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Muscle supervision Fight with macho pieces! Released “Macho Chess”, a Gacha Gacha product supervised by “Muscle Plus”, a macho-free material! A gift campaign is also held on Twitter

Smile Academy Co., Ltd.
[Muscle supervision] Fight with macho pieces! Released “Macho Chess”, a Gacha Gacha product supervised by “Muscle Plus”, a macho-free material! A gift campaign is also held on Twitter

“Muscle Plus” is a macho free material and stock photo site that has become a hot topic on SNS and media, saying, “It’s not useful, but it’s interesting.” Capsule toy maker IP4 Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) released “Macho Chess” (400 yen each, tax included, 12 types in total), supervised by Muscle Plus.
Capsule vending machines installed at toy stores, mass retailers, commercial facilities, etc. nationwide will sell Gacha Gacha products supervised by “Macho-free material site “Muscle Plus”” operated by Smile Academy Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) 2022 Sales started sequentially from December 14, 2014.
Its name is macho chess! !
[Image 1

As the name suggests, the pieces are macho chess.
[Image 2

Each piece is divided according to bodybuilding poses, such as “Lat Spread” for King, “Side Chest” for Queen, and “Double Biceps” for Bishop. However, I don’t know which is which (laughs)
[Image 3

The posing model for Peace was TOSHI, who is in charge of the pectoralis major muscle of Muscle Plus.
I supervised not only the posing but also the modeling of each part of the muscles.
Product Details
[Table 2: ]
[Image 4

By all means, let’s complete all macho and duel! !

Win macho chess! Twitter New Year’s gift campaign
[Image 5

【Application period】
From 19:00 on Sunday, January 1, 2023 to 23:59 on Saturday, January 7, 2023 [Number of winners]
2 people
12 types of macho chess (both white and black)
【Application method】
1. Follow the Muscle Plus official Twitter account (@muscleplus_free) during the application period
2. Retweet this campaign post (posted on the night of New Year’s Day 2023) Muscle Plus Official Twitter Account
[Announcement of winners]
After the application period ends, a strict lottery will be held to determine the winner.
Around the end of January 2023, we will contact the winners via DM from the Muscle Plus official account on Twitter.
*Please note that if your Twitter account is set to private, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
* Please note that even if you cancel the follow-up before the winner is decided, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
*Applications are limited to those living in Japan.

What is Macho-free material Muscle Plus?
[Image 6

Macho-free material “Muscle Plus”


This is a free material service for “muscle specialists” where only macho models such as ALLOUT members are models.
The material is a peculiar setting that “there is a macho in an impossible situation”, and “I can’t use this kind of material! We have only maniac free materials.
The name of the service is “Muscle Plus” with the idea of ​​”Spice up your daily life with muscles” that will make people who use it and people who see it smile.

Work that became a topic in the past
“Catch macho with nanohana” (125,000 likes)

[Image 7

“Catch a macho in a sunflower field” (23,000 likes)

[Image 8

“Tea picking macho” (23,000 likes)
[Image 9

Until now, we have also produced various macho-free materials in collaboration with local products, famous places and tourist spots such as “Imabari Towel”, “Yame’s Tea Plantation”, and “Asakusa’s Tile Breaking”.
Click here for the “Local Revitalization with Muscles” project ↓

IP4 Co., Ltd.
IP4 Co., Ltd. mediates and sells character copyrights.
Licensing business and capsule toys of numerous characters and brands It is a company that develops a capsule vendor business that sells Official site:
[Image 10
[Image 12
[Image 13

“Checkmate Macho”


[Image 14
[Image 15

Click here for a list of “Macho chess” stock photos

Official Youtube channel “Muscle Plus plus”
On the YouTube channel “Muscle Plus plus”, we have released a video that delves into “Planning with Muscles” and members.
muscle plus plus

[Muscle Kiwi Slash] When a macho competes with a Kiwi Slash, the result is outrageous [Part 1]
[Video 2:]

Appearing muscle members are “muscle gentleman group ALLOUT” [Image 16

Muscular men’s group ALLOUT
He has a network of more than 500 macho people in various places, and is a hot topic at events all over the country.
Based on the concept of “Muscle gentleman”, it is a muscle performance group that excites the audience with a well-trained “cool body”. * ALL OUT is a fitness term that means “to use all your strength”. Anytime, anywhere, I want to contribute to your social activities with all the power I have now.
That is our thought that is included in the name ALLOUT.
Our philosophy is to promote the penetration of fitness training by communicating the appeal and necessity of building a body by being active in various fields all over the country.
・Muscle Plus SNS
・ALLOUT Representative / Muscle Plus Representative AKIHITO
Company Profile
Smile Academy Co., Ltd.
Address: Nishioka Building 2F, 1-35-18 Ogusu, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Operates 10 personal training gyms “Body Hackers Lab” in Fukuoka. In addition, we provide events and services using muscles such as muscle feast “Muscle Cafe”, “Kinku Bon Odori”, “Muscle Taxi”, and “Macho Casting” that provides more than 500 macho people nationwide. Other services
■ Personal training gym (11 Fukuoka stores)
・Body Hackers Lab
■ Pocket trainer (online fitness)
■ NFT art sales (produced with macho-free materials)
■ Muscular Bon Odori
■ Muscle Taxi
Details about this release:

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