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New release AstrHori 18mm F8 wide-angle lens, a shift lens that can be purchased for less than 20,000 yen, and has a 99.2° wide angle of view!

Ingreat Japan Co., Ltd.
[New release] AstrHori 18mm F8 wide-angle lens, a shift lens that can be purchased for less than 20,000 yen, and has a 99.2° wide angle of view!
Full frame “shift” out! You can get used to the first wide-angle tilt shift!
[Image 1

AstrHori released a 18mm F8 wide-angle lens. It is a lens with high cost performance that can be purchased for only 19,199 yen in full frame.
Purchase link (official sale with coupon code):
3000 yen discount code: T34EJZ8R8A9M
Low Distortion: Almost zero distortion when storing more image elements. Small and light, it can bring you a better visual experience when shooting buildings and landscapes.
[Ultra-Wide Angle]: 18mm ultra-wide angle allows the image to have the power to expand outward, making the image more layered.
[Image 2

[Deep depth of field]: Widely used for architectural photos, landscape photos, group photos of people, etc., as it has a deep depth of field. Suitable for
[Image 3

[Up to 12mm Shaft Shift]: The shifting structure of the lens supports gradual 360 degree rotation and 12mm travel.
[Image 4

[Full metal]: The lens adopts a full metal mirror body design, the finish is very solid, and the grip and feel are excellent.
[Image 5d70183-232-aac3aaec94f737122957-4.jpg&s3=70183-232-d48c08c7bf43522c3dd50cbc72cb8558-750x683.jpg
[Image 6d70183-232-82df55a8baced92e77ba-5.jpg&s3=70183-232-a89a3fc0401f58a74556707245debfb4-750x969.jpg
Sample photo:
[Image 7d70183-232-f6fb84aade54d3d3e20e-6.jpg&s3=70183-232-ff5cb4b580016184a1e0fcf07d8632dc-750x1213.jpg
[Image 8d70183-232-ac5ba96a790bd71efbbe-7.jpg&s3=70183-232-3508f9ac6e9b6c97e3bb476fb7c6b2f8-750x1146.jpg
▼ About AstrHori
With the main purpose of research and innovation in the field of optics, Bozhendo is engaged in the development, production and sales of interchangeable lenses, as well as the comprehensive development of optical-based medical, optoelectronic and industrial related products. increase. Founded on February 28, 2018, it is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the forefront of science and technology. We are committed to design and aesthetics, and are working on the development and innovation of the “AstrHori” and “Rockstar” brands, which are used in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region.
● Pergear to expand the fun of shooting
“Pergear” is a brand that has a wide range of photographic equipment in a reasonable price range with high quality, and has fans all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. I want more people to freely combine what suits them and pursue the fun of shooting. That is our wish at “Pergear”.
■ Ingreat Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Online sales of camera lenses, photographic equipment, electronic equipment, etc., mainly made in China. We have the latest products as soon as possible, and we are actively conducting promotions such as releasing review videos to convey the features of the products. Location: Eastern Cross Akiba, 1-29-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo Established: 2016
Official Twitter:
Business description: Development and sales of photographic equipment and electronic equipment, agency sales of products related to in-house developed products
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