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Motohiro Hata x 3 film directors x latest live performance! The movie “Icarus Kataba no Machi” inspired by Motohiro Hata’s newly written song will be exclusively distributed on U-NEXT!!

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Motohiro Hata x 3 film directors x latest live performance! The movie “Icarus Kataba no Machi” inspired by Motohiro Hata’s newly written song will be exclusively distributed on U-NEXT!!

The video distribution service “U-NEXT” operated by USEN-NEXT GROUP’s U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tenshin Tsutsumi) will start on Saturday, February 11, 2023. Motohiro Hata x U-NEXT FILM “Icarus Kataba no Machi” & PREMIUM LIVE “ICARUS” will be exclusively distributed.
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Motohiro Hata announced that he will release his new song “Icarus” on February 1, 2023 (Wednesday). The new song “Icarus” released about half a year after the song “Zanei”, which was used as an insert song for the drama “Roppongi Class” and became a hot topic, is a new song “Icarus” that Hata himself said, “I was born as if I was living in this era. ”, and the theme is “loss”. It will be interesting to see what kind of world Hata draws in this latest song titled Icarus, which appears in Greek mythology.
Inspired by this song “Ikaros”, three movies were produced, and the movie “Ikaros Kataba no Machi” was completed.
The directors of each work were Takashi Koyama (Let’s meet in Sarugakucho), Yuka Eda (Representative work “Girl Encounter”), and Ryutaro Nakagawa (Representative work “Finally reach the sea”). . The director also wrote the script himself, and the story of loss and rebirth inspired by “Icarus” is made into a movie with a completely original script. The story is set in Yokohama, which is also the hometown of Hata in all three works. Please look forward to the follow-up reports such as the cast of each work and the outline of the story.
The latest live video taken by Motohiro Hata, which is linked to the movie “Ikaros Kataba no Machi” in the story, is U-NEXT as “Motohiro Hata x U-NEXT FILM “Ikaros Kataba no Machi” & PREMIUM LIVE “ICARUS”. will be exclusively distributed on February 11, 2023. This live is a premium performance that was announced only to the fan club in parallel with the production of the work and was recorded with an audience. Details will be announced at a later date.
In addition, U-NEXT is also distributing many past live videos of Motohiro Hata. Please enjoy it together.
[Motohiro Hata special page] -Motohiro Hata comment-
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“Icarus” is a song that was born from within me, who lives in this era. Three movies were born inspired by that song, and I hope you will feel the world of Ikaros spread out by the three concentric circles. -Director Takashi Koyama’s comment-
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Create an original story with Motohiro Hata’s music. When I received this story, can I do it frankly? I remember feeling that. As I was walking to the station listening to the music on my earphones, I was greeted by the scenery that forms the basis of the story. “Icarus” gave me a story so easily. It was a very strange feeling. I think that a wonderful work has been completed, and I hope that it will reach many people along with “Ikaros”.
-Director Yuka Eda’s comment-
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I was allowed to make it as I like from the music, so I was really free to make it. I did what I wanted, so I was a little worried that I might get yelled at. I think it turned the hardships of life into hope, and I think it turned out to be a work that looks forward, thinking that such a careless life is the best. I want to deliver it quickly.
-Director Ryutaro Nakagawa Comment-
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Listening to Mr. Hata’s music reminded me of a poem I wrote ten years ago called “For you ten years later” (I’m being arrogant…!). And a poem I wrote ten years ago helped me a little. I hope that this work will reach someone’s heart with Mr. Hata’s music.
―The movie “Ikaros: Kataba no Machi”―
Hanako in the Toilet Directed by Takashi Koyama
“Pig Intellectual Life” Director Eda Yuka
“Ten Years and Eternity” Director Ryutaro Nakagawa
Production: Repro Entertainment, Bridgehead
– “Motohiro Hata x U-NEXT FILM “Icarus Kataba no Machi” & PREMIUM LIVE “ICARUS”” –
Exclusive distribution on U-NEXT from Saturday, February 11, 2023 ―Song release information―
Motohiro Hata
Delivery release on Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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#Kataha no Machi
[Profile of Motohiro Hata]
Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, raised in Yokohama. Debuted in November 2006 with the single “Synchro”.
While attracting attention for his singing voice, which is called “a voice made of steel and glass,” and his lyrical songwriting, he also develops a variety of live activities.
In 2014, the movie “STAND BY ME Doraemon” theme song “Himawari no Yakusoku” was a big hit, and since then he has been in charge of theme songs for numerous movies, commercials and TV programs.
On the 10th anniversary of his debut, he held a one-man live at Yokohama Stadium.
The first all-time best album “All Time Best Hatamoto Hiro” won first place in the album weekly chart for the first time, and has continued to sell for a long time.
♪ SoftBank music project Released the latest album “Copernicus” for the first time in four years in December 2019.
The new song “Nakiwarai Episode” was used as the theme song for the NHK TV series “Ochoyan”, which started in November 2020.
In November 2021, “Hata Motohiro 15th Anniversary LIVE” will be held at Yokohama Arena and Osaka Castle Hall. In December, “HATA MOTOHIRO 15th Anniversary LIVE ‘Philharmonic Night'” was held at Nippon Budokan.
On April 13, 2022, a new song “Trick me” was released for the first time in about a year, which was appointed as a UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing coordination song. Following the theme song “Cider” of “Eiga Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia” released on July 6th, on July 28th, the insert song “Zankage” of TV Asahi Thursday drama “Roppongi Class” was released.
[Director Takashi Koyama Profile]
Born in Osaka Prefecture. After graduating from university, studied under film director Kaizo Hayashi. After working as an assistant director and offline editor, became independent in 2014. Worked on numerous commercials as a video director, mainly in advertising. Directed by “Let’s meet in Sarugakucho” and the drama “Romance Storm Range”.
[Director Profile of Yuka Eda]
In 2017, the first feature film “Shojo Encounter” was released nationwide including Shinjuku Musashinokan and recorded a long-running hit. He was invited to the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival, and won the Best Director Award at the Barcelona Asian Film Festival. 2019 Japan Film Critics Award New Director Award. Directed works include the omnibus movie “21st Century Girl” “Love Desiccant” (2019/starring: Anna Yamada), short film “Petto” (2021/starring: Mizuki Yoshida), short film “Breathing” ( 2021/starring: Marika Ito), and directed the WOWOW drama “Ryunosuke Kamiki’s Shooting Break” episode 4 and the drama Paravi “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry” (episodes 5-8). He is also active as a photographer while working on many video works such as MV “Maatataki” (Awesome City Club) and MV “Desert Kimi e” (Sheep Bungaku).
[Director Ryutaro Nakagawa Profile]
Film director, screenwriter. April’s Long Dream (2017) won the International Federation of Film Critics Award and the Russian Federation of Film Critics Special Award at the Moscow International Film Festival. “I am holding the light” (2019) was specially invited to the Moscow International Film Festival. “Silent Rain” (2020) won the Audience Award at Tokyo Filmex. Aichi tourism video “Let’s play like the wind. ~Aichi with Ghibli Park~”. The director’s latest work is the movie “Bloom Into the Sea” starring Yuki Kishii and Minami Hamabe (2022 / TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other nationwide release). What is U-NEXT
U-NEXT is the No. 1 * 1 video distribution service for unlimited viewing. In addition to enjoying over 240,000 movies, dramas, and anime for unlimited viewing, there are over 30,000 rental works, including the latest works that have just been released and
broadcasted, as well as a lineup of over 840,000 manga and books. We deliver an entertainment experience that transcends genres, where you can seamlessly enjoy “watching” and “reading” with one app.
* 1: GEM Partners survey / As of November 2022 Survey of foreign movies / Japanese movies / overseas dramas / Korean / Asian dramas / domestic dramas / animations on major domestic flat-rate video distribution services. Separately, paid works are available. Details about this release:

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