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“Nagano Exhibition – Chikawa, Nagano’s bear, a large collection of Nagano’s original drawings!” will be held for a limited time at Matsuya Ginza from December 7 (Wednesday)!

Marimo Craft Co., Ltd.
“Nagano Exhibition – Chikawa, Nagano’s bear, a large collection of Nagano’s original drawings!” will be held for a limited time at Matsuya Ginza from December 7 (Wednesday)!

Marimo Craft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Osamu Sakai) announced that the Nagano Exhibition will be held for a limited time from December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) at Matsuya Ginza. A large collection of Nagano’s original works! ~” (hereinafter referred to as “Nagano Exhibition @ Matsuya Ginza”) will develop related goods, including venue-limited goods.
[Image 1

Mr. Nagano is the author of the popular characters Chikawa and Nagano no Kuma. The analog-like soft line drawings, delicate touches, and stories that are not just cute are widely supported by both men and women. In this exhibition, you can see valuable unpublished
manuscripts such as drafts and rough sketches, as well as the original drawings of Nagano’s works. We are also waiting for you to prepare a photo spot where you can experience Nagano’s work. After the Matsuya venue, we are planning to travel around the country, including Osaka, Sapporo, Kyoto, Sendai, and Nagoya.
*This press release contains information as of noon on December 5th. For the latest information, please see the “Nagano Exhibition Special Page” or the “Nagano Exhibition Official Twitter”.
Overview of “Nagano Exhibition @ Matsuya Ginza”
Period: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 Place: Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square
Business hours 10:00:-20:00
Organizer: Nagano Exhibition Executive Committee Special Cooperation: Spiral Cute Co., Ltd.
※It is a designated date and time system for all days.
*December 11th (Sun) 7:30pm, December 17th (Sat) 8:30pm, December 22nd (Thu), 23rd (Fri), 24th (Sat) 8:30pm, Closes at 5pm on the last day. *Last entry is 30 minutes before closing.
*In case of congestion, we may ask you to wait or distribute numbered tickets. * Depending on the situation, the event (event) may be canceled or some contents may be changed.
*Business days and hours may change due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
About tickets
Entry to this exhibition is by appointment only.
Please decide the date and time of your visit in advance and purchase a ticket. In addition, it may be sold out depending on the admission date and time because the quantity is limited for each date and time. In that case, please note that there will be no sale of same-day tickets at the venue.
* As of noon on December 5th, lottery sales have ended, and the planned number of general sales has ended.
Please check the special page for details.
[Matsuya Ginza Official Website Nagano Exhibition Special Page]
Overview of Purchase Benefits
Customers who purchase products over a certain amount at “Nagano Exhibition @ Matsuya Ginza” will receive the following novelties. * Novelties will not be distributed at other stores. Please note. [Image 2

◆Purchase more than 5,500 yen (tax included)
We will give you one “tote bag (2 types)” as a novelty.
* The design will change in the first half and second half during the exhibition. [Distribution period] 1st term: 12/7-12/15 2nd term: 12/16-12/25

[Image 3

◆ Purchase more than 8,800 yen (tax included)
We will give you one “tote bag (2 types)”.
We will randomly give you one “Okao stuffed toy badge (8 types in total)”. * Customers who purchase the product are eligible.
* Up to 1 point will be handed out per account per person.
* Purchases of capsule toy products are not eligible.
*It is not possible to split the bill.
* It will end as soon as each novelty is gone.
※The image is an image.
Special photo spot
[Image 4

*You may have to wait if the venue is crowded.
*The design is an image.
Venue limited product
At the “Nagano Exhibition @ Matsuya Ginza”, an art frame signed by Mr. Nagano will be sold exclusively at the venue.
[Image 5

◆ Nagano Friends Art Frame 22,000 yen each (tax included)
* Art frames will be sold by lottery. You can apply for either one per person. Please check at the venue for details.
Event commemorative products (partial introduction)
This product will be available at “Nagano Market (online store)” and “Nagano Exhibition @ Matsuya Ginza”.
*You can purchase up to 1 item per person.
*Please note that the number limit may change depending on the situation. [Image 6

◆Nagano Bear Plushie S THE BLACK 2,310 yen (tax included)

[Image 7

◆ Nagano Kumapeti Mini Mascot THE BLACK 1,430 yen (tax included) [Image 8

[Image 9

◆Nagano Friends Lenticular key chain with comic colors 990 yen each (tax included)

[Image 10

◆Glass key holders 660 yen each (tax included) *The image is an image.

[Image 11

◆Nagano Friends Layer Acrylic Stand 770 yen each (tax included)

[Image 12

◆Glass chopstick rests 550 yen each (tax included) *The image is an image.

[Image 13

◆Compact mirror 550 yen each (tax included) *The image is an image. Limited time shop / product information / shop information
Product information and shop information will be updated at any time on each SNS.
◆ Nagano Exhibition official Twitter account
◆Nagano Characters Official General Information Site “Nagano Market Info” Nagano Exhibition Special Page
◆Matsuya Ginza Official Website Nagano Exhibition Special Page
■ Copyright notation ■
(C) nagano
Regarding measures to prevent new coronavirus infection
* Customers who do not wear a mask may be refused entry.
*Temperatures will be measured using thermography, etc. at the entrance and exit of the store. We may refuse entry to those with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher or those who are not feeling well.
*Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands when entering and washing your hands frequently.
*Please do not touch the walls or display cases to prevent infection. *Please keep your distance from other customers in the store and when viewing the works.
*Please refrain from talking as much as possible.
Company Profile
Marimo Craft Co., Ltd.
Our main business includes the wholesale of character goods, planning and development, manufacturing, and operation and management of sales floors.

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