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Movie Act Project Co., Ltd. A documentary film that follows young people who have moved to a “potentially di sappearing city” “Young people aim for mountain villages” January 14, 2023-Shinjuku K’s cinema, January 21-Kawag oe Scala Theater, etc. Natio

Movie Act Project Co., Ltd.
A documentary film that follows young people who have moved to a “possible disappearance city” “Young people aim for a mountain village” January 14, 2023-Shinjuku K’s cinema, January 21-Kawagoe Scala Theater and others will be released nationwide!
Ryu Murakami and other acclaimed comments have arrived. Poster visuals and scene photos are also released!

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Higashichichibu village is located in the mountain range of mountains with an altitude of 600 meters, only 60 km from the city center and 80 minutes by bus and train. An increasing number of young people are leaving the city and moving to this village, which has been designated as Saitama Prefecture’s No. 1 most likely city to disappear. Sayaka Nishi, who was born in a village, moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school because she wanted to move out of this village, where there are no convenience stores. However, not wanting to destroy his hometown, he quit his job and returned to the village. Koichi Takano, from Tokyo, is a former bank employee who applied for the Regional Development Cooperation Corps and was hired. Focusing on the village’s special product, the black gopher, it was developed as a village specialty, and decided to blend in with the area and migrate. Young people who want to become Japanese paper craftsmen, women who have graduated from art college, and young people from Ondekoza also acquire wisdom for living while interacting with seniors who lived before and after the war living in the village.
The narration is Ayako Kobayashi of “Oshin”. Directed, filmed and edited by Masaki Haramura, who continues to make documentary films on the theme of agriculture, such as “Mute no Sekikoe”, “Musashino-Edo Circular Agriculture Comes to Life” and “I Want to Become a Farmer”. In today’s world, where humanity has been robbed of humanity in the midst of rapid changes in society seeking affluence, this film portrays the splendor of life in a mountain village where people live with love for nature and help each other.
Recommendation comments have also arrived at the time of publication. Writer Ryu Murakami said, “There was a book called ‘Young people aim for the wilderness’ in the 1960s. I think it was a carefree era. Where and what does the word ‘wilderness’ refer to? “Young people aim for mountain villages,” this is full of realism. ” and praised the work. Professor Tokumi Odagiri, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University, said, “Many young people who see this work will be moved by mountain villages.” I would like to entrust my hopes and support to the “young people aiming for a mountain village” who have discovered the value of “close energy”, “close food” and “close people”. ‘ came the comment. “Young people aim for mountain villages” will be released on January 14, 2023 at Shinjuku K’s cinema and January 21, 2023 at Kawagoe Scala Theater. In addition, it has also been decided to screen at Yokohama Cinemarin in Kanagawa and Motomachi Cinema in Hyogo.
full comment
○Ryu Murakami (Author)
There was a book called “Young men aim for the wilderness.” It’s the 1960s. I think it was a drunken time. What does wilderness refer to? In any case, the reality is zero. “Young people aim for mountain villages”, this is full of realism. What the young people have touched is clearly indicated. You can feel the emotion of what you touch. From time immemorial, we have encountered things this way.
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○Tokumi Odagiri (Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji
University/Rural Policy Theory/Regional Revitalization Theory) Here, the “why” of “young people aiming for mountain villages”, which has not been often talked about until now, is depicted. Here is the great value and new impression of this work. This is something that Haramura can do because he continues to draw people in villages. Therefore, I think that many young people who see this work will be moved by Yamazato.
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○Yukiko Kada (environmental sociologist/member of the House of Councillors) Fifty years ago, I myself learned from Africa, which had no
electricity, gas, or running water, and advocated living
environmentalism rooted in the local environment and community in the Lake Biwa basin. In the past, it was said to be “old-fashioned anachronism”, but now it’s time to give hope and support to “young people aiming for mountain villages” who have discovered the value of “close water”, “close energy”, “close food” and “close people”. is. [Image 4

Starring: Sayaka Nishi, Koichi Takano, Taiki Ichimura, Sakura Adachi and others from Higashi Chichibu Village / Narrator: Ayako Kobayashi Director/Photography/Editing: Masaki Haramura Producer: Toshio Suzuki (Kamide) Music: Mitsuo Suzuki
Video technology: Shoichi Ome / Eun-kyu Lee Sound effects: Akira Maruyama Post-production desk: Osamu Harada Photo courtesy:
Higashichichibu Village Board of Education
Sponsored by: Kisarazu Social Center Nursery School Sponsored by: Higashi Chichibu Village Regional Revitalization Center
Authorized Specified Non-Profit Organization JUON NETWORK General Incorporated Association Shindo Fuji Consumers Federation of Japan Specified Non-Profit Organization
[2022 / Japan / Color / Vista / 115 minutes] (C) 2022 movie “Young people aim for mountain villages” Production Committee
Distribution advertisement: MAP Distribution cooperation: Mikata Entertainment Details about this release:

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