Murakami Kaizoku Co., Ltd. Opening up the possibilities of SBT Live Like A Cat official online shop “Matat abiya” SBT membership card issued

Murakami Kaizoku Co., Ltd.
[Open up the possibilities of SBT] Live Like A Cat official online shop “Matatabiya” SBT membership card issued
An eternal membership card issued by “Full On Chain”

The domestic generative NFT project “Live Like A Cat (LLAC)” based on the concept of “living like a cat” is a full-on chain SBT (Soul Bound Token) with the membership card of the official online shop
“Matatabiya” ahead of the industry. will be issued in SBT has the meaning of “a token tied to the soul”. While it is expected to be used in various fields such as companies, schools, public institutions, and exchanges, it will embody “Practical use of SBT in EC shops”. What is LLAC
[Image 1

LLAC is an NFT project with the concept of “living like a cat”. It is based on the “freelance school” operated by Murakami Kaizoku Co., Ltd. With the theme of “each person looking for their own comfortable way of life and living in their own way”, the theme is “updating the OS of life”.
Lifestyle OS
“Housewives should stay home and do housework”, “It’s normal to work for a stable company all the time”, and “I have to go to school every day even though I don’t enjoy it”. Don’t you spend every day thinking like that?
LLAC is an OS for reviewing the rules that humans made without permission and living more freely like cats.
LLAC will develop a mechanism to install and prove a new way of life OS through NFT.
What is SBT
SBT is an abbreviation for “Soul Bound Token”. SBT, which translates as “tokens tied to souls,” has different characteristics from NFTs. [Image 2

Differences between NFTs and SBTs
SBT has no monetary value and cannot be transferred between wallets. Still, the reason why SBT is attracting attention is that it can “express individual identity in a wallet”.
For example, by issuing seminar participation certificates, university diplomas, shop memberships, etc. in SBT instead of conventional paper or data, there is no need to worry about loss, falsification or theft. becomes.
Also, from the company’s point of view, customer information that cannot be falsified will be stored on the blockchain, increasing the credibility of sales performance and customer data.
[Image 3

Overview of SBT
In this way, SBT is expected to accelerate the spread of Web3 as a concept, but it has not been put into practical use at present. Under such circumstances, LLAC will take the lead in issuing a membership card for the official online shop “Matatabiya” with SBT and open up the future of SBT.
In addition, the SBT membership card of “Matatabiya” will be issued by “Full On Chain”. Full-on-chain is a technology in which not only transaction history but also all digital data such as images and text are stored on the blockchain.
By issuing full-on-chain tokens, the Matatabiya SBT membership will be imprinted forever on the blockchain.
About the official online shop “Matatabiya”
LLAC aims to become a hub that connects NFT and the real world. As part of this initiative, we have been selling original goods at the official online shop “Matatabiya” since October.
The first sale in October sold out in two days (sales of about 1 million yen), and the second sale in November sold out in 10 minutes after the start (sales of about 3 million yen), making it very popular even before the NFT launch.
[Image 4

[Image 5

popular stickers
[Image 6

[Image 7

Original tenugui
The 3rd sale, which will start from 10:00 on December 18th (Sun), will feature a newly designed sticker and an “original tumbler” as a new item.
[Image 8

new design sticker
[Image 9

original tumbler
We will continue to develop goods unique to LLAC and continue efforts to make NFT more familiar.
LLAC official online shop “Matatabiya”
About “Matatabiya” SBT membership card
“Matatabiya” SBT membership can be mint (issued) from December 7th (Wednesday) 21:00 to 10th (Saturday) 23:59. Members who have a purchase history from October 12th to December 2nd and have completed the application during the period are eligible.
[Image 10

-First sale date-
December 28 (Wednesday) PM 12:00 JST
-Total number of sales-
22,222 bodies
-Selling price-
0.001ETH/body (around 200 yen*)
*It fluctuates depending on the exchange rate of Ethereum at the time of purchase.
*If you do not have an AL (Allow List/Priority Purchase Right), you will not be able to purchase the item, or it will be purchased at the secondary distribution (not the listed selling price, but the purchaser’s exhibition price).
Management member of NFT “Live Like A Cat”
[Image 12

[Founder Shuhei]
From debt of 5 million yen, he became independent through SNS and blogging, and in the 4th year, annual sales of 50 million yen. Achieving a lifestyle where you can work anywhere you like. Achieved over 40,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Voicy, with a total of 210,000 followers. Operates a web school “freelance school” for 20,000 students

[Image 13

[Lead designer Umuko Nekomori]
Digital illustrator. With more than 50,000 Twitter followers and 70,000 likes for the series of original character “Umuneko”, he is a digital creator who is currently attracting attention on SNS. Official collaboration with Amazon is ongoing. Appointed as a PR character for Amazon Pay.

[Image 14

[Marketing Advisor Ikehaya]
Founder of Japan’s largest NFT collection “CryptoNinja/Ninja DAO”. A pioneer of professional bloggers, he is active in various fields such as book writing, business YouTuber, and Voicy personality. Responsible for sales and marketing of “CryptoNinja Partners”, an NFT collection representing Japan with a market capitalization of over 20,000 ETH (4 billion yen). 450,000 SNS followers.

Inquiries about NFT “Live Like A Cat”
-LLAC Official Homepage-
-LLAC DAO Official Discord Community-
-LLAC Official Instagram-
-LLAC Official Pinterest-
* Click here for inquiries from the media regarding this matter
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