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Movic Co., Ltd. Stage “Hana Doll * THE STAGE -Another Universe-” visual cast lifted! The third is “Chise / Taichi Tokui”

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
Stage “Hana Doll * THE STAGE -Another Universe-” visual cast unveiled! The third is “Chise / Taichi Tokui”

“Hana Doll *” (read: Hanador), a music drama CD content full of consideration elements.
A project to artificially create “perfect idols” by embedding seeds of special flowers in their bodies. This is a sci-fi dystopian work that tells the story of their growth and life, centering on the drama part and a CD series of songs.
The other day, from March 16, 2023, it was announced that “Hana Doll*” will be made into a stage performance at “Animate Ikebukuro Main Store Animate Theater”. This time, the cast and new visuals that play the 6 members of the idol unit “Anthos” appearing in “Hana Doll * THE STAGE -Another Universe-” have arrived. The ban is lifted one by one from December 15th to 20th!
The third member announced today on December 17th is [Taichi Tokui, who plays the role of Chise].
[Image 1d16756-3953-8ca963d5308bf0d70264-0.jpg&s3=16756-3953-525374f71c3a4bb99203131bdb38538b-1000x1500.jpg
[Image 2d16756-3953-3ac44f8a18f5c31630c1-1.jpg&s3=16756-3953-a5387b19ce3b0ce44078f1a74f0caf40-1000x667.jpg
Birthday: 1/2 / Age: 20 / Height: 181cm / In charge: Visual
*The profile is information as of the 1st season of “Hana Doll*”.

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