Nagai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Nagai Sake Brewery, a long-established Gunma sake brewery, will start selling the “Shimenawa Bottle Charm” at the official online shop to color the happy New Year.

Nagai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Nagai Sake Brewery, a long-established Gunma sake brewery, has started selling “Shimenawa bottle charms” to color a happy New Year at its official online shop
Present campaign will be held from Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Nagai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawaba Village, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture; President: Noriyoshi Nagai) will launch a “Shimenawa Bottle Charm” that will color the New Year, devised by Mizubasho official muse and flower artist Ayako Miyahira, in December 2022. Sales will start from the 13th (Tue) at the MIZUBASHO Artist Series official online shop.
Also, from the same day, we will carry out the “Sparkling sake gift campaign with a shimenawa that brings good luck” in hopes that the new year will be a year full of happiness.
“Shimenawa bottle charm” that invites good luck
This time, with the desire to have everyone have a better New Year with sake, we asked Ms. Ayako Miyahira, a flower artist and one of Mizubasho’s official muses, to create auspicious “Shimenawa” using traditional techniques to bring modern life to life. It was devised as a “sake bottle charm” to color the.
[Image 1

【Product Summary】
Kirari (left image)
Price: ¥2,750 (tax included)
It is a design that uses red and white mizuhiki decorations and a white Phalaenopsis artificial flower that is said to bring happiness to the image of a “sparkling New Year”.
Aya -sai- (upper right image)
Price: ¥2,750 (tax included)
It is an original design using skunk cabbage with the flower language of “unchanging beauty” and pink florets artificial flowers.
Rin (bottom right of image)
Price: ¥3,850 (tax included)
A design that expresses “pure, brave, and beautiful” using noble and elegant purple orchid banda artificial flowers.
[Sales channel]
The “Shimenawa Bottle Charm” will be on sale from December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) at the MIZUBASHO Artist Series Official Online Shop. MIZUBASHO Artist Series Official Online Shop
Mizubasho Certified Muse
We are working on women’s empowerment through the sake “MIZUBASHO Artist Series”.
As part of this initiative, as a supporter of our brand, we would like you to share your own way of enjoying sake with the MIZUBASHO Artist Series and Nagai Sake Brewery in your daily life and in your own field of expertise. A woman is appointed as Mizubasho’s official muse. Please see the article below for details on women’s empowerment activities through the MIZUBASHO Artist Series.
The secret story behind the creation of the new value sake “MIZUBASHO Artist Series ~Mizubasho Artist Series~”, Oze’s environmental problems, and thoughts on women’s empowerment
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Ayako Miyahira
Certified Mizubasho Muse/Flower Artist
Attracted by the beauty of margins, he entered the world of ikebana in his twenties. After working as a flower instructor and event planner, he established his own Okinawan style flower design based on ikebana. Currently, he presides over “Flower life Design Ai” at his atelier overlooking the sea of ​​Okinawa, and is active in a wide range of activities, developing party design and space decoration for hotels and companies, and developing a shimenawa brand “ka-doh” with the theme of gifts.
What is Shimenawa
[Image 3

The shimenawa indicates a sacred place where the god descends, and has the role of keeping unclean things and evil spirits away from the place where the rope is stretched.
It is said that decorating the entrance or room during the New Year purifies the inside of the house, making it a suitable space for the gods to come down and welcome a better New Year.
gift campaign
With the hope that everyone will have a good year, we will carry out the “Sparkling sake gift campaign with a shimenawa that brings good luck” from December 13th (Tuesday).
[Image 4

【Application method】
Step1: Add the Nagai Brewery official account to your friends   Friend registration URL:
Step2: Tap “Recommended” in the rich menu at the bottom of the chat room Step3: Tap “apply for campaign”
Step4: Fill in the application information and send to complete the application! [Present content]
We will present MIZUBASHO Yukihotaka AWA SAKE (equivalent to 15,000 yen) with a “Shimenawa bottle charm” that brings good luck to 5 people.
【Application period】
December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59 [Winning announcement]
After the lottery, we will return the product with shipping. -Notes-
・Shipping of presents may be delayed due to various circumstances. Please note. ・Please refrain from selling or redeeming winning gifts.
・If the entry form is incomplete, if the winner’s address is unclear, or if the winner cannot be delivered due to an address change due to moving, etc., the winning qualification will be invalidated. [About MIZUBASHO Yukihotaka AWA SAKE]
[Image 5d60099-32-a62be06a6dbffa16b1ec-4.jpg&s3=60099-32-1d1c36a148525758440e01b78cf83e9a-808x2700.jpg
360ml 6,600 yen (tax included)
720ml 13,200 yen (tax included)
Alcohol content: 13%
Product Summary
AWA SAKE (sparkling sake) brewed with the rare rice “Yuki Hotaka”, which is nurtured by mineral-rich natural water from Kawaba Village’s famous Mt.
It is a sake that condenses the climate of Kawaba Village, which has been certified as “GI Tone Numata”, which has established strict standards that are unparalleled and defines the regional
characteristics of sake more clearly.
Along with lively and fine bubbles, it is characterized by a fruity fragrance such as white peach, pear, and yellow apple compote, and an impression of citrus fruits such as kumquat.
The taste is full of sweetness, with a good balance of refreshing and elegant acidity, and the stimulation of the bubbles gives a fresh impression. .
You can see the secret story of the birth of this product from the following. “GI Tone Numata” as a new regional branding, where a long-established sake brewery rooted in Gunma works after the wine of Burgundy, France.
Nagai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d60099-32-8b3bfdf3fadeaaa4930a-5.jpg&s3=60099-32-c7fd4c9d0bfcb376dcce7fad58f4b9aa-500x375.jpg
Founded in 1886. Located in Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture, which is located in the headwaters of the Tone River, this sake brewery brews two brands, Mizubasho and Tanigawadake, under the motto of “brewing beautiful sake that expresses the beauty of nature.”
It has won a total of 18 gold awards at the National New Sake Appraisal, and its flagship sparkling sake “MIZUBASHO PURE” won the highest award in the sparkling category at the international sake contest “Kura Master 2020” judged by top French sommeliers. Received the Jury Prize.
Under the theme of “Tradition and Innovation”, we developed the concept “NAGAI STYLE” where you can enjoy four types of sake: sparkling, still, vintage, and dessert, according to the meal course. Through the new values ​​of sake “MIZUBASHO Artist Series-Mizubasho Artist Series-“, we are working to support environmental conservation and women’s empowerment, and to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.
Official website/various SNS:
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