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Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture Niigata Prefecture Murakami City Event & Gourmet Fair “Niigata Prefecture Murakami Fair in Osaka” Held at D’s Square and 5 stores in Osaka City

Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture Murakami City Event & Gourmet Fair “Niigata Prefecture Murakami Fair in Osaka” Held at D’s Square and 5 stores in Osaka City
Salted salmon, Murakami beef, and Machiya-dori… Promoting Osaka’s rich food, history, and nature

Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture will hold the “Niigata Prefecture Murakami Fair in Osaka” to promote the attractions of Murakami City, such as Machiya-dori where you can feel the Edo atmosphere of Murakami City, natural tourism resources with the sea, mountains and rivers, and rich food and products in Osaka. (hereinafter referred to as Niigata Prefecture Murakami Fair)” will be held in Osaka City in late January 2022. On January 23rd and 24th, D’s Square, an underground mall in Osaka Umeda Station, will hold the “Niigata Prefecture Murakami Tourism and Products Fair in Osaka (hereafter referred to as the Tourism and Products Fair)”. The “Niigata Prefecture Murakami Gourmet Fair in Osaka” (hereinafter referred to as “Gourmet Fair”) will be held.
“Niigata Prefecture Murakami Fair” homepage: The “Tourist Product Fair” is a great value and fun two-day event with food, stages, and games. Popular items such as processed salmon products such as salted salmon and salmon sake-bitashi from Murakami City, and Niigata specialties such as bamboo dumplings are lined up. We will introduce you to the charm of the trip. In addition, a free game tournament “Dice Zoro Eye Challenge” will be held, and gorgeous prizes will be prepared. A lottery will also be held at the PR corner of Peach Aviation. Mayor Takahashi of Murakami City is also scheduled to visit from 12:30 on the 23rd.
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The Gourmet Fair, which will be held from January 23rd to 29th (7 days), is a collaborative project between five famous Osaka
restaurants and Murakami City. For a limited time only, each restaurant will come up with an original menu using Murakami City specialties such as salmon, salmon roe, and Murakami beef.
■ Gourmet fair shops and menus
●Bistro ITADAKIMASU (Namba Parks 7F, 2-10-70 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka) [Image 3

Bistoroitadakimasu_ Murakami beef sirloin steak served with seasonal vegetables5 Murakami beef sirloin steak with seasonal vegetables (¥3300) A simple steak of 100g of Murakami beef. Muroto’s salt and wasabi are combined with umami-rich fat to create a mature steak. In addition, salted salmon wrapped in butter Papiot style (¥ 1210), salmon simmered in mayonnaise pizza (¥ 1420), Iwafune Koshihikari (all lunch), Murakami sake Shimehari Tsuzuki, Japan Ginjo (90 ml each ¥ 495) , 726 yen each).
● Kitamae Izakaya Sakan (B2F, 2-11-8 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka) [Image 4

Kitamae Izakaya Sakan_Salmon and Harako Oyakodon and Inaniwa Udon Set Oyakodon and Inaniwa udon set (¥1,200, 5 meals a day) A rice bowl topped with salmon roe and Inaniwa udon. Comes with miso soup, side dish, and pickles. In addition, salmon sake-bitashi (¥880), Iwafune gluten and burdock egg bound (¥800), salmon simmered (¥750), Murakami sake Koshi no Shoro (130m¥l750), Taiyo-mori (price undecided) . ● Umeda Sake Ebisu (12-16 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka)
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Umeda Sake Ebisu_Iwafune Wheat Wheat Pork Dashi Cutlet
Iwafune wheat gluten wrapped in dashi pork cutlet (¥450, 10 meals a day) Juicy luxury cutlet made with Iwafune wheat gluten, a specialty of Murakami city, steeped in plenty of dashi stock and sprinkled with pork belly. In addition, daikon radish and salmon boiled (400 yen), salmon soaked in sake (400 yen), Murakami sake Shimehari Tsurusetsu (90 ml 700 yen), Koshi no Shoro (90 ml 500 yen).
● Tavern stuff (2-1-36 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka)
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Murakami Vegetable Kimchi
[Common with Ebisu] Iwafune gluten pork cutlet, radish and salmon simmered (300 yen), raw kimchi with a new texture directly from Murakami City / raw Murakami Chinese cabbage kimchi (300 yen, 10 meals a day) , Murakamiyama grape chuhai (¥ 590).
Tetsutaro (3-3-15 Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi JR underpass No. 36) [Image 7d114269-1-64f42bb74971b4a7512b-6.jpg&s3=114269-1-b7d1c174a5b9aba1f2cb1d34cda99de9-3900x2195.jpg
Tetsutaro _ salted salmon set meal 2
Salted salmon set meal (¥990) A set meal of salted salmon aged at a low temperature, born from the climate of Murakami City, Niigata. Full of umami and just the right amount of salt, it’s perfect for rice. In addition, Murakami beef sirloin steak set meal (¥ 1800), string set meal (¥ 1100), Murakami city sake Shime Haritsuru Jun (1 cup ¥ 800), Japan Ginjo (1 cup ¥ 600), Murakami tea ice cream (Sencha, Three types of black tea and hojicha (500 yen each) are planned.
■What is Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture?
Murakami City, the northernmost part of Niigata Prefecture and known as the city of salmon, once prospered as a castle town in the northern part of the prefecture, and is still popular as “Echigo Murakami Machiya Street”, which still retains the old townscape. In addition, it is full of attractions of travel, such as rich nature such as the sea and mountains and hot springs. Murakami is known as a town with a unique salmon culture rooted in traditional fishing methods, over 100 salmon dishes, and rituals held for salmon, and many tourists visit regardless of the season.
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