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Mouthwash “Ex Aura (R)” specializing in preventing bad breath is now on sale!

Medoc Japan Co., Ltd.
Mouthwash “Ex Aura (R)” specializing in preventing bad breath is now on sale! A new habit to prevent bad breath and purify the mouth

Medock Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Martin Kairule), which promotes product development for oral health, has released ExoraL (R), a mouthwash that specializes in preventing bad breath. Full-scale sales have started. [Image 1

Official online store:
■ Product features
Prevents bad breath and purifies the mouth in 20 seconds at a time You can prevent bad breath and cleanse your mouth just by rinsing once for 20 seconds.
There is little stimulation and you can immediately feel the awakening. Neutral like saliva with a slight fragrance
It has the same neutrality as saliva, and it is a mild fragrance that does not contain strong stimulating ingredients, alcohol, or strong fragrances.
The ingredients are gentle on the mouth, so it is easy to continue as a daily habit and does not leave an unpleasant taste, so you can use it regardless of the scene.
Discerning two-liquid type
A 2-liquid type developed to maximize your experience.
You can use it in a fresh state by mixing it just before the first use. ■ Thoughts of the developer
[Image 2

First of all, I want you to try using it.
We want you to take care of your teeth for the rest of your life. With that thought in mind, I started researching a drug to be used for dental treatment. After that, we continued to develop it so that it could be delivered to the general public, and now, after about 12 years, X-Aura (R) was born.
We will continue to push forward with research so that you can maintain a healthy oral cavity by continuing to use it.
■How to use
[Image 3

1. (Only for the first time) Just before using, add the included 2nd liquid to the 1st liquid and shake lightly 2-3 times to mix
2. After brushing your teeth, gargle with water so that no toothpaste remains. 3. Take 1-2 caps of Exora (R) undiluted solution in your mouth, rinse your mouth for 20 seconds, and then spit it out.
■ Product overview
[Image 4

Product name: ExoraL (R)
Contents: 500mL
Ingredients: [Liquid 1] Water, sodium hydroxide [Liquid 2] PG, water, menthol, sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance (green mint type)
Regular purchase price (tax included): 3,740 yen (free shipping) Regular purchase price (tax included): 3,960 yen + shipping fee 660 yen Expiration date: 8 months from the date of manufacture when unopened, within 1 month after opening
About subscriptions
We also offer free shipping every time and regular purchases with 5% off every time so that you can use it continuously.
We plan to deliver every 30 days, but if the frequency of use does not suit the cycle, please contact us at least 7 days before the scheduled delivery date to change, skip, or change the next delivery date. You can also stop or cancel.
There is no troublesome number of times, so feel free to apply. [Image 5

■ Dealer
[Official Online Store]
[Amazon store]
■Company profile
[Image 6d112797-1-2fb5ab1280cc97eaeaee-3.png&s3=112797-1-0e1b1a576c1a5943bd77c54a2e4510ed-600x163.png
Company name: Medoc Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: KS Building 8F, 4-5-20 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Representative Director: Matin Kairur
Founded: November 15, 2018
Business description: Sales of products related to oral care, beauty and health Company profile URL:
■ Inquiries
Email address:

Details about this release:

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