content policy
Our content policy is the following five points.
1. Dissemination of market trends for the entire beef industry 2. Sharing and disseminating the intelligence and thoughts of those who have supported the beef industry
3. Sharing and disseminating the knowledge that the business succeeded in controlling the cost of beef
Four. Sharing and disseminating knowledge that the business has succeeded in branding beef and improving its value
Five. Dissemination of the latest cases in the food service industry and mass retailers
Expected reader target (corporation attribute)
Food service industry centered on major chains, major retailers, major mass retailers, accommodation facilities such as hotels, contract food service companies, food manufacturers, food processing manufacturers, food wholesalers, food production companies, cooks, food coordinators, major mail order companies , Internet shopping companies, etc. Assumed reader target (occupational attributes)
Managers, buyers, product development, business development, chefs, etc. Content introduction
1. Beef Kingdom ~The King’s Perspective~
What is the next move of the “great champion” who has succeeded in each genre of beef? Just as the Japanese economy was slowly trying to break out of its quarter-century of deflation, the beef market remained strong following the resumption of US beef imports in 2005. However, with the global spread of the new coronavirus infection that occurred in December 2019, the flow and scenery changed completely. The food service industry suffered great damage, while mass retailers such as supermarkets and food manufacturers faced unprecedented demand. With the corona crisis finally coming to an end, how will the surviving champions think about this period, how will they overcome it, and how will they look to the future? We will deliver real-time biographies of “great champions” that all managers and business people will want to refer to, not just the beef industry.
[Image 3

2. Sages of the Red Ocean
At that time, due to the slump in consumption due to the new corona infection, what kind of command did the managers of the industry and companies who were in the brink of despair in the field and escaped the worst situation? What kind of strengths and know-how did you gain from that experience? On the other hand, how did the people in charge of industries and companies where sudden demand came due to the corona disaster, and how did they manage to seize that opportunity? We will deliver knowledge content that aims to revitalize the saturated industry by thoroughly reviewing the experience of the corona disaster and case studies of the people in charge (= sages) who overcame the problems in their respective situations and positions, and by sharing knowledge. I will continue.
[Image 4

3. Beef Creator Picture Book
“Wagyu = high-end meat, imported beef = low-price meat.” This psychological scheme is likely to undermine the image of imported beef among consumers in a good way, with the evaluation of aging beef technology and the boom in the opening of high-end New York
steakhouses. I made it. This did not come about spontaneously, but is the result of a contributor who worked diligently to implement branding. In this project, we interviewed companies and people (= beef creators) in each business category of the food service industry and distribution industry who are trying to brand beef to increase the value of beef, and by sharing their ideas with people in the industry, We will send out a documentary that aims to raise the value of beef. [Image 5

4. Beauty & Beef ~A Great Restaurant Guide for Adults~
One of the people who have contributed to raising the brand value of beef is the recent aging beef and the NY style “luxury steak house”. An entertaining dinner for business or a date at the currently popular “luxury steakhouse”. Making this popularity a standard rather than a boom is an important point that will lead to the establishment of the brand value of the ingredients themselves, such as “imported beef is expensive and delicious” eaten at “luxury steakhouses”. In this project, we welcomed wonderful adults who have a lot of experience in gorgeous places, and the “head of a high-end steakhouse” of each restaurant we interviewed actually escorted us and presented the best hospitality of that restaurant. We will shoot the moment and charm of “a wonderful relationship between a wonderful adult and a high-class steakhouse” that unfolds there, make it an article, distribute it, and spread it. A synergistic effect is created by enhancing each other’s brand power between the “luxury steakhouse” and the “nice adult”. We will send out scene simulations that will improve the sense of all restaurant managers and managers and stimulate the store development mindset.
[Image 6

Content to be published in the first issue
▼Beef Kingdom ~The King’s Perspective~
→ Indomitable Kingdom [Part 1 | The beginning of a magnificent journey] | Mr. Kohei Kikuko, Chairman of N.B.P.JAPAN Co., Ltd. →Kingdom of consciousness reform and reconstruction [Part 1 | Story of birth] | Mr. Masamichi Okada, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Monogatari Corporation
▼Beauty & Beef
→Empire Steak House ROPPONGI|What is the adult hospitality style developed at a high-class steakhouse opened by three brothers from Peter Luger, where real gourmets such as celebrities and politicians who know fame in NY gather! ?
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Along with the launch of the media, we will start disseminating information as an official account on the following SNS.
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