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New Year’s Eve in Sauna Blow away worldly desires with “108 heat waves” while listening to the bells on New Year’s Eve, and welcome the beginning of 2023 “Totou” at Kisuke no Yu! !

Kisuke Co., Ltd.
[New Year’s Eve in Sauna] Blow away worldly desires with “108 heat waves” while listening to the bells on New Year’s Eve, and welcome the beginning of 2023 “Totou” at Kisuke no Yu! !
“Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu” (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture), which has been well received for its many heat wave events, will hold a New Year’s Eve heat wave event in the men’s and women’s sauna rooms from 23:55 on December 31, 2022. .

Kisuke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative: Yoshinori Yamaji), a comprehensive entertainment company that develops “Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu” (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture), will open at 23:55 on December 31, 2022. From now on, we will hold the annual “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave” event. This is the 7th year in a row for the 7th time, “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave” is an event where you can take a “heat wave” with a large fan in the sauna while listening to the New Year’s Eve bell. Let’s blow away the daily fatigue and stress along with worldly desires with the 108 heat waves that follow the New Year’s bell! Participation fee is free, and it is a first-come, first-served basis for 30 men and 15 women. [Image 1d110610-17-7dc09f163a0726e2e91b-5.png&s3=110610-17-c4132bfce4fa5a589d4cc14fcf5ccc3d-1200x675.png

■ New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve or a heat wave
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2022, from 23:55 *Registration starts at 22:00 on the same day
Location: Iyo no Tojiba, Kisuke no Yu, men’s and women’s sauna room Participation fee: Free (Bathing fee is required separately)

“New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave”, which started with gratitude to customers, will be held again this year!
In recent years, “New Year’s Eve or Heatwave” has become a success with full capacity. It all started about six years ago on New Year’s Eve, when our staff served a sauna customer (sauna lover).
On New Year’s Eve, it may be common to watch NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” while sitting under a warm kotatsu and eating toshikoshi soba to welcome the new year. However, for those who are genuine saunars who routinely take sauna baths, New Year’s Eve is just one day out of 365 days. Enter the hot sauna room instead of the kotatsu, and celebrate the New Year’s Eve moment in the sauna room as usual.
Our staff who saw it said, “I’m really grateful that you’ve been using it as usual until the moment of New Year’s Eve.” However, it is the beginning of “New Year’s Eve or heat wave”. The event, which began with the gratitude of the staff, has now become an annual event. Why don’t you spend the New Year’s Eve in the sauna room while bathing in the 108 “New Year’s Day or Heatwaves” and welcome the first “Toto” of 2023? This year as well, the staff will do their best to send you a heat wave with gratitude for the past year!
[Image 2d110610-17-8fda31025737fd0acf13-3.jpg&s3=110610-17-0c86067b9e286cf5774f1081401f7d81-3900x2604.jpg
▲An image of the staff sending a heat wave to customers with a big fan The thoughts of the manager who supports “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave” The staff who were involved in this “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave” from the beginning are now working as managers. We asked them about their passion for “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave”, which will be held for the 7th time this year.
――How many times have you run the event “Joya no Netsuha”?
“Excluding the one year I was assigned to the Imabari store, I have been involved in event management six times. ‘I’ve been participating for three years in a row, so if I participate this year, it will be my fourth year in a row!’
――How do you feel about delivering “New Year’s Eve or Heat Wave” to your customers?
“Because ‘Joya no Netsuha’ is performed over the New Year’s Eve, for me, the end of work in 2022 will end with a heat wave, and the start of work in 2023 will also start with a heat wave. At the end of the day, I would like to have the best heat wave with a feeling of gratitude to our customers.And at the beginning of the new year, I want to refresh my feelings and send a hot wind, so I will put more effort into the heat wave than on a normal day. I want you to wash away the worldly desires of the year with sweat and welcome the new year with a refreshed mind and body.”
[Image 3d110610-17-b8937ce492107fd6422a-2.jpg&s3=110610-17-cec38aec1fa755a24304a6c71161e2b4-3900x2604.jpg
▲Please enjoy the New Year’s Eve heat wave by the sauna-loving staff!

I want to excite the sauna in Shikoku with a heat wave
Six years have passed since 2016, when Kisuke-no-Yu began holding a number of heat wave events, including the New Year’s Eve heat wave. Due to the recent sauna boom, heat wave events are now held at hot bath facilities all over the country, but when it started, there were few hot bath facilities in the prefecture that held heat wave events, which surprised customers. was.
However, the number of customers who participate gradually increases as the number of times increases, and now the number of customers who come from outside the prefecture for the heat wave event is also increasing. As a result of the support of our customers and the efforts of our staff, we have come to be recognized by many customers as a specialty event of Kisuke no Yu.
We are also focusing on activities to expand the base of sauna culture, and on Father’s Day and Labor Thanksgiving Day in 2022, we held heat wave events by children’s heat wave masters.
[Image 4d110610-17-dca13a9cf8ae6255bbe8-0.jpg&s3=110610-17-ee80f971584024475a7649ce7f6c1045-1449x1087.jpg
▲Children’s heat wave master presents a heat wave with a large fan to working fathers. Blow away the fatigue of the day with a heat wave! ■ “Labor Thanksgiving Day Always Thank You Heatwave” by Chibikko Heatwave Team

Store information: Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu
The 2022 Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking Ranked No. 1 overall in the Chugoku/Shikoku area, Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu uses natural hot springs from Dogo Onsenkyo in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. We are also focusing on sauna facilities, and we will open Oni Sauna in June 2022, which is the reason why it is called the sacred place of Shikoku sauna. We aim to be a facility that supports saunas the best in Japan. Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 1st floor Phone: 089-921-0131
Business hours: 5:00-26:00 (Last reception 25:00)
[Image 5d110610-17-25ae0bbcb0f1af0612c9-4.jpg&s3=110610-17-f06d8cc77ebd690e6c6af5a86fa7da56-3900x2596.jpg
Operating company
Company name: Kisuke Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Representative: President Yoshinori Yamaji
Established: 1970
Capital: 20.05 million yen

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