Naming a new “food” style! The style name of Japanese cuisine x buffet is named Kaiseki Buffet

BEKKAN Co., Ltd.
Naming a new “food” style! The style name of Japanese cuisine x buffet is named [Kaiseki Buffet]
~Proposing kaiseki cuisine that values ​​tradition in a casual buffet style~
BEKKAN Co., Ltd. (head office: Shimotsui, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture; representative: Yukitaka Usui) operates WASHU BLUE RESORT’s buffet dining restaurant, Ryugu no Tsukai. We will name the “food style” that mixes styles “Kaiseki Buffet”.
[Image 1

Ryugu’s messenger in winter
[Image 2

Ryugu’s messenger logo
[Image 3

winter planning
I would like to not only pass on the tradition of Japanese cuisine, but also develop it with the times. Now, I’m thinking of going one step beyond that framework.
In Setouchi Okayama, which is overflowing with treasures of
ingredients, there are still many ingredients that are not well known even locally.
We examine such ingredients every day and explore the possibilities of new dishes.
The chef’s finely honed senses and delicate skills create a creative dish that reflects the nature of the four seasons.
Buffet-style Japanese cuisine where customers can freely enjoy their own kaiseki cuisine, with as many dishes as they like.
[Kaiseki] x [Buffet] This is the Kago “food” style. In other words, we will call it “Kaiseki Buffet”.
[Kaiseki Buffet] Thoughts on Style – Chef (Hideki Uchida)’s quest for quality ingredients –
[Image 4

live kitchen
-Category of “Kaiseki Buffet”-
Category 1. [Seasonal hors d’oeuvre with 1 dish] 1 dish per person Category 2. [Japanese Chef’s Live Kitchen] We offer freshly-fried tempura, sashimi, nigiri sushi, and other hot and fresh meat dishes. Must see.
Category 3. [Buffet] You can enjoy the variety of colors and flavors of the dishes on the buffet table, with seasonal small bowls of small portions and seasonal plans for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. [Image 5

live kitchen
[Image 6

Nigiri sushi made by live kitchen chef
[Image 7

seasonal hors d’oeuvres
[Image 8

Served in small portions
And then a new winter is added…
[Table 2: ]
[Image 9

[Winter plan] 11 types of hot pot will be added to the buffet [Winter project] Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
Title: ~ Oh! “my nabe”
Oh my god! These hot pots that make you want to shout will be added to the “Kaiseki Buffet” from December 1st to February 28th, a winter project.
The head chef (Hideki Uchida) has prepared a total of 11 types of delicious pots from various hot pot prototypes.

~ Oh! my nabe~ (Oh my nabe)
1. Yosenabe 2. Beef Tendon Sukiyaki 3. Yellowtail Daikon Mizore Hot Pot 4. Curry Mizutaki 5. Chili Oil Hot Pot 6. Tomato Tarachiri Hot Pot 7. Kasu Soup Hot Pot 8. Ishikari Hot Pot 9. Duck Hot Pot 10. Clam Udon Hot Pot 11. Chicken Meatballs and Kiritanpo Hot Pot
[Image 10

Kasu Soup Pot
[Image 11

Duck pot
[Image 12

Asari Udon Nabe
[Image 13

beef tendon sukiyaki
“Live kitchen”, “buffet dining”, “seasonal hors d’oeuvres” plus “nabe” in these three categories
Find your favorite “Oh’my hot pot”…
[Image 14

Kaiseki buffet menu and coaster
Kaiseki buffet style
Ryugu no Tsukai (2nd floor of the main building)
□ Business hours: 2 shift system (replacement system)
[Part 1] 17:30-19:00 (order stop 18:30)
[Part 2] 19:30-21:00 (order stop 20:30)
□ Fee:
〇 Included in accommodation plan (1 night, 2 meals)
〇One-day buffet / Adults (junior high school students and above) 8,800 yen / Elementary school students and preschoolers 4,400 yen
[Overview of WASHU BLUE RESORT Kazego]
Toll-free: 0120-489-526 (Reception hours 9:00-18:00)
Representative number: 086-479-9500
[Location] 303-19 Shimotsui Fukiage, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 711-0926 [Number of guest rooms] 50 rooms
1st floor: front desk, lobby, casual bar & ocean view terrace 2nd floor: Buffet dining Ryugu no Tsukai, honey pearl bath “Minazuki no Yu” 3rd floor: Honey pearl bath “Nagomi no Yu”
Rooftop: Open-air bath and large public bath “Urashima-no-Yu” and “Tennyo-no-Yu”
[Source] Washuzan Fukiage Onsen
[Spring quality] Simple weakly radioactive spring (hypotonic neutral cold mineral spring)
[Temperature] 20.3℃
[Hydrogen ion concentration] PH7.5
[Perception test, etc.] Colorless and transparent, almost odorless [Indications for bathing] Neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff joints, chronic digestive diseases, sensitivity to cold
[Image 15d97436-6-6b7b3124deddf0434814-18.jpg&s3=97436-6-31372b9b15ddb62baee38bb9a88c5afd-1600x1065.jpg
Aerial open-air bath

Public Relations Person: Fujita
TEL: 086-479-9500
(Direct) 086-479-9525
Fax: 086-479-9549
[Image 16d97436-6-cac37130e8f5845718b6-19.jpg&s3=97436-6-56faac95884d4e02ff588c434faa1a49-1600x900.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: BEKKAN Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Honmachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture Representative Director: Yukitaka Usui
Business description: Ryokan hotel

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