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New member Moeka Kobayashi (vo.) joins Idol Orchestra ! and! 2023/2/11 (Sat) release & screening event wil l be held! Toyosu PIT one-man live “Seriously! Aioke♪” Blu-ray

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Idol Orchestra -Ioke- New member Moeka Kobayashi (vo.) joins! and! 2023/2/11 (Sat) release & screening event will be held! Toyosu PIT one-man live “Seriously! Aioke♪” Blu-ray

Idol Orchestra -Ioke- announced the addition of a new member, Moeka Kobayashi (vo.), at the “Ioke Christmas Party” held at GARETT udagawa on Saturday, December 24, 2022. From now on, 11 people including 6 vocalists, flutist, pianist, violinist, sax player and performer will be active.
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Moeka Kobayashi (vo.)
In addition, it has been decided that the Blu-ray of the one-man live “Seriously! As a video privilege, the director’s cut version of “Toyosu Great Reflection Meeting” and “Mizuho Shiraishi Graduation Performance-Docringo” (Monday, October 10, 2022, Ebisu CreAto) is included.
On the day of the release, the I-Oke members will be on stage at the gamelan ball in Shinjuku to hold a screening event to commemorate the release of the Blu-ray release of “Seriously! In addition, online release events are also planned. From 21:00 on Saturday, December 24th, Blu-ray reservation reception (lottery) with screening participation ticket will be accepted at Ioke official FC (inside Fanicon), Blu-ray reservation reception with online release event will be accepted at LivePocket, start each.
[Comment from new member Moeka Kobayashi (vo.)]
Nice to meet you all!
This is Moeka Kobayashi, a new member of Ioke!
I want to join Ioke because I admire Nemoto Rufu-chan, who is the leader and leads everyone in the center! That’s what I thought, so I want to be someone who can pull everyone together!
I will do my best to be able to perform a one-man live on a bigger stage than the Toyosu PIT, which was the final audition venue! We aim to be the best together! thank you!
・Name: Moeka Kobayashi (Vocal)
・Nickname: Mokarun Kobamoka
·Birthplace: Tokyo
・ Special skill: hula hoop, quick calculator typing
・Birthday: July 16 (Nanairo!)
・Blood type: A
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[Released on 2/11 (Sat.)! “Seriously! Aioke ♪” Blu-ray content] ☆ Recorded video (about 140 minutes)
1. Ioke♪
2. Starting today, you are also a member of the orchestra! ! 3. Emo Emo O&K
4. Dance performance
5. Comte “Moving”
6. Comte “Excursion”
7. Starry Night
8. Surely this is love
9. #Youth 1・2・3
10. As long as you are in the world
11. Summer Treasure
12. Irreplaceable things
13. Love Rinch
14. [Report] I will stop eating.
15. Ioke gymnastics first
16. Ring the bell of revolution -Long ver.-
17. Happy Birthday Tokyo
18. Catch The Dream
☆ Bonus footage (about 75 minutes)
From 2022 “Toyosu Great Reflection Meeting” (10/10 Ebisu CreAto) ・Members’ “Seriously!? Ioke♪” Reflection Talk
From 2022 “Mizuho Shiraishi Graduation Performance -Docringo-” encore (10/10 Ebisu CreAto)
・Irreplaceable things
*Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice. [“Seriously! Aioke ♪” Blu-ray sales overview]
Title: “Seriously! Aioke♪” Blu-ray
Release date: Saturday, February 11, 2023
Price: 6,800 yen (tax included)
Seller: Hummingbird
JAN: 4573417360389 / Product number: AGIO0389
* Sales locations will be announced at a later date on the official website and SNS of Ioke.
[Blu-ray with various benefits “Seriously! Aioke♪”]
1.February 11th (Sat) Screening participation ticket and handshake ticket included
9,800 yen (tax included)
▼ Fanicon (in official FC) Pre-order reception (lottery)
Reception period: December 24th (Sat) 21:00-January 4th (Wed) 12:00 Reception URL:
▼ General reservation reception
Reception period: January 7 (Sat) 12:00 to February 10 (Fri) 17:00 (* Reception URL will be announced at a later date)
2. With online release event
6,800 yen (tax included)
One signed special postcard (all 10 types) will be presented! Live distribution of the autographed state on Aioke’s official Tiktok! (Products and benefits will be delivered after February 11th) Ioke Official Tiktok:
☆ January 12th (Thursday) 19:30- [Nemoto Ryufu]
Reception URL:
☆January 16th (Monday) 19:30- [Marika Ohno]
Reception URL:
☆ January 19th (Thursday) 19:30-[kurumi]
Reception URL:
☆Monday, January 23, 19:30-[Moehiko Mita]
Reception URL:
☆ January 30 (Monday) 19:30- [Yuyu, THE, Excalibur]
Reception URL:
☆ February 2 (Thursday) 19:30-[JIN]
Reception URL:
☆ February 3 (Friday) 19:30-[Takahashi purple]
Reception URL:
☆ February 6th (Monday) 19:30- [Yurika Shiratori]
Reception URL:
☆ February 8 (Wednesday) 19:30- [Yui Asato]
Reception URL:
☆ February 9 (Thursday) 19:30-[Kanon]
Reception URL:
3. Handshake ticket included 7,000 yen (tax included)
After the release date, it will be sold at the product sales of the Ioke appearance event
* Handshake tickets can be used at any time at the Ioke special event. *Handshake will be about 20 seconds for one member with one handshake ticket after taking measures against infectious diseases.
[held on 2/11 (Sat)! “Seriously! Aioke ♪” Blu-ray Release
Commemorative Screening】
Date: February 11, 2023 (Sat) 12:15 reception / 13:00 start
■ Venue: Gamelan Ball 7F Shinjuku Main Store (1-16-2 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021)
[Members scheduled to attend]
Rufu Nemoto/JIN/Yui Asato/Shibi Takahashi/kurumi/Marika Ohno/Yuyu・THE・Excalibur (Under adjustment by other members)
■ Blu-ray with screening event participation ticket and handshake ticket 9,800 yen (tax included)
▼ Fanicon (in official FC) Pre-order reception (lottery)
Reception period: December 24th (Sat) 21:00-January 4th (Wed) 12:00 Reception URL:
* The screening is not the whole movie, but a part of the recorded video. *A handshake event will be held after the screening.
*There will be no checkup session, and the schedule for the autograph session is undecided.
* Only those who have a screening ticket can participate.
[Leader/Vocalist, Rufu Nemoto’s comment]
[Image 3

I’m Rufu Nemoto, the leader and vocalist of Ioke.
About two years after the formation of Aioke, the culmination live “Majide!?️ Aioke♪” is back as Blu-ray!
I am very happy that everyone has the opportunity to watch Aioke at home! A performance by only the instrumental members, a program by members who are good at dancing, and a burst of laughter? Conte and more! Please enjoy the performance unique to Ioke on Blu-ray ♪
And the screening of the release event will be even more fun to watch the Blu-ray, so we are looking forward to seeing you all!
In 2023, Ioke will aim for a bigger stage. For that, we need the power of all the band members. Let’s liven up the 2023 Ioke together! We look forward to your continued support for Aioke next year! ! [Radio regular broadcast on Rainbow Town FM (88.5MHz)! ]
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Ioke’s first crown program!
SSC Share Happy Radio
“Do you know the idol group Ioke? 』
Broadcast date: 2nd Sunday of every month 19:00-19:30
Next broadcast schedule: Sunday, January 8, 2023 19: 00-19: 30 This program can be enjoyed anywhere in Japan on ListenRadio. [What is Ioke]
An orchestra that you can meet, an orchestra that lives for love, an idol orchestra.
Rufu Nemoto (Vo.) serves as the leader, Moeka Mita (Vo.), JIN (Vo.), Yui Asato (Vo.), Kanon (Vo.), Moeka Kobayashi (Vo.), and Shiwei Takahashi. (Fl.), Yurika Shiratori (Pf./Key), kurumi (Vn.), Marika Ohno (Sax), Yuyu・THE・Excalibur (Performance).
All of Aioke’s songs include many classical songs such as -Ode to Joy–Heaven and Hell–Maiden’s Prayer–Farandole-, etc. charm. After releasing their debut single “Catch The Dream” in March 2021, they went on a tour of five major cities in July of the same year, released their first album “Non Genre” in May 2022, and released it on August 20 of the same year. The number of fans is steadily increasing through positive activities such as successful one-man live at Toyosu PIT.
【Members Introduction】
Rufu Nemoto (Vocal): Kemono Friends Voice Actor, Ioke Leader JIN (Vocal): Stage actress, 7th generation Hamamatsu Auto Race Venus, Aioke sub-leader
Moeka Mita (Vocal): Active in movies and stage, also serves as Yokohama FC Stadium MC
Kanon (Vocal): Joined Ioke as a vocalist while attending music college. Yui Asato (Vocal): Appearing in “Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL” in 2022 Moeka Kobayashi (Vocal): Joined in December 2022 as a new member. Active as a stage actress
Shiwei Takahashi (flute): Miss World 2018 Japan representative, goodwill ambassador of Tainan City, Taiwan
Yurika Shiratori (piano/keyboard): She graduated from music college last year and has an original piano solo song.
kurumi (violin): Delivering powerful performances that transcend genres Marika Ohno (saxophone): Appearance at the “Tokyo Clarinet Festival” as a clarinetist who will open up a new era
Yuyu, THE, Excalibur (Performer): Responsible for choreography and also active in stage production
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★ Official Instagram: ★Ioke Official Tiktok: ★ Official online goods shop [Kurion Market] ★Official fan community app Fanicon “Ioke Gakuin”
Group chat where everyone can have fun conversations, LIVE & radio distribution, and advance ticket sales! A community that builds together with everyone who always supports Ioke.
Enrollment URL (¥500- per month) ★ “Ioke Youtube Channel”
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