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New members of Milky✳︎Sphene finally make their stage debut! Momentum accelerates to the first one-man of Mi rusfe, which is approaching soon!

New members of Milky✳︎Sphene finally make their stage debut! Momentum accelerates to the first one-man of Mirusfe, which is approaching soon!

About a month after the announcement of joining as a new member of Milky✳︎Sphene at the event “Julia Party” by the affiliated label JuliaHouse, the new member will finally join at “GIRLS BOX VOL.216” on Saturday, December 17, 2022. Azusa Enokimiya (Enomiya Azusa: in charge of green color) made her stage debut.
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Regarding her stage debut, Azusa Enokimiya said enthusiastically, “I’m really nervous, but since I decided to join, I’ve been doing lessons from early in the morning until late at night, so I’ll do my best.” [Image 2

The existing members of the new system talked about their current state of mind. Maria Himekawa: “No matter how many times I meet the new system, I get nervous, but if you’d like, please support the new system, Mirusfe, which includes Azusa-chan.”
Amane Ochi: “At first, I was worried about the new system, but Azusa-chan was such a nice girl that I no longer worry about it. Manase Yuna: I’m nervous, but I’ve practiced a lot, so I’m not worried at all. Asuka Minami: “Azusa-chan did a lot of practice and was able to welcome today smoothly, so I think I can deliver with confidence.” Ayase Yuuki: “I’ve been with Azusa-chan since the first dance practice, so I’m really excited that today will be the new Mirusfe, and I’m really excited about it. I hope you enjoy the new Mirusfe.” It was impressive that each of them was very much looking forward to their thoughts on the new members and the new system.
When the SE of the song that appeared was played, he appeared on the stage with a smile that made it hard to believe that it was his first stage.
Before the live started, she said, “I’m worried about my standing position.” played.
The audience on the floor warmly waved their green penlights as if to support Azusa Enokimiya, who made her stage debut.
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Azusa Enokimiya said with a smile after her stage debut, “I was so nervous that I made a small mistake, but the members followed me up so it was fine. I’ll do my best from now on, so please support me.” said his impressions.
Milky✳︎Sphene, who is accelerating with the addition of such a new member, is preparing for the long-awaited 1st one-man live “Kimiiro Shine” to be held at Spotify O-WEST on Wednesday, December 21st of the same month.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Milky✳︎Sphene 1st one-man live “Kimiiro Shine”
■ Venue: Spotify O-WEST (2F, 2-3 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) ■ Time: Doors open at 18:15 Performance starts at 19:00
■ Price: Advance S ticket (front/reserved seat) 7,000 yen, A ticket (general) 2,000 yen, B ticket (women) 1,000 yen (each 1D separate) ■ Sales TIGET first-come-first-served basis * Advance tickets can be purchased from the above URL until 13:00 on Wednesday, December 21st.
■ Admission order Reference number order 1. S ticket → 2. A ticket → 3. B ticket ■ Special notes Re-entry is not allowed, vocalization is prohibited

Please come to the venue for their upcoming 1st one-man live, and watch them grow as they aim to become universally popular idols!

▼Milky✳︎Sphene Official Twitter
Ayase Yuki (Red)
Miono Hoshikawa (Yellow) Maria Himekawa (Purple)
Asuka Minami (Blue)
Amane Ochi (pink)
Yuna Aise (Orange)
Azusa Enokimiya (green)

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