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National Travel Support: Resumed from January 10th next year During the period, the “Atami Umezono Plum Festival & Atami Sakura Itokawa Sakura Festival” will be held.

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[National Travel Support: Resumed from January 10th next year] During the period, the “Atami Umezono Plum Festival & Atami Sakura Itokawa Sakura Festival” will be held.
Nationwide travel support will be extended from January 10 to March 31, 2023. Introducing events in Atami city during the national travel support period.

“National Travel Support”, which started in October to support the tourism industry, is a coupon for accommodation on December 27, 2022. Distribution has been done so far, but it will resume from January 10, 2023 and will be extended until March 31. During the national travel support period, the Atami Plum Garden Plum Festival: January 7th to March 5th and the Atami Sakura Itokawa Cherry Blossom Festival: January 7th to February 5th will be held in Atami City. .
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Nationwide travel support resumes from January 10, 2023, extended to March 31
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The 79th Atami Umezono Plum Festival [January 7th to March 5th] [Image 2

Atami Plum Garden, which opened in 1886 (Meiji 19), has its first plum blossoms every year from late November to early December. 469 plum trees (as of November 2020) of 60 varieties, including old plum trees over 100 years old, are in full bloom. Enjoy the plum blossoms during the festival as they bloom in order from early blooming to middle blooming to late blooming. You can. During the period, footbaths, restaurants and souvenir shops will open in the park. Depending on the day, events such as the Atami Geikoren performance, sword dance, street performance, and free sweet sake service are held, and we look forward to your visit.
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13th Atami Sakura Itokawa Cherry Blossom Festival [January 7th to February 5th] [Image 3

The Itokawa Promenade in the center of Atami City is famous for its early-blooming Atamizakura. It blooms dark pink flowers for about a month from the beginning of January every year. In addition to lighting up during the period, there is also a service of serving cherry blossom tea on weekends and holidays.
[Surrounding Atami Sakura]
Along the river (57), famous cherry blossom walking path (87), Umezono-mae city road (23), Kaihin Park (11), Nagisa Small Park (15), Shinsui Park Nagisa Deck (17) In addition, San Remo Park, Kamanariya Heishichi Statue, Umezono, City Hall Flower Square, diagonally in front of Kanichi Hotel, in front of Izusan National Highway Police Box, in front of Himenosawa Sports Square parking lot, in front of Kinomiya Station, etc.
Stay at Ajiro Onsen
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Facing the sea, Ajiro Onsen is a hot spring resort with a mild climate and a rustic atmosphere. Ajiro Onsen is famous for its seafood, which has an abundance of hot water and many inns with free-flowing hot springs. Please come to Ajiro Onsen and enjoy yourself during the period.
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