NEC Red Rockets Valley/V League Announced players for 2023

NEC Red Rockets [Valley/V League] Announced players for 2023 NEC Red Rockets [Valley/V League] Announced players for 2023
The NEC Red Rockets, which belongs to V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1 WOMEN, has announced the following players for 2023.
Tsukasa Nakagawa
[Image 1d51247-85-ee863a8e6353767f13c3-1.jpg&s3=51247-85-7ee51d4c9820cab76e1f43e72c5a97cc-1029x686.jpg
Setter Tsukasa Nakagawa
Alma mater
Kinrankai High School → Tokai University (currently enrolled) position
uniform number
twenty two
highest point
11th Asia Youth U18 Winner
15th World Youth Women’s Championship U18 5th Place
20th World Junior Women’s Championship Winner Best Setter Award feature
A player with very high game-making ability, including set technique, and attractive digging ability.
In high school, he contributed to the Harutaka Valley consecutive victories, and at Tokai University, where he is currently attending, he has been active as a regular since the first year and won numerous titles and individual awards. Achieved four crowns this year (Kanto 1st Division Spring/Autumn, East Japan Championship, All Japan Championship)
Daikuzono Sayaka
[Image 2d51247-85-0c65102bed09cc69b352-0.jpg&s3=51247-85-a8b173963d4f64c2bb14fa6dafced386-1029x686.jpg
Libero’s Carpentry Garden Saika
Alma mater
Kagoshima Minami High School → National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (currently enrolled)
uniform number
twenty three
highest point
Winner of the 19th Asian Junior Women’s Championship Best Libero Award 67th Chichibunomiya Princess Cup All Japan Collegiate Volleyball Women’s Championship Winner Libero Award
A player with very high setting ability, including prediction and reaction of digging, accuracy of reception.
At the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, where he is currently enrolled, he has won numerous titles and individual awards due to his leadership, including serving as the captain.
Ayumu Harashima
[Image 3d51247-85-712433bb34039f394e67-2.jpg&s3=51247-85-4f611fe0885f1ea4a8823527edcd1468-1029x686.jpg
Mutsumu Harashima, middle blocker opposite
Alma mater
Kumamoto Shinai Jogakuin High School (currently enrolled)
Middle Blocker Opposite
uniform number
twenty four
highest point
Participated in the 74th Spring High School Volleyball Championship Candidate player for the 21st Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship feature
A left-handed middle blocker who is a candidate for the under category Japan national team. A player who has a sharp swing and a wide-angle hit sense, and is highly qualified as an outsider and has a bright future.
-NEC Red Rockets-
A women’s volleyball team that joins V.LEAGUE DIVISION1 WOMEN (V1 women). He has won the Japan League once, won the V League six times, and won the Kurowashiki twice. In 2021, while inheriting the history so far, the team will be rebranded in order to achieve further evolution, and its hometown will be the Kawasaki area in Kanagawa Prefecture and the Tokyo area. The team’s emblem, the three-layer line on the rocket body, represents the team, supporters, and community aboard the rocket. We aim to become an indispensable presence that is loved and needed by everyone involved in the team.
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