Moyamoya survey of career change activities among child-rearing generations The most common answer was “I don’ t know my market value.” “Remote work” is still popular despite the trend of returning to work

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[Moyamoya survey of career change activities among child-rearing generations] The most common answer was “I don’t know my market value.” “Remote work” is still popular despite the trend of returning to work
Job change service “withwork” for working parents conducts user job change activity survey 2022

In 2022, an increasing number of companies, including IT companies in the United States, have announced that they will “come to the office in principle.” As a result, it seems that the number of people who start job-changing activities due to returning to work has increased. XTalent Co., Ltd. (read: cross talent, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tatsuya Uehara), a job change service for working parents, “withwork”, continues last year to provide users with job change activities. We conducted a trend survey.
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Withwork conducted a 2022 job change survey titled “Moyamoya survey of job change activities” for registered users.

About the survey results
Regarding what workers in the child-rearing generation in their 30s and 40s want in the working environment, the result was “remote work” and “flexible work style”, which was the same as last year. In the newly implemented item “Moyamoya felt during job change activities”, many concerns unique to working parents were received.
-Summary of survey results-
・ The number one moyamoya that men and women who are raising children feel when changing jobs is “I don’t know my market value”
・The first thing I want in the next workplace is “remote work”, and the second is “management and fellow people who work together” ・Points of job change activities that “talking / listening to people” are convincing
■Survey overview
・ Survey theme: Moyamoya survey of job change activities for withwork users ・ Survey method: LINE research
・ Survey target: withwork registered users (working men and women in their late 20s to 40s who are raising children nationwide)
・Survey date: December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) ・Research entity: XTalent Co., Ltd.

Background of attention to “moyamoya” this time
The official note ( operated by withwork irregularly posts interviews with people who have successfully changed jobs through the service and are active. The series has been well received, with comments such as “It gives me courage” and “It made me want to try changing jobs again.” I found out that I had a In order to support options that do not give up on home and work at withwork, we have focused on this time because we want to provide an opportunity to verbalize and eliminate “moyamoya” through a survey suitable for this period of time.
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From confusion that is common in changing jobs to worries unique to working parents

The keyword that pushes the back of working parents is “market value” When 8 options were presented to the question “Have you ever felt “moyamoya” in job change activities? I have no confidence.” [Image 3

Job seekers in their 30s and 40s who are raising children are uncertain about their market value and skills
There was no significant difference in votes due to the number of companies with experience, and it became clear that even people in their 30s and 40s who are ready to work, lack confidence in their careers. Also, in response to questions about how to resolve the moyamoya, while there were responses such as “getting it straight” and “giving up”, “seeking opinions from those around them” and “look at actual job postings to find out what skills and experience are required” Ingenuity such as “.

The conditions that the child-raising generation seeks in the working environment are “flexibility x understanding”
In the survey published last year, it was ranked first, but this year again the most popular was “remote work”. 2nd place rose from 4th place last year to “Personality and corporate culture of managers and colleagues who work together”.
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“Remote work” continues to be popular in 2021
“Flexible working hours” and “a culture that understands
child-rearing” come in close third. Men and women who are raising children and want to continue their careers are looking for an environment where they can work flexibly without being bound by time or place on the hardware side. I understand that you are.
Failures and successes in child-rearing x job-changing activities Finally, I asked about “failures” and “good things” in balancing childcare, current job, and job change.
[Good things to do]
・I’m glad I did the job change itself. Even if you are not seriously thinking about changing jobs, I felt that you should create a resume in the sense of taking stock of yourself.
・Self-analysis and looking back on career. I broadened my horizons by talking to people from various companies.
[What failed]
・I should have changed jobs after listening to more stories. I decided to change jobs because I didn’t really understand what the new company was looking for and I didn’t have time. Also, it was a waste of time to accept the company that I had no interest in at all.
We received testimonials such as these, and the results suggested the importance of verbalizing “moyamoya” again, refreshing it, and the need for a place for dialogue with people, including agents. Held an event to solve the moyamoya of job change activities that can not be consulted by anyone (12/21 (Wednesday) 12: 00 ~ @ Online)

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At this event, withwork representative Uehara and Ms. Riko Nishio, who has been involved in career support for over 5,000 people, will tell you about career change know-how and mindsets in order to cleanly change the “moyamoya” received through the survey. It is recommended for those who have the following issues in job change activities. ・I don’t know my market value, I don’t have confidence in my skills and experience
・I don’t know what kind of company to choose
・Inability to gather information and prepare for interviews due to child rearing and work
We look forward to your participation.
▼Event information
Moyamoya of job change activities, would you like to clean up? -For the child-raising generation not to trade off career and life in 2023-
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About withwork
A career change service launched in July 2019 by XTalent Co., Ltd., whose mission is to create a fair labor market. Based on the concept that “career and life are not a trade-off,” we support new ways of working for the child-raising generation. We have a variety of job offers that can be rewarding with flexible work styles such as remote work and flextime, and provide complete online services such as coordinating LINE communication and web interviews in consideration of busy job seekers. In addition to supporting the recruitment of excellent human resources by introducing middle-aged people in their 30s and 40s who are ready to work on the company side, we also develop and provide training for the promotion of DE&I in the company, and jointly hold events. increase.
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