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Movie “Legend & Butterfly” × Game “New Nobunaga’s Ambition” Collaboration Decision!!

BBGame Co., Ltd.
Movie “Legend & Butterfly” × Game “New Nobunaga’s Ambition”
Collaboration Decision!!

BBGame Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it will hold a
collaboration event between the movie “Legend & Butterfly” released on January 27 and the MMO strategy simulation game “New Nobunaga’s Ambition”.
This is a dream collaboration between a movie title that is currently attracting attention and a super popular game title!
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What is the movie “Legend & Butterfly”?
A big project with a total production cost of 2 billion yen = “Legend & Butterfly”, which depicts the life of Nobunaga Oda, which has been visualized many times, from a completely new perspective. Takuya Kimura x Haruka Ayase x Screenplay: Ryota Furusawa (“The Confidenceman JP” series) x Director: Keishi Otomo (“Ryomaden” and “Rurouni Kenshin” series), Japan’s top cast and staff gather. A moving blockbuster that depicts the 30-year trajectory of Nobunaga Oda, the famous commander everyone knows, his wife Nohime, and the mystery of the Honnoji Incident on an overwhelming scale.
What is “New Nobunaga’s Ambition”?
“Shin Nobunaga’s Ambition” is an MMO strategy simulation game where you can experience Japan’s Warring States period together with Nobunaga Oda, the Sengoku warlord. In this work, we have realized a realistic story based on the history of the Sengoku period and a realistic view of the world that reproduces the terrain that actually existed. In addition, the popular Sengoku warlords gather together, and the character voices are handled by gorgeous voice actors. Many charming characters will appear. There are plenty of strategy simulation elements such as demonstrating strategies, forming alliances, and competing for famous castles.
Details of the collaboration event will be released on the official Twitter at a later date, so please take a look.
[Image 2d113504-2-679fb5c6b92596831321-1.jpg&s3=113504-2-cc0e097c8f30359646bd48023bd6871e-1268x715.jpg
Engrave the bond with your comrades in the turbulent times!
“50 years as a human being, if you live under the heavens, it will be like a dream.”
Now, let’s play “New Nobunaga’s Ambition” and fight through the ephemeral and epic turbulent times that will go down in history! Official Twitter:
Official website:
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(C) 2023 “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY” Production Committee
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